Picked up an amazon fire 7 (2019 version) tablet at Christmas for $20 and finally got around to opening it.

First disabled all the tracking nonsense that I could find.

Then sideloaded the Google App store.


Going to use it as my education device. Keep all the distracting nonsense off of it.

Started scheduling virtual meetings with my workmates.

Partially to keep the sanity, partially to jabber about nonsense, partially because we miss hanging out at work for coffee time in the afternoons.

Worked lots of overtime this weekend. Could only bank it though. So far I have banked almost a week of extra vacation.

Got my tea, got my music, got my messenger blocked, so I can actually get some work done,

My office workmate for today. She snores and farts a bit, but is generally quiet.

I have discovered the most awesome element name in the BO reporting environment today.

Found 2 bugs in someone else's code for reports that have been going out to executives for who knows how many years.

Displayed percentages wrong as proper use of brackets in a calculation were not applied.

Picked up a nice new monitor for my study and wall mounted it already.Picked up an HDMI switch so I can flip between the laptop as a second screen, one of the Pi's and eventually resurrecting my old PC. The built in speakers are nice for the Pi. asus.com/ca-en/Monitors/VP248Q

Quite strange in the house now that our son has moved out. Spent the weekend repainting his old room as our daughter wanted the bigger room, wife took her old room as an office. So I took the old office/guestroom to set up as a study. Needs some plaster and paint. New monitor. Hangers for my guitars.

As much as I hate seeing him go, it is nice to have an area I can set up as my own.

Getting a new toy for work. MS Power BI Pro.

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