My house smells of crockpot roast beef and potatoes.

I think I broke how Microstrategy functions already.


Full lockdown for a month in Ontario.

C'est la vie.

Will have time to tinker with my new woodburner.

Working on an idea for an installation piece quoting my recently passed grandfather. He was always known to say "It's nice to be nice." I want to work out something in walnut possibly or another tougher wood that will last a long time at the cemetery.

Looks like April Fool's day is calling for snow.

Not sure if that is supposed to be ironic or not.

I was given this on the weekend to remember my grandparents. I always loved it growing up. It was a full boat a long time back and it was sawn in half, both sides mounted to act as shelves by family members long passed. I need to find out, but I think it is from the 30's or 40's. It is going above my bookshelves to hold photos of my family.

I feel old. I had to reset the base resolution of my new work laptop to something sane as the scale of the laptop for default is 3840 x 2160. So super tiny.


My wife thinks I am nuts that I can drink it with no sugar. I love the bitter first thing in the morning after my treadmill session.

Finally getting my new work lappy up and functioning. Need to get all my apps installed, then find dark mode for them all again, plus find dark mode for the base company apps.

Only thing that is missing is that the laptop does not have an extended keyboard. Might try looking into getting a keypad.

@dick_turpin Trying these. Not sure the bloody difference. Will I be more snooty? XD

Bringing back memories of

Egg over easy, maple baked beans, turkey bacon, toast and espresso.

New work laptop arrived. Hello, Dell Precision 5540.

Wish I could keep my Lenovo W550s as a personal workhorse, but I have to send it back soon.

I do have a bit to set this one up first though and make sure all my access and capability transferred over.

The combination of legalized cannabis and Canada's cold winter brings us to a state of collective...

Up at 530 am for time on the treadmill.

Looking to drop the 5 kg I gained since the autumn.

Way too much sitting with working from home. That is one thing I miss about the office, I would have to walk this massive building for meetings every day. Now, I sit half the day. Is not good.

Kali has been very attentive today. Not sure if she is looking for treats or what.

The neighbours rooster is really going at it.

Wonder what is making him so lively.

My daughter goes back to school today. Lockdown from that is over (for now). At least I know her school takes it seriously and things have been in control as much as possible. And she can see her friends instead of over a screen.

Got a tea, had a bagel, the commute from the kitchen to the home office was a mess. Cat pileup in the hallway delayed me a bit. Booting up.

Where did the weekend go?

Is it Friday? It feels like Wednesday disguised as Thursday.

Prepped some stuffed peppers for tomorrow night's dinner

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