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I applied to ~40 graphic design positions this year (ones that I actually want AND am qualified for) Heard back from only 12. Interviewed with 6. Had a second interview with 4. Spent 16 hours on design ‘tests’. Offered 1 position. Good luck to those in similar situations ❤️


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@facebook Me: Instagram and Facebook are down.

Wife: Oh, no. You'll have to interact with people in person.

Me: No. There's still Twitter.


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Looking forward to seeing Tim Apple at the Steve Apple Theater for the Apple Apple Show Apple


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Govt says there might be a new announcement. Or not. It might be included in tomorrow’s vote. Or not. MPs will get less than 24hrs to consider it. Here’s my reaction in Commons; we get more consultation on train door safety warnings than on future of our country & Brexit


@xvilo I intend to make the forgotten password feature work with usernames as well as e-mails

@Gargron What to do when I forget which e-mail address I used to signup with an account?

Sooooo, we were offline for quite some time here on, one of the servers ran out of disk space.... (So i've deleted my gitlab instance)

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I’m a:
⚪️ male
⚪️ female
🔘 Programmer

Looking for:
⚪️ Boyfriend
⚪️ Girlfriend
🔘 Threads on Google that show the same error I’m getting but don’t end in the OP posting “Never mind, I figured it out, thanks” without any solution included


Wtf doen al die beveiligers dan bij ? Lijkt de president wel....

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Zet nooit, maar dan ook helemaal nooit, je boardingpass op Twitter @peterverhaar. En roep al helemaal niet mensen op om het te doen.

Ik weet nu naast jouw privégegevens ook de namen, e-mailadressen en telefoonnummers van je vrouw en dochter.


And as a parting gesture Labour may well be hauled up in front of the Court of European Rights. 🇮🇱

@rpcutts admits to running some legacy kit. 🖥️
@alana talked about "Buns" & "Fire" 🔥
@robert also owns a logitech keyboard. ⌨️
@theru reminded us of the Swiss army bicycle brigade. 🚴
@dekkzz78 still loves polka music. 🎼
@MunkyBone is diseased up to the eyeballs. 😷
@clacke's favourite song is clearly "Everyone was Kung Fu fighting." 🥋
Polls? Nooooooooooo

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