If people care, I will post this once in awhile :)

@xvilo 6% active, that's more than I'd have expected. Not in a bad way but I know how many people make accounts never to appear again.

@stardot Active wouldn't necessarily be posting of course.

@xvilo well that's still not bad, I can go weeks without posting but I lurk pretty much every day. My posting behaviour is definitely cyclical

@xvilo What do the numbers beside the trends represent?

@MunkyBone I have no idea :') - but those are the trends. It's a shame so many people became toxic when @Gargron tried to add it a few months back

@xvilo I am just curious if it is bots searching for those terms, or if we have a lot of stockholders in tissues and lotion on here. :D i@Gargron@mastodon.social

@MunkyBone Could be the influx of all banned adult content creators from tumblr. Not sure how trends are calculated, I hope on the amount of messages created with those terms.

@xvilo True, true, forgot about the tumblr refugees. How was the uptick on your instance? Sudden increase?

@MunkyBone I haven't noticed any new posters here on this instance in the localtime line, got quite a few new accounts, but they seem all to be very inactive.

Still, some interesting stats. I was wondering about the reporting capability of Mastodon, but have not had the time to delve into it at all.

Question, please excuse me in advance that question is super duper n00bish

But how sensetive is elasticsearch when it comes to latency? I was thinking about enabling Full Text Search by hooking it up with an elastic instance that is 60ms away

@xvilo I'm looking at running a mastodon site..... do you use docker or just use physical tin ?

@tuk485 It runs on a VPS hosted over at @transip. It doesnt run on docker (yet). But should fine some time to migrate once.

Currently setting up multi server frontend with TransIP's HA-IP product and a dedicated DB/Elasticsearch server.

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