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With all the new people joining the fediverse, I feel I should do a new post.

Heya! I'm Joshywooful! I've got multiple accounts on Mastodon. This is my main account and my second account is @JoshywoofulPhotos, where I upload any photography I do. Also, as I've stated in my bio, I'm part of the Discord Hypesquad.

For anywhere you can find me, here's a list of other sites you can find me on:

Twitter - Joshywooful

Discord - Joshywooful#1165

Telegram - Joshywooful

For those of you who enjoy Retro Arcade games and also live in the Croydon, London area, are hosting a SEN, or Special Educational Needs, night. Find more information on their Facebook page here:

I don't think I've changed too much, what do you think?

NASA Hosts Science Chat on Upcoming Historic Planetary Encounter via NASA

NASA Names Holly Ridings New Chief Flight Director via NASA

Looks like I should dress up as a sexy pirate, or as it says in the filename, a sultry sea siren.

NASA, ULA Launch Mission to Track Earth's Changing Ice via NASA

NASA Awards Fellowships to 12 Graduate Students via NASA

Georgia, Washington Students to Speak with Astronauts Aboard Space Station via NASA

Yay, finally, Animal Crossing on Switch!

Nintendo, you son of a gun. You sure know how to trick us!

NASA Awards Contract for Space Geodesy Satellite Laser Ranging Stations via NASA

Jody Singer Named Director of NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center via NASA

NASA, Roscosmos Statement on International Space Station Leak via NASA

NASA to Preview Two International Space Station Spacewalks, Provide Live Coverage via NASA

Finally getting back into playing Pokemon Go!

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To anyone who thinks that you’re special for posting sunset pics or flower pics, please keep doing it because it warms my heart so much to see something that you genuinely enjoyed

NASA to Broadcast Final Parachute Test for Orion Spacecraft via NASA

NASA Astronaut Nick Hague Available for Interviews Before First Spaceflight via NASA

Colorado Students to Speak with Astronauts on International Space Station via NASA

I was just speaking to and he said that Cornish Pasties are awful.