People in sleeping bags are the soft of the bear world.

Rain, rain, rain.

And I so wanted to BBQ today.

My new laptop is currently in Louisville, Kentucky. Hoping it brings some bourbon with it.

My new Lenovo laptop appears to have shipped 2 days early!

No, I am not obsessively refreshing the shipping page to find out the exact arrival date, why would you think that?

So happy that Thursday is a holiday.

My brain needs the break already.

Weather pressure conditions are messing my head up.

Ordered the i7 model yesterday. Company had a corp discount.

Now to just wait for it to arrive.

My old laptop is just not holding up. 7 years of service is pretty good still.

The world is getting weirder. I just had to update the software in my shoes.


3 hours sleep is just not enough.

Can't nap, must stay awake.

Just made a baked macaroni with cheese sauce, bottom layer is sliced BBQ'd honey garlic sausages. Topped with shredded triple blend cheese and fresh chives from the garden.

Found my travel Netbook tonight with XFCE install.

Desperately needed a software update. Running all the upgrades now. It is taking just a bit.

It is Friday already?

Where did the week go?

Just finished making Massa Sovada with before and after shots of baking.

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