Dammit, I cannot reach the Pi at home.

This may be an issue.

Wife is off on a business trip to Vegas this week to go look at hotels for work.

Had to get her up early to drive into the Toronto Airport. The 410 to 401 was gross.

The dropoff at Terminal 3 is a nightmare. Barely could say goodbye before I had to move. Almost got hit 3 times on the way out.

Only til Friday night though.

One of my favourite memories of my childhood was being able to get on my bike and just ride wherever I wanted to. As long as I was home for dinner, I could adventure anywhere I wanted to. Or in winter, run down to the lake with a shovel and my skates, clear off a section and spend the day out there with a bunch of friends.

A connected society has been interesting and educational, but also feels enclosing. Maybe that is one reason why I like hunting. I get to sit out in the woods, in a tree.

Lotsa snow today.

Almost was hit about 3 times on the way in. One guy almost went into the Heart Lake marsh after cutting me off. Multiple accidents. Roads barely plowed.

The Brampton Ballet is in full swing today!

The beardening is increasing.

Bought a pleasant balm to help control it. Does not grow straight. More wavy and curly.

Up early. Can't sleep. Going to the gym, if Kali will remove her claws from my right leg.

Dropped and messed up my Logitech M705 mouse today. Need to take it apart to fix the optical in it tonight.

Old mouse that work gave me was not in much better shape. So I toddled off to IT and was given a Lenovo Yoga mouse. The old one was a similar model, but at least this one is rechargeable and does not need AAA batteries.

Yes! Watch, listen and absorb! Share!

You might think I am nuts (no squirrel pun intended...well maybe some), but Foamy speaks the truth!

This divide with the Boomers and the Millennials is stupid. Negativity only breeds more negativity.


Okay. So now this neighbourhood improvement project I am working on was mentioned by town council during their meeting last night AND I was contacted by the local paper (while I was sleeping) who want to talk to us about what we are trying to do.

Squeaky Wheel has met the Grease!

So I maaaaaayyyy have started just a smidge bit of shit disturbing in my town to try to get some things fixed in my neighbourhood.

The park and kids are ignored over here so me and a couple of parents are doing something about it.

Doing a door to door petition, plus an online thing, plus research and data delving into what happened the last round of park upgrades.

I appear to have caught the attention of the deputy mayor and a couple councilors already.

Well, this morning sucks so far. Commute took an extra hour, missed the morning coffee walk, forgot my notebook and I managed to shatter my glass waterbottle in the parking lot.

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