The 5 year warranty on my Prius PHEV expires in July. Except as long as I have it serviced annually, they will extend the warranty by 12 months, up to 10 years or 100,000 miles.
Pretty happy with that, as it is only on 34,000

"The major difference between a thing that might go wrong and a thing that cannot possibly go wrong is that when a thing that cannot possibly go wrong goes wrong it usually turns out to be impossible to get at and repair."

Douglas Adams

@andyc We had a customer that wrote us angry letters about his minimum copy charge.
My company used to charge a minimum number of copies per month to cover machine service costs.
On this customer's small machine it was £6 a month, or a minimum of 1000 copies.
He usually used it more than that, but on the occasion that his usage dropped below that, he would write angry letters disputing the bill.
One month he spent more on postage than the 5p discrepancy.

Sometimes talking to people you realise how entrenched in their own world view they have become.
Like conspiracy theorists. they have invested too much in their beliefs to let reality intrude.
I can believe Ukrainians being told by their family in Russia that bombing civilians isn't happening.
Even when they can hear the explosions in the background of the phone call.

This is interesting. Is Russia preparing their public for bad news?

BBC News - Retired colonel speaks out on Russian TV

@dick_turpin @penguin42
Oh well, there may be some positives, you'll probably have to cancel your Telegraph subscription.

@dick_turpin @penguin42 That's what happens when you let crooks run the country.
Currently stealing as much stuff from the warzone as they can carry.
Of course, we have our own crooks running this country.

@dick_turpin @penguin42
yes, Russia obviously plans to hold the world hostage by blocking Ukraine's food exports.
This goes a long way further than just Ukraine.
If Putin isn't stopped there, our grandchildren may be learning Russian in school in a few years.

@dick_turpin @penguin42
You really have no idea what it's like do you?
Many of the people relying on food banks are already in work, but on low pay. So low that they qualify for benefits.

@dick_turpin @penguin42
When your income is fixed and leaves no money to spare, how do you cut back when everything goes up?
Or when you are made homeless with 3 month's notice and there are no properties to rent because they have been turned into second homes or airbnbs?
Tories have been cutting benefits in real terms since they got into power.
So you view the world from your safe little bubble and judge others from your own perspective.
I don't suppose you have ever tried living on benefits.

@dick_turpin @penguin42
Luckily for you, you don't have to chose between food energy and rent out of a small fixed income.
Rents have gone up by about 30% down here, food is up by 10 %, energy by 50%, and benefits by 3.1%.

@dick_turpin So only 3 times what the Tory twat ( who gets subsidised food and drink in parliament) said. And that doesn't count the energy to cook it. So no need for food banks then.

@penguin42 @dick_turpin
I transferred from Octopus Active to Octopus go at the end of August last year, just at the right time it seems.

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