Public Service Announcement:

"uBlock Origin" and "uBlock" are two different privacy plugins for web browsers.

✅ uBlock Origin is the one recommends

❌ uBlock is NOT recommended

For more information on why they have such similar names but are so different:

p.s. recommends installing both uBlock Origin and Privacy Badger ( alongside each other.

#uBlockOrigin #uBlock #µBlock #Privacy #AdBlocking

Keybase is cool for proving your identity and sending encrypted messeges, but I would NOT store anything else on their servers. In their terms, they basically say you don't own any content that you upload, they can do whatever they want with it, and screw you if you want to complain.

It's not really anything special compared to Google for e.g, but you can't assume a service is completely friendly just because they encrypt things.

Who ever put the “B” is subtle, is brilliant

I wonder if next people are going to ask for custom CSS and JavaScript to be allowed in toots

Question: is there a name for those lighted writeable boards one sees in submarine movies? It kinda looks like this one. And what is the markers' ink made of?

@dick_turpin but I'm going to look into upgrading to Glitch-Soc soon 😀

Guess which fire alarm company is going to become famous on the fail blogs:

As a follow up to Banana Grammar, I found some Burger Grammar:

RT If we're going to be doing Black Mirror IRL I would prefer to start with San Junipero please


Last one for tonight - Drinking a Gouden Carolus Cuvée van de Keizer Imperial Blond (rood) (2017) by at —

Drinking a DIPA by Brouwerij Emelisse at —

@penguin42 probably, hope this server holds up today, wouldn't want to do any devops in this state

Drinking a Koper Saison by at —

Drinking a Freewheel - White Saison by Oersoep at —

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