What happened to the weekend? Why am I at work already?

The timesuck of working on the walk in closet all weekend took my relaxation time away. It feels like friday was just yesterday.

Installing a closet system into the walk in for my wife today.
1/3 of the way done for her side.

@tig The Airforce has congregated en masse on the roof at work and are making a bloody racket of honking.

I swear I need a couple days of warmth to finish clearing up the effects from the flu I had...preferably on a Caribbean beach...with a margarita...

Feck, first day back and I already need more time off.

Still not totally over that stupid flu. It really did a number on my lungs. Keep coughing. Talked with others that had it at work and apparently I should expect it to continue like that for a couple weeks.

Prepping breakfast for the family. Everyone is asleep still.

She hasn't left my side except to eat or use the sandbox since I came home with the flu.

14 shots of tequila should cure a fever, right?

Currently producing enough mucus to lube an M1 Abrams tank.

Nooo, the plague at work has gotten to me. I am congesting up and ache everywhere. FFS.

Going to hide somewhere to finish up required work then go home.

Missed my guitar practice last night due to a massive migraine that is still lingering.

Can't wait to go home to play.

soundofmusic.ca/ticketed-shows I so need to go to this concert. 3 bands I have listened to for years are going to be playing. Awesome.

Ugh, the flu is running through the office complex it looks like and multiple people have come in anyways sick as all hell.

Send a hazmat suit!

I have decided to name him "Hank".

Figure he is the one that was emptying my bird feeder.

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