🤫 Put in for a new position in my company on Friday at 22:00, get a message from the hiring director at 07:35 today that the job is mine. 😶

No interview required. They want to bring me in fast to get a project moving. Probably helps that the director is a friend of mine and knows me well.

Still, I am blown away.

Yes, I love learning a new level of frustration with Power BI. So many years of SAP Business Objects embedded in my brain with its weird inconsistencies, I get to learn a whole new slew of inconsistencies and oddities.

Slowly I will get it.

I think.

Oh wow, just picked up my new glasses meant for close up computer and reading work.. Everything is so SHARP.

Woo! I have Friday off now for the opening of hunting season!

Can't wait to go sit in my tree.

Went to the eyedoc yesterday. I apparently need glasses just for the computer and reading as my prescription has not changed, but I am finding it hard to read up close now. Half the time I take off my glasses for that. I hate getting old.

Prepping rabbit for tomorrow night's Portuguese dinner.

I am absolutely loving this mornings coffee.

Goodbye Ford Escape. Hello Nissan Rogue.

After 365,788 km on the Escape, it was time to find something newer. Too many issues and it would have cost more to keep it on the road than anything.

It took a bit of time. Probably longer than my wife would have wanted, but I found a replacement vehicle. New to me, 2015 Nissan Rogue SV. Low km. Only one previous owner.

Happy to have AC and the like again. Now to find some winter tires for the upcoming season.

Last night was pizza night. Made a whole wheat crust for both with a roasted red pepper sauce instead of tomato sauce. One was pepperoni, mushrooms and green pepper. The other was pepperoni, ham and our home grown pineapple.

People in sleeping bags are the soft of the bear world.

Rain, rain, rain.

And I so wanted to BBQ today.

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