So my brother sent me an NES Classic Mini for helping him put up a shed last year. He did not have to, but I am not going to argue. Just need to pick up a 5v adaptor tomorrow to get it going.


Found another odd beer. Giving it a go.

2.5% is oddly low. Pours with a lot of head. I am guessing due to the higher sugar content.

Really taste the grapefruit. More of a summer outside drink. being down because of Trump's bullshit is not helping my study requirements.

I really need to get back into tinkering around on my guitar and actually learning to play more.

Huh, last nights tablet repair left more little cuts on my hands that I realized.

Realization occurred when using an alcohol based hand sanitizer. Yeesh, that was a wake up.

Replaced the glass on Spawn#2's tablet tonight. What a pain in the arse. Acer Iconia One 10 B3-A40 2CWW model. The glass was so cracked I had to take it out in pieces. Acer used a tough to remove double sided tape too.

It works fine now though. No issues. She needs a case for it.

Been going through a lot of the old music I used to listen to when I was younger. Mostly it was Rock, Metal and some Punk. I had a lot of mix tapes that I used to put together.

Is this what nostalgia feels like? Just hearing some of the bands I loved throws me back to old memories.

Need to put together some play lists. Dig out some of my old cd's.

I am really not into a lot of today's music. Here and there a bit, but not so much. Getting old I guess.

Sometimes I hate Remedy. Someone closed an incident ticket, setting the date to Dec 1, 2019. What the actual fuck is that? How can you not tell it is in the future? How can the system allow that? Drives me bonkers and screws up my metrics.

Feck, I really did something to my back. Full of painkillers at the moment. It feels like the old injury from a car accident I was in years ago. If I could only readjust my spine, pop it somehow, it would feel a lot better.

pot roast with russet potatoes, carrots and onions is in the oven. Now for a well deserved nap.

Ahhhh, silence! No more screaming and carrying on.

I am exhausted. Hosted nine 11 year olds over for my daughter's . It was a sleepover too. cookie decorating, dance party, movies, cake, hot dogs and a massive platter of baked nachos. Not to mention chips and popcorn. Did not sleep until 2 am.

Woke up early to make up 2lbs of , 2 dozen eggs and a platter of pancakes with whipped cream and syrup.

All of it is gone. They are like . They just found the spare bag of Doritos. Send provisions! I think I am next!

Spawn #2's birthday today. Spawn #1's birthday tomorrow.

Daughter optioned for barbecue sausages, baked potatoes and sweet corn for her birthday dinner tonight. Easy enough.

Son has still not given input for what he wants. Knowing him, it will be tacos though.

Happy New year! Pleasantly drunk on absinthe and rye. Gonna go sleep it off now. Love ya all!

Starting off New Year's with an Innis & Gunn. Haven't had one in ages.

Last day of . Was a bit chilly. Saw a fat doe out of range and between some trees. Something spooked her while I was watching. Hopefully she has a lot of fat baby bucks in the spring.

Just glad I could share the day with my friend/hunting partner. Already planning for next season.

Final of 2018. It is quiet. Serene. Been in the woods since an hour before dawn.

Light blanket of snow.

Oddly no birds or squirrels yet. Kinda miss them. Gave me something to watch.

Dropped 300kg of carrots in the woods last night.

Prepped for last hunting Sunday.

Some of the carrots we're absolutely massive.

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