Planted some new trees today. Freedom apple on the left and Melba apple on the right.

Made a tidy $300 selling off the old electric scooter my FiL used to use this morning for my MiL.

Not bad, considering he paid about $500 for it 12 years ago.

So I just found out my boss used to be part of an Iron Maiden tribute band.

That is just awesome.

I am so bloody well tired this afternoon. Hit me like I ran into a wall. Would love a nap, but I had to substitute in a couple cookies and a coffee.

Still have not gotten more than a days worth of warmth so far. And nothing even close to 20C yet. Maybe 15C?

So apparently we have teleported back to before the pandemic. I wonder what I can invest in to maximize some profits

Well, there it is, moved over to MS Teams over the weekend.

Now I am confused as all hell. The interface is a bit clunky.

You cannot drag and drop contacts? They missed something as easy as that in Groups?

Feels like I am stuck in a timeloop of work and never leaving the house.

I don't think I could work from home permanently.

The age of is upon us.

At least it was warmer than yesterday though for my morning walk. Yesterday was bitter and blowing wind.

I don't say this that often about Microsoft products, but I absolutely love .

After dealing with SAP Business Objects for years, with all its overhead and nonsense, Power BI is just so clean and slick.

I can tear apart a dataset and make it make sense faster than ever before. It has and integration. You can import in custom visuals. The coding is not so bad at all.

It is a wonderful experience so far.

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