Nope - still can't view in , guess I'll just stick to the version for now.

@stsquad I get that sometimes. @andyc told me about another front-end you can use, I think it's something to do with @xvilo? I have it installed on my other machine but I'm to lazy to go downstairs and fire it up to find out the name for you. 😴

@dick_turpin @xvilo it broke when my upgraded to the latest dot release 78.0.2-2 - I think it's the javascript code browser compatibility code getting it's knickers in a twist about something because I can see the panes rendering before the message comes on.

@stsquad @xvilo yep. That's what I get someties either that or only one or two columns render

@dick_turpin @xvilo I followed @penguin42 advice to clear the cache and it's all working now. Now to slowly logon to all my webapps again 😩


@stsquad something is broken in the UI, however, its out of my hands and can't reproduce it here. It seems to only affect firefox users :)

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