By some strange twist of fate, people suddenly stopped knowing how to cook and budget the same year that the Tories came to power.
What a coincidence.
Now there are over 2 million people, many of whom are in work, relying on food banks, so a success story for the Tories.


Lunch time pause at the Copley arms beside the river

@dick_turpin I see your concrete penguin and raise you a concrete alligator 🐊


A trip to Siblyback lake cafe.
Vegan breakfast burrito πŸŒ―πŸ˜‹

Microsoft never stops messing with standards do they?
Got sent a PDF document to use for a web page . tried to open the attachment, blank.
saved and opened it with docviewer, OK tried to cut and paste the text, Gobbledegook.
Properties: "Producer: Microsoft:print to PDF" and of course the page size is US letter.
The attached pic (opened with a pdf editor) shows the mess it consists of.


This is my new year's dram. Bought this in 2001, mainly for the name. (my surname is Maxwell, from the Scots side of the family).
Was surprised when I found it was later voted one of the best single malts ever made.
Then I tasted it. Wish I had bought more.

One of the wife's Christmas presents.
I made her a small display frame for some of her kniknacks.

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