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*Amazing* detailed data on 3rd shots and vaccines from Alberta.

Essentially: “The hospitalization rate among 3x-vaccinated 80+ year olds is lower than the hospitalization rate among unvaccinated 12-29-year-olds.”

Incredible. Wow.
h/t @dylanhmorris@twitter.com alberta.ca/stats/covid-19-albe

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Astronaut Mark Kelly once smuggled a full gorilla suit on board the International Space Station. He didn't tell anyone about it. One day, without anyone knowing, he put it on. (source: Reddit)

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EasyAdmin 4 is now available 🎉 ... and it's fully compatible with Symfony 6.

EasyAdmin is a fast and beautiful admin generator for Symfony applications. Free and Open-Source.

Code: github.com/EasyCorp/EasyAdminB
Docs: symfony.com/bundles/EasyAdminB

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Val niet voor de NFT hype!

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It is really difficult for the average person to fully conceive of how useless NFTs are. We're primed for reason. If people are making so much noise about this technology-- if it IS technology, at all-- then surely it does SOMETHING... right?

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Then launch an elevated Windows Terminal, and get ready to patch some stuff. You simply type "winget upgrade" - this shows you all the stuff you have installed (not necessarily using winget - also manually!) which can be upgraded. 3/5

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Also @Independer@twitter.com: "14 mensen kijken nu naar de laatste 3 zorgverzekeringsplekken." - "Wees er snel bij." - "OP = OP"

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Hallo mede-treinfans, als het goed is wordt dit de nachttreinkaart van Europa in 2030.

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Kabinet: Haal die booster!!1!11!!!
Mensen die hun booster willen halen:

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Dit is echt de laatste, nu ga ik weer lekker bezig met mijn Stata opdracht.

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En dat allemaal door de nieuwe dienstregeling van @NS_online@twitter.com

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The new longest possible train journey in the world.

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The only kind of sugar I’m interested in is syntactic sugar

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