I think they are getting to the point of deciding on whether they are going to put a couple rounds into the server cluster and put it out of its misery.

I will volunteer as executioner. My new 870 needs some exercise.

Fookin' hell.

They just confirmed my aunt had a stroke. They are hoping it is a small one, but it scrambled her cognizance up a bit.

She is recovering so I am hoping for the best. My mum is absolutely losing it right now.

Oh, today is my 19th anniversary at the company I work at.

Just received an email congratulating me on it. Starting next year, I can get more vacation days added to my total available.

Weird. Doesn't feel like 19 years.

The cluster failure continues to be a plague. One of two main servers are up, but at a reduced capability. Came in early to run everything I need now before everyone else gets here and clogs it up with nonsense.

Oh wow, the cluster server is up. Slow as all fook with the backlog going through it, but it is up.

Day 4 of the cluster failure.

Not at work, but sporadically checking my email to see if a burst of autogenerated reports show up.

If not, then the servers are still down.

I do need to plan out my Monday. I am thinking of looking for the secret rooms that Nortel used to have around. I think a couple of them are still not found.

Day 3 of the cluster failure.

It came up for a few minutes, I was able to grab one of my reports, then it barfed and fell over again.

Coffee drinking skills leveled up yesterday.

Today I think i will go outside to experience the sun and see if I can find one of the rats that inhabit the parking lot.

Day 2 of the cluster failure.

I have excelled in my seat warming skills learned yesterday.

Perhaps today I will enhance my coffee drinking skillset.

Core server cluster that I use to pull data is hard down.

Time to practice my seat warming and thumbtwiddling skills.

Finally raining here. It has been so dry for so long.

Hrm....my test rpi is creeping up on using up the space on the SD card. Forgot it was only 8gb. Need to pick up another card tomorrow it looks like.

This mornings study spot. Beautiful day today for it. Coffee on the go. Birds are going crazy for the seed my wife put out.

Wooo! I won in the draw for an antlerless deer tag.

Can't wait for hunting season now!

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