Hi @beech4speech and @dick_turpin and the rest, I have found the issues with not being able to mention people here. Elastic Search was down. I had to install to see this :D

@xvilo I had the same problem on yesterday. Coincidence? 🧐 #mastoadmin

@rodti I think not! It happend when updating to V1.3.1, so probably that uses Elastic Search now :)

@xvilo I'm still on rc2 but Elasticsearch has always been pretty stable on my instances. Maybe time to install Monit or similar to keep an eye on processes.

@rodti Never heard of monit, will take a look at it :D

@xvilo I've never quite got the hang of the syntax in the config file but I just copy the examples and it works pretty well on other servers I run!

@xvilo It's great for things like AMaViS that regularly flake out, taking out your entire email server in the process 😡

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