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This usually means some part of the image looks like it lags when scrolling or animating. This GIF will show the effect if viewed on an OLED display. It’s reasonably subtle, but easy to spot once you know what it looks like.

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Omdat het bijna maandag is, hier even een filmpje om lekker ontspannen de zondag af te sluiten.

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At the closing talk of @fosdem@twitter.com done by @maddoghall@twitter.com: 2019 - Fifty Years of Unix and Linux Advances

Current at The Cloud Is Another Sun by @kylerankin@twitter.com at @fosdem@twitter.com

Currently at Ceph Storage With Rook by @galexrt@twitter.com at @fosdem@twitter.com

At The State of @asteriskpbx@twitter.com by @creslin287@twitter.com at @fosdem@twitter.com

Currently at The New EU CyberSecurity act by Hans de Raad @fosdem@twitter.com

Currently at @Tesla@twitter.com hacking to @freedomEV@twitter.com by @JasperNuyens@twitter.com at @fosdem@twitter.com

At Netflix and FreeBSD: Using Open Source to Deliver Streamkng Video by @bronco_looney@twitter.com at @fosdem@twitter.com

Talk about Mattermost's Approach to Layered Extensibility in Open Source @fosdem@twitter.com by @corey_hulen@twitter.com

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Since @RealSaavedra@twitter.com tried mocking @AOC@twitter.com for her claim that algorithms are racist (biased) I decided to train a facial recognition model on his face as a lesson.

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We gaan van blue Monday naar white Tuesday. β„β„β˜ƒ En onze gele helden zorgen ervoor dat jij de weg, tijdens dit Winter Wonderland, zo veilig mogelijk kunt gebruiken. Respect! πŸ’› Weten waar ze ? Check rwsstrooit.nl

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I’ve been working on an environmentally-lit user interface. It’s lit by the lighting around you rather than some arbitrary light source (or just blinding white). youtu.be/TIUMgiQ7rQs

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