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I really wish my kid would tell me when he puts out new music.

The kid is damn well talented. Wrote and mixed it himself.

Give it a listen. Makes me proud that he learned to do all this on his own.

PizzaPizza delivered a pre-paid pizza and fries to my place last night before I got home. The kids thought I ordered it, but I didn't and the wife didn't either. Called them up, the driver was supposed to deliver to the street behind us. Thanked me for notifying them and told me to keep the pizza for free. Chicken, Pepperoni, Red Onion and triple mushrooms.

Whomever developed SAP Live Office deserves beating and/or molestation by a large Silverback gorilla.

This stuff is bloody well lovely after the heat of tonight out fishing with the kids.

Got a Lodge cast iron Dutch oven for Father's day. Planning to make pulled pork soon!

Also got a shirt Christina decorated for me at school and a neat tin mug.

@tig Pralines & Cream Ale ice cream!

Had some tonight when I took Spawn#2 out for a treat tonight.

A bit unusual but tasty.

Finding it hard to concentrate today at work. I can hear my guitar calling me.

I do not know why, but I am absolutely exhausted today. I would love a nap.

One of my favourite . Excellent read. I highly recommend to anyone who likes science fiction.

Just really want to go home and mess around on my guitar. Tired of chasing data today.

Absolutely love my new ESP . Bought a full leather strap too from Levy Leathers.