@anna @debugninja You shouldn't harass anyone. That makes you equally bad.

@mlsteele If there is no special reason to manually add every instance? Why not show just one 'mastodon' option. And then let people add there full username, just like a remote follow. Would be way more generic and you won't get cluttered with a very long list of instances from a usability perspective.

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Depressingly relevant once again: our piece from a couple years ago about vaccines. youtube.com/watch?v=7VG_s2PCH_

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@mlsteele Ah! Why can't I just use any instance? And why is it only through the app?

@mkwadee ooof! I have been trying to upgrade without success for the past few days. I will look into this issue later tonight!

Hey @mlsteele how can people from this instance start connecting with Keybase?

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Dit werkt ook altijd heeeeéèl goed: kinderen twee minuten laten luisteren naar de geluiden uit de natuur🌱🀣

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There is usually never a line at the train ticketing machines. Judging from an overheard convo, it appears that people are reluctant to use their rechargeable Octopus cards for fear of leaving a paper trail of them having been present at the protest.

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Just holy shit: @hakimel@twitter.com showing how he created a bigger hit area for a hover menu using a dynamically drawn SVG.

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Just once, I'd love to visit a company's about page and instead of seeing staged photos of employees laughing in the company kitchen, or playing ping pong, I'd like to see someone doodling absentmindedly in a 3 hour sprint retro, or scowling at their screens wearing headphones.

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