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I am trying to set up a casual support group for anyone interested in, or undertaking distance learning.

There is a
* Main forum
* Links to more specialist forums
* Link to a discourse chat forum for non academic (but probably higher level ) chat where we can discuss new science discoveries for example

@zleap is my main fediverse ID.

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Social media job in Torbay UK

This is to take over an exist role with Imagine this in Torbay

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South Devon Tech Jam
Saturday 10th April 2021
11:00 to 15:00 (approx)
South Devon Tech Jam BBB room

As not everyone wants to use Meetup then please feel free to e-mail for details

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A report released by the Centre for Democracy and Development ( has found that private firms in Nigeria have access to people’s data that they should not “ordinarily have access to.”


Solihull FREE online courses for ALL parents in Torbay, from antenatal period up to age 18. Relevant to parents of all children, inc those with special needs, autism, ADHD etc. To access online course click on & apply access code TAMAR to get it FREE!

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