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With all the new people joining the fediverse, I feel I should do a new post.

Heya! I'm Joshywooful! I've got multiple accounts on Mastodon. This is my main account and my second account is @JoshywoofulPhotos, where I upload any photography I do. Also, as I've stated in my bio, I'm part of the Discord Hypesquad.

For anywhere you can find me, here's a list of other sites you can find me on:

Twitter - Joshywooful

Discord - Joshywooful#1165

Telegram - Joshywooful

I just got my free ticket to Cubed!, get yours too!

There are plenty of DDR machines for you to play on with your friends at!

At, there's always a plethora of games to play, along with, which has thousands of songs to choose from.
Photo shows singing at the previous event.

It is now just under 2 weeks to go until the third! Who can I expect to see there?

2 weeks remaining until the next! I know I'm excited, are you?

Happy ! Here we have Varia Suit Zeydaan at the latest meet!

There are now just over 2 weeks left until the next event! From today, I will start to post my photos from the last event to show you what you can expect to do there! First up, free VR!

No cheating, show me the 16th picture in your gallery.

Don't explain unless I ask, I'll give you a number to repost this with.
Here's my 16th picture.

I had a great time at yesterday's meet! I'm now going to be working on my photos that I shot there and will then send them off to those in the photos once I've finished!

For today's we have Aurcub on his way to the meet at the latest London!

Are you part of a group that uses Slack free workspaces? What risks would your group face if your old messages were leaked or accessed by law enforcement?

I'm trying to find the original source of this digital painting. I've tried searching up "Viannal" and "Veannal" without any luck, as well as having reverse image searched the image using both Google and Tineye, also without any luck.

NASA to Announce Commercial Opportunities at International Space Station via NASA

NASA Selects First Commercial Moon Landing Services for Artemis Program via NASA

This , we have Zeldy being a Jedi and eating his phone at the 307th meet!

The council were supposed to pay her rent, but due to their negligence, they haven't and have made Lyle have to pay it out of pocket.

PLZ RT! A friend of mine,, is currently at risk of losing her home. She's only today received a letter of notice from her local council's Enforcement Agent Service telling her that she has to pay £358 within the next week. To help raise the funds, you can either donate some money to, or you can join her livestream tomorrow evening (BST) at where any art (with a max of 2 characters) will be £30.

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