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New to this instance but not to . Used to be @cybette but that instance went offline since beginning of 2019 with no way of contacting the admin. Thanks @xvilo for the cordial invitation and here I am! I get another chance at , not sure what else to write, as all I really want to do is reconnect with people and resume the conversations.

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Just discovered Storeman for my Sailfish phone that allows you to install apps from open repos. #sailfishos just got even more awesome.

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Pls RT |

Are you going to #FOSDEM?

Are you a FOSS project contributor?

Do you want to learn how to do usability testing?

Yes? Read on! from Open Source Design is holding a free workshop Friday before FOSDEM.

Details and signup are here:

Shanghai travel tip for beer lovers 

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"No Cash? No Problem! Tourists in Can Now Use Too"

On the day I'm leaving China they introduce this 🙄 Ah well, hopefully it'll make future trips easier!

Amazing 3 days at the in . had only a small booth (although constantly busy) as we focused our sponsorship on PTG (project teams gathering) and a diversity luncheon. Also a community event which was more popular than anticipated. 💙

So a Chinese lady asked a Finnish guy to change seats from a different row so she could sit next to her colleague. She failed to mention that she has a *middle* seat in exchange for his *window* seat. As a trusting Finn he just said ok and accepted his fate. Ugh, such a disgrace to Chinese people. 😤

So I'm off to for . Mostly at the booth although I just remembered I have a talk which I have not prepared for! Ahhh last minute prep on the flight over I suppose. :)

Spent Halloween evening in a big pumpkin (auditorium) enjoying some Mozart and Haydn

Um, sure, I didn't do anything, but thanks! (also it's much nicer to take the train from CDG than try to transfer flights in CDG)

Going through the airport like a robotic zombie... let's see if a big cup of coffee helps.

Btw anyone has tried the Sony WF-1000XM3 (the earbuds, not the WH-..)? Any good?

Sunday summarized in pics: clearing out a bunch of boarding passes before packing for trip tomorrow; snow on my way to concert; playing a small instrument (claves) for once at concert; Papin Kulta :)

Found this pic from exactly 7 years ago. Total coincidence (Oct 26 is good day for cleaning I suppose).

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