Taking 4 days off next week to use up vacation time.

Can only carry over 5 days, might as well get it done.

Picked up a lower dental guard today so hopefully I stop grinding my teeth at night.

Hate waking up with the jaw pain and feeling like a bulldog with having to adjust my jaw every morning.

Day one back at work and it is an utter mess.

I have an emergency! I ran out of . This is a travesty.

Lost power for the past 2 hours. So I have to work via phone hotspot and keeping my laptop charging with my trucks emergency power pack and converter.

And my wife thinks I am crazy for having stuff like this around.

Got a nice walk in this morning...twice in fact. My daughter forgot that she needed a treat for school for movie afternoon and just told me this morning.

Lucky for her that I can walk over to the corner shop with her before the bus came for school.

Salt and vinegar chips it is.

2 laptops upgraded. Had to return one stick and pick up another as I trusted specs online instead of cracking the system first and checking the current stick.

Finally got around to doubling the ram in my laptop.

I have to say that a P series HP laptop is a nightmare to upgrade. I had to pull it right apart and even extract the mobo. The ramslots were hidden underneath. No port to access otherwise.

Just wanted to give it a bit more life until I upgrade and hand it down to my daughter.

This is the longest short week.

I think today requires an early beer.

I can have a month vacation right? Starting right now?

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