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Drinking a Nieuw Ligt Grand Cru (2018) by at —

Drinking a Nieuw Ligt by at —

Drinking a Helse Engel by at —

Drinking a Belial by at —

Catpis - Drinking a Sunna by at —

Asbak - Drinking a Moenen by at —

Drinking a Mariken by at —

Drinking a Serafijn by at —

Drinking a Godelief by at —

Drinking a Luna by at —

Just putting it out here; But we’re very lucky that the whole world uses the same units of time.


Iemand heeft op een fietspad in Almere om de twee meter een blikje Lander Bräu tussen de betonblokken geplaatst. Een paar km lang. Ik begrijp dat wel, zo’n projectje, elke dag op weg naar je werk een nieuw biertje toevoegen.


csgo map zoo you can actually read the zoo things. just here to kill cops and read about meerkats and fishes

The UK couldn't care about Brexit or Climate change, it's a long Bank Holiday weekend: Get the BBQ out!

@MunkyBone is shooting things, he's used to holding a very old weapon in his hands. 💥
@beni is a massive tea drinker apparently. ☕
@tpheine is overly worried about us. 😟
@theru tells us his government doesn't have the power to govern. 🏛
@rpcutts tells us how he's not seen a doctor in years, that's coz he's actually dead! 🧟‍♂️
@tig admits we have a heart.

Ja daarom heb ik dus altijd een compas in mijn borstzakje


*Voert adres in*
*selecteert route*
*drukt op start*

Navigatie: rijd weg in noordwestelijke richting


Goddammit we've reached the point where every English term, as well as most variants of it, already exists on npm.

Time to start naming packages in Dutch, I suppose.

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There are thousands of years of history where glasses didn't exist and people with vision problems were just fucked.

Welcome @csh! Hope you'll have fun around here :D

If only the people had pledged millions of euros to restore BEFORE it burned so spectacularly. We all need to wake up. If you cherish any of these things, start working to preserve them now:
• people you love
• art
• culture
• rights and freedoms

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