Spending some time tonight learning mysql. Creating databases to see how well I can make a mess of them.

Love sitting by the window at work. At least there are random distractions like this little bird.

Sinuses are driving me crazy. I think I caught the cold running around work.

Wife's phone died. Picked up a Moto6 for a decent price at Costco at her request. Doesn't seem bad at all. Just needs a case for it.

One of the best finds ever at the

Sol came with a free TACO HOLDER!

I am so amused.

Tossed some new batteries in the Firbit Aria scale this morning.

Scary weight gain confirmed.

I have to rethink and reset up my exercise and food intake.

Never before Toronto, have I been in a Universal washroom.

Fookin' weird.

I really want a spicy beef and bean burrito. 2 or 3 tacos. A chimichanga. And maybe some churros.

You know you are getting old when a new box spring and mattress are exciting.

Hoping to get an awesome sleep tonight.

Both hinges on my tailgate window shattered last night.

They were beginning to wear and had a bit of a crack, but I did not expect them to shatter like that.

Ordered new ones from Amazon. Hopefully they will be here tomorrow night.

@tig @tpheine @dick_turpin @NYbill Oi, any of you lot tried playing with the Librem One stuff yet?

Frying bacon flavoured spam in bacon fat. Would this be stacked bacon or recursive bacon?

They are cleaning the office with a vinegar based cleaner today. It reminds me of fish n chips.

Dammit. Now I am hungry.

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