2 laptops upgraded. Had to return one stick and pick up another as I trusted specs online instead of cracking the system first and checking the current stick.

Finally got around to doubling the ram in my laptop.

I have to say that a P series HP laptop is a nightmare to upgrade. I had to pull it right apart and even extract the mobo. The ramslots were hidden underneath. No port to access otherwise.

Just wanted to give it a bit more life until I upgrade and hand it down to my daughter.

This is the longest short week.

I think today requires an early beer.

I can have a month vacation right? Starting right now?

I need some something to mount my Raspberry Pi on the back of my monitor. Or a small shelf on my wall to keep it out of the way. I don't have a lot of desk real estate with the little alcove I am wedged into and now that I have an HDMI switch box going, I want to get it up and running again. Poor thing has been boxed up since I repainted the room a month ago.

Staying awake through meetings today is a struggle.

What did the Dorito farmer say to the other Dorito farmer? Cool Ranch!

As of last Friday, I hit my 20th year anniversary in the company.

I miss my napping couch in my home office. Still waiting on the delivery of the new furniture for our livingroom, so the napping couch is downstairs.

It was nice to be able to take a meeting while sitting on there instead of my desk chair.

Home office is almost done. Painted. Bookshelves refinished and put back up. Just waiting for the living room couches to be delivered so my office futon can come back upstairs for mid afternoon naps.

Did you hear about the chameleon who couldn't change color? They had a reptile dysfunction

Planted some new trees today. Freedom apple on the left and Melba apple on the right.

Made a tidy $300 selling off the old electric scooter my FiL used to use this morning for my MiL.

Not bad, considering he paid about $500 for it 12 years ago.

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