Really curious, but what is your favourite ?

As one who is aerodynamically advantaged, I have a good fondness for hats depending on the conditions.

Autumn/Winter: I have a fine selection of various toques.

Spring/Summer: usually different baseball caps as sunburn is horrid. A couple fedoras as well.

Hunting: Boonie hat if the weather is nicer.

So I did a thing. Bought some tickets to see Iron Maiden next year Oct 12.

Never seen them live. So looking forward to it.

Woo, I performed my first 4am change activity.

Please supply me coffee.

I am not really a fan of the end of the year and New Years mainly I think due to the stress I had in my old job with clean up of data, prep of year end results, rerun after rerun of information, explanations, etc..

I kind of feel lighter already though. This new admin position drops all that nonsense. There is a lot of different things to do, but all the weekly, monthly and year end deadlines are gone.

After so many, many years of it, I am finally free and get to maybe enjoy the holiday a bit.

My trainer is all the way in Southampton England.

I didn't know we had employees all the way out there anymore.

I am thinking of making a venison liver pate from the one I have frozen. Should be a flavour and taste adventure.

Wondering who might be interested in trying it with me.

Lesson learned. Close the lid of my work laptop enough otherwise one of my cats will nap on it and apparently lock me out of work with their fat arse.

First week of new job is almost over. Basically spent about 50% cleaning up my old job, then reading documentation about the new system I will be working in and doing some education bits with Power Automate/Sharepoint integrations for some workaround reporting with a layer of Power BI on top.

Started my new position at work today. New manager does not start until next Monday.

Just cleaning up a few things out of my old role, closing down tickets for projects I completed last week, finishing my project entries and figuring out what to do next.

Hrm, opted for a tea to wake me up this morning. And wow did it ever when I tripped and had it pour over the back of my hand.

I have my breakfast, my coffee, still looking for my motivation.

Back after a week of hunting and didn't get anything. Just saw ghosts in the darkness of the deep part of the woods at dusk. A doe too far out to safely make sure it would have been instantly down in one shot. Photo is from a dawn shot of one of the areas. Gorgeous area.

You know what is scary about starting a totally new job after basically 17 years?

I don't have a planned schedule yet. My week starting Nov 8 is currently empty. It is like staring into the void.

None of my usual meetings, deadlines, report requests, or report reviews.

I know there will be *something* to do starting day 1. It just isn't set up yet.

When moving to other positions, I always had something to do or carry over previously as it was still in the same division.

This is different.

🤫 Put in for a new position in my company on Friday at 22:00, get a message from the hiring director at 07:35 today that the job is mine. 😶

No interview required. They want to bring me in fast to get a project moving. Probably helps that the director is a friend of mine and knows me well.

Still, I am blown away.

Yes, I love learning a new level of frustration with Power BI. So many years of SAP Business Objects embedded in my brain with its weird inconsistencies, I get to learn a whole new slew of inconsistencies and oddities.

Slowly I will get it.

I think.

Oh wow, just picked up my new glasses meant for close up computer and reading work.. Everything is so SHARP.

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