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Woo! Free muffins in one of the kitchens!

Pumpkin seed and spice with cream cheese filling.

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Neat swag the wife brought me from a travel conference. Silicone card case that sticks to the back of my phone and also is a stand!

Got my humidor all dialed in for the right humidity and stocked with what I brought back from Cuba.

It is Friday already?

Not that I am complaining, but this week just feels like it flew by.

Is it just me or is Twitter showing more and more ads? Stayed on it for now to follow a few things that I liked to keep up on, but it is really noticeable.

Video I shot of the cigar rolling process at a shop in Trinidad. In both English and German.

@tpheine @dick_turpin Figured you two might be interested.

Just landed. Killer migraine most of the flight. Want to get home and crash.

@tpheine @dick_turpin Cuba is lovely by the way.

Hot, booze, nice pools, food has been great.

All the Brits, Welsh and Germans left today. Now the French and Aussies moved in.

A lot of phenomenal classic autos as well.

Bored at the airport waiting for Air Transat to get their shit together. Massive delays.

Sooooooo.....I'm seeing if anyone is going to go for this.

Double gin and tonics while waiting for the plane to Cuba.

@pokey @NYbill what's the current status of Cuban cigars in murrica? I thought I heard something about less restrictions, no?

It lives!

My old netbook screen was smashed about 2 years ago. I never got around to extracting the hard drive to pull off the data. The unit on the right was one my brother had no use for. So I extracted the HDD and ram out of the Acer and tossed them into the Toshiba.

Forgot it was running CrunchBang. Booted perfectly.

This should be a great travel laptop while the wife and I are in Cuba.

Upgrading what I can. No time to reimage.

Rewatching Harold and Kumar Go To Whitecastle.

Love stupid stoner movies.