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With all the new people joining the fediverse, I feel I should do a new post.

Heya! I'm Joshywooful! I've got multiple accounts on Mastodon. This is my main account and my second account is @JoshywoofulPhotos, where I upload any photography I do. Also, as I've stated in my bio, I'm part of the Discord Hypesquad.

For anywhere you can find me, here's a list of other sites you can find me on:

Twitter - Joshywooful

Discord - Joshywooful#1165

Telegram - Joshywooful

My badge from arrived today and it looks as amazing as I hoped it would!

To prepare myself for the release of' latest upcoming movie, Ashens and the Polybius Heist, I'll be rewatching his previous and first movie, Ashens and the Quest for the Gamechild.

Looks like the has successfully been jailbroken and has had all of the Facebook-imposed limitations completely bypassed! The jailbreak isn't publicly available yet, but you can read about it here in this article from

Seeing as others are doing this:

Mutuals! Who would like to do a Christmas Card Exchange with me?

Hey guys! Now that I have my , are there any games or apps that you'd recommend for it (outside of any obvious recommendations, such as Beat Saber, VRChat and Virtual Desktop)? Any hidden gems on the Oculus Store or on

In 1 hour from now at 6pm Eastern I'll be hosting the next spleef event on's vanilla 1.16.3 server.

Join us on Discord:

✨ Halloween Duo

I don't even have to dress up this year to be scary, I'm with GremTheWolf! 🎃👻
And you, with whom will you scare the most?


My stickers from and the Leon I ordered from have both arrived!

I'll be hosting the next spleef event in 1 hour at 6pm Eastern on's vanilla 1.16.3 server!

Join us on Discord:

Just received the art print that I ordered from!

I'll be hosting a Trading Card Game Online event in 1 hour at 9pm Eastern in's Pokemon section!

Join us on Discord:

Congratulations to on his amazing Guinness World Record achievement for 8 channels with over 100,000 subscribers!

I'm getting back to hosting spleef on's vanilla 1.16.3 server! I'll be hosting it in 1 hour at 6pm Eastern!

Join us on Discord:

Can anyone recommend any Oculus Quest compatible canine VRChat avatars?

Do you want to test your Pokemon knowledge?

If you do, we'll be hosting a Jeopardy trivia night event in 1 hour at 6pm Eastern in!

Join us on Discord here:

Do you play Among Us?
Are you an imposter?
Do you want to join a chat to play with other furs?

Among Us Furs on Telegram and Discord is a fast growing chat that has gained 180 members in just 12 days!
You can join the Telegram chat here:

Looks like I'm on the nice list this year!

You can check which list you're on here!

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