Offspring, Bad Religion, Rancid, Authority Zero and Descendents kinda morning.

Weather is calling for 5-10 cm of snow. Bring it on! I could use a WFH day. :D

Woo, work is handing out chocolate and laptop stickers this morning!

Swapping over the tires to the winters and it looks like I also need to do a brake job. Wonderful. I know what I'm doing Saturday morning.

Doh, my Raspbian image corrupted. Was wondering why I could not ssh into it from work.

Today is an Iron Maiden kinda day.

Have not listened to Fear of the Dark in ages. Maybe Seventh Son of a Seventh Son.

I think their catalog of albums should keep me going for a bit today.

I am really curious as to the results of the US Mid-term elections. The last 2 years it feels like my news feed is flooded with Trump-related news.

Wondering what his twitter feed will be like if the Democrats clean up and win a lot of seats.

Today's hunting log: birds, squirrels, birds, rain, peed in an empty water bottle, more birds, fog AND A BIG FOOKIN BEAVER that startled me in the river I was sitting close to when he slapped the water. Sounded like someone dropped a boulder in a pool.

@dick_turpin @pokey

Going deer hunting tomorrow morning. Can't wait to check out the new stomping grounds.

Normally I am not the paranoid type, but this looks just insane. Total financial privacy violation. StatsCan should really reconsider this.

Imagine the data breach that might occur? The fallout would be immense.

There be apple pie lurking in that there container. Just waiting to enjoy it with me afternoon tea.

Workmate of mine brought me a slice from one she made yesterday.

Is today almost over? I need a gin and tonic.

Sign I know I am getting old.

Changed my password last week for the corporate LAN and I literally have to sit and think for about 3-5 seconds to recall it, even though I probably use it about 10-20 times a day.

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