Hunting partners wife got her first deer tonight. A big fat doe. Drove out to their place to help out cleaning and gutting it. Really happy for her. It is a total experience for your first time.

I remember my first deer. Named him Roscoe. He will always be a part of me. It may have been over a decade ago, but I remember it like yesterday.

Made a sirloin roast dinner tonight and no one is hungry. Wonderful.

My wife was getting Kali ready for Hallowe'en. Kali is not amused.

You know what time of year it is?

Time for

Just baking a couple sweet potato pies now.

CT scan came back with everything as normal.

Had to book an appt with my doc a month out as she is on vacation, then I am on vacation when she gets back.

Got the itch to get into the woods looking for deer. Waking up at 430 AM tomorrow to head out. Gotta get my gear all sorted before that too.

Bow is sighted.

Can't wait.

Just need a bit of luck.

2 weeks until vacation.

Tick, tock, tick, tock....

Got to spend my morning so far in a spinning, metal, nuclear donut. How was your day?

@tig @dick_turpin hey, yo, you two, I need a scotch egg. Stat. Was watching a video about them and they look delicious. It is like an oblong ball of deep fried love.

Yep, confirmed, I am not a protege at soldering.

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