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So, coming up for 70. my father made it to 69, my mother to 60.
I drink and eat too much, don't exercise enough.
Am I worried? Actually not as much as I should be.

Wordle 203 5/6


Living in a village where people don't lock their doors. is odd.
Especially when there is a spate of attempted entries.
When we used to live in a city suburb, we had cameras and alarms as necessary equipment.

It's the time of year to order seeds and seed potatoes again.
Pink fir apple potatoes, great taste, texture and good keepers, like eating new potatoes in the middle of winter.
Cucumbers and more rainbow beets.
A lot of last veg years seeds are still viable.
Trying some new stuff
Celtuce, Comfrey and a new type of Cucumber.

Sort of ironic that they let an untrained individual inject all sorts of chemicals into their skin, but won't have the vaccine because they "don't know what's in it"

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For some reason, whenever I do my tax return and it shows that HMRC owe me money instead of the other way around, I find it worrying.
So I go back and check all of the figures 3 times before hitting "submit".

We were expecting friends today visiting for a couple of days, but one has tested positive for COVID this morning.

Noticing odd shortages in the supermarkets as time goes on.
Brexit/driver shortage/?
These have been getting hard to find in the Southwest for a while now, in fact there aren't even spaces on the shelves for them in some shops any more:

Coffee filter papers
Most brands of facial tissues
Some brands of Coffee beans
Tomato juice
Refuse bags

There probably others that I haven't noticed.
I expect things will get worse as the new border import rules came into force yesterday.


This is my new year's dram. Bought this in 2001, mainly for the name. (my surname is Maxwell, from the Scots side of the family).
Was surprised when I found it was later voted one of the best single malts ever made.
Then I tasted it. Wish I had bought more.

Christmas boredom:
Wind and rain keeping me out of the garden, CBA to get the car out of the garage to do anything.
Fed up of TV, cooking and reading.
Came across a pre-installed Windows 98 Vbox image to play with.

One of the wife's Christmas presents.
I made her a small display frame for some of her kniknacks.

Covid19 vaccine availability 

Patent-free vaccine released to the world--interesting how mainstream media didn't cover this.

TIL: The US postal service has their own armed paramilitary police division.

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