Picked up some new bluetooth headphones for the wife for her birthday today. Went with the copper variety. thehouseofmarley.com/positive-

I know it is still January, but I am really looking forward to weather. I also have plans to set up a new vegetable garden in the back yard.

Don't mind snow. Hate ice. This is taking a long time to break up.

Prepped a ham for dinner. Had to set up early as I have to clear all the snow that the plow deposited into my driveway. Plus try to rescue some of my trees.

Forced into the new O365 upgrade at work.

It is weird going so far. Need to test out all my macros and other things to make sure nothing broke.

Visual changes are very noticeable. Layouts of some of the applications like OneNote are really different.

So a position opened up in NetSec that looks interesting. Plus side they need a lot of my current skillset that is outside the security realm.

Not sure if I am going to go for it yet. Going to sleep on it a few days. Going that direction would be interesting. I would have to put a lot of study time in to catch up on a few things.

Is there a different we can shunt to? This violent, stupid one is getting ridiculous.


Like really hungry.

Lunch is only 22 minutes away and it feels like forever.

Woo ! Something warm on a miserable damp day. Everything is freezing over outside with the storm. May need this for work from home tomorrow if it is too icy to go in.

Coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee coffee

Tick-tock to the NOC. 8 more days and I stop auditing your tickets for accuracy.

I am so happy with this change. It is going to give me back so much time each week at work. I can actually work on real projects again.

Apparently me getting the flu shot was a masterful plan as everyone else has been exploding out of one end or the other around here.

Workmate was handing out liqueur choccies. Picked 2 I never tried before. The Galliano one was interesting.

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