@penguin42 go ahead, take the money that's left on it with just the barcode 🤣

@xvilo OK, so dmtxread claims to read it; but nothing looks like a lloyds sort code to me; it does look like the bit you've whited out; 00801470400102000961000000

@xvilo Lloyds is a rich mans bank. You need to move your account to Santander coz we love Spain.

@dick_turpin it was the easiest bank to get an account while I had my internship in the UK (Just walk in with your passport) other Banks required proof of address and work statements and what not

@xvilo Find another UK bank. We may not want your Union but we want your money! 🤣

Am I reading this right - they're closing your Uk bank account because you live in the EU?!
Is there anything special about the account, like the currency is €?
(Don't mean to be nosy, but I'm about to move out of the UK and I need to keep my bank account here.....)

@priryo because the UK departs the UK I can't have a forgein account anymore. At least not in its current form.

@priryo please note that my nationality is not British. I have a Dutch passport. If you're British everything is most likely just fine.

Probably, but who knows :/ thanks for the answer.

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