@Gargron What to do when I forget which e-mail address I used to signup with an account?

@xvilo I intend to make the forgotten password feature work with usernames as well as e-mails

@Gargron Would love to be able to just login with username!

@Gargron @xvilo you should make it so that we log into mastodon with a phone number. it would stop spam :)

@xeno @Gargron Who's going to pay for the SMS's costs (you probably need to verifiy phone numbers and send OTPs over). Nonetheless would be nice.


How does password recovery by username make sense? You send out an email to an email address the user doesn't know 🤔

In this case the user can also just search for the sign-up mail in his mailboxes and figure out the mail account that way.


@sheogorath @xvilo Maybe they have deleted the original e-mail? People do ring up a phone to find it when it's behind the couch...


I admit you have a point here 😅

Not everyone is archiving years of email correspondence like I do. Thanks for thinking outside of my box 👍🏻


@sheogorath @Gargron I would have received it somewhere, I have multiple accounts and some bot accounts are something like [mail-mail]+[botname]

@xvilo I agree that my answer was a bit brainless by assuming everyone would

1. Keep mails forever
2. Run a mail client that allows them to search for an email across all mail accounts

It seems there was some point in time where it became so normal for me, that I did no longer expect that anyone would not do this differently. Sorry for that 😅

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