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Another post because I've just moved over from

I'm a Yorkshireman who lives near the sea. Proud grandparent and owner of pet chickens. Interests include:

Soon to be heading off to for

Water bosses are taking home obscene pay packets & bonuses, yet have utterly failed us all. We must bring water back into public hands - and while we're at it, adopt widespread pay ratios so bosses earn no more than 10x the salary of the lowest paid in their companies


For anyone on Charing Cross GIC wait list, UK 

People have 72 hours to respond to the clinic before they get booted off it

So now I have up and running, the next steps are:

1) Learning .
2) Learning how to edit using

I'm not sure if learning vim is a good idea, or if I'm just being masochistic.

So I finally got round to trying to install on our old laptop. Having not tried Linux for around 20 years, it's a lot easier than it used to be.

Things that were a little bit of a faff:
* Verifying the ISO image
* Getting the laptop to boot from a USB stick
* Getting the WiFi working.

Apart from that it was very straightforward.

Hello to all fans.

Tomorrow (Thursday 28th July) I will be joining the panel on ESC Fan TV to discuss the potential host cities for Eurovision 2023.

The show starts at 8pm UK time, 9pm CET. Find us on YouTube at the link below, and please join in the chat.

Well it looks like Eurovision will be hosted in the UK next year. I know it's not possible to hold it in Ukraine but I'm a bit disappointed it's not a different country because it's my big annual holiday and I'm going to be spending it over here.

I hope it will be a very Ukrainian production though with Ukrainian presenters and interval acts. It shouldn't be a UK Eurovision, it should be a Ukrainian Eurovision hosted in the UK.

Dawkins wept!

Louisiana Senator Bill Cassidy: Our Maternal Death Rates Are Only Bad If You Count Black Women

More information about the voting irregularities.

The EBU have released an explanation regarding the jury voting irregularities in Semi Final 2 and the evidence is pretty clear. This meant that the votes for these juries were replaced by aggregated scores based on countries with similar voting records in the past for both the semi final and the final. This didn't affect the televote from the countries concerned.

"Back in 2013, I thought it was amusing and silly, and I could get cool papers out of it. In 2018, I thought it was amusing, but pretty bad. [In 2022], [...] I just want to take the entire cryptocurrency space and throw it into the sun. I know astronomers will tell you it’s easier to throw something into the void of space than to throw it into the sun. But it’s worth the extra energy to make sure some alien doesn’t find this mental virus." - UC-Berkeley’s Nicholas Weaver

Video link with images of war 

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Ukrainian winners Kalush Orchestra have released their official video for Stefania. It's quite an emotional thing to watch, but if you didn't like the song before it might change your mind. Also there's an English translation of the lyrics.

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I'm really glad that Moldova came second in the public vote as it was my favourite this year. This was Zdob şi Zdub's third appearance at Eurovision and arguably their best performance so far. If you liked this song check out their "450 Sheep" album (it's on Spotify).

Also a great result in the public vote for Serbia. I'm surprised this didn't do better with the juries as it's a clever meaningful song about the lack of healthcare resources for artists in Serbia.

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The bid scandal is the "voting irregularities" as mentioned in this press release

It appears that the jury votes for Azerbaijan, Georgia, Montenegro, Poland, Romania and San Marino were replaced by aggregated scores because juries were found to be collaborating to boost their results. That's why some results were announced by Martin Österdahl instead of the country's spokesperson. This needs to be dealt with severely.

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A fantastic result for the UK coming second. Finally we have proved that we were not getting poor results because Europe "hates us", it was because we had completely the wrong approach. All credit to Sam Ryder for the song, the performance, and all the hard work he put in to promoting the song in the last few months.

No doubt the Spanish fans are equally proud of their result too.

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I really enjoyed my Eurovision experience and it was great to be able to attend the shows again.

The overwhelming support for Ukraine in the public vote was great, and it sent a clear message that the people of Europe haven't forgotten about their Ukrainian neighbours. The few people moaning about "sympathy votes" really need to give their heads a wobble.

trip day 11
Sitting in the airport waiting to go home. Fantastic that the UK came second (I don't think anyone was expecting to beat Ukraine). I've had about 4 hours sleep.

Can't really complain about Ukraine getting a massive televote, it was a clear message of support from the public.

Had a great time, can't wait until the start of the next Eurovision season.

Tonight marks the long-awaited Grand Final of Eurovision.

40 countries brought together in song and conviviality; we wish all the participants the best of luck in this joyous event followed by millions of Europeans.

We'll be watching and cheering alongside you.


About to head into because ITV are filming a segment (possibly to be used in the local news this evening).

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@[email protected] You and the industry you represent have gone a long way since the friendly bookie on the corner. You use third party data to target people who have stopped gambling and get them paying you money again. You should be ashamed.


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