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New to this instance but not to . Used to be @cybette but that instance went offline since beginning of 2019 with no way of contacting the admin. Thanks @xvilo for the cordial invitation and here I am! I get another chance at , not sure what else to write, as all I really want to do is reconnect with people and resume the conversations.

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Nowadays I'm wearing headphones 🎧 more than I used to (having to share my "work space" at home with another person is tougher than I thought). Luckily I have several pairs to choose from (coz even though they are all relatively comfortable, it helps to rotate them to avoid ear fatique).

What are your necessities while staying home (besides things like food, TP etc.)?

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Here's a relatively short read about an American who was a Wuhan coronavirus patient, but is now cured. He has some interesting things to say which might be helpful for others.

#Taiwan #Covid19

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I have two jitsi questions. Perhaps someone here can help (feel free to share to increase reach).

For two scenarios: 1 meeting of 10, and 4 meetings of 4.

- How much server load is to be expected for the scenarios. What factors come into play?

- Can I lock a server so that only some users can create rooms, but anyone can join? Is that a jitsi feature, or should I just use basic auth in nginx?

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A new live/studio performance under my alter-ego

Check it out below!


Hey folks, I've just uploaded the first of my new "Isolated Drones" - a series of live studio performances recorded in one-take during the current lockdown.

Hope you enjoy.

Also available as a free download on Bandcamp:


Thanks to everyone who participated in the Virtual Ansible Contributor Summit today! It was great to see so many of you there.

I'll process the recordings and make them available soon.

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Privacy and protecting data is usually not much of a concern for SAAS providers - Zoom here shares your data on Facebook, even if you don't have a facebook account...
#selfhosting #onpremises

Took a walk and tried to avoid people. Can't avoid the views though 😉

Wonder how thin the ice layer is at this point...

(when we've flattened the curve)

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We received $10.000 funding in our collective ( from the Mozilla Open Source Support Program (MOSS) speed dating event that happened during #FOSDEM.

These funds will be used for making the f-droid build process work faster and more reliably.

There'll be a session by @gwmngilfen on stats on Sunday, come along for:

* collections
* charts
* rankings
* discussions

He'll dive into how we think we're going to understand Collections. Also keen to hear from Collections maintainers on what's useful to them!

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Virtual Contributor Summit + Hackathon reminder!

See you THIS SUNDAY (Mar 29) starting at 11:00 UTC.

Hackathon sessions on Mon/Tues (Mar 30-31) 09:00-19:00 UTC.

Add your names, check the agenda, and info on how to participate:

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WFH tips (video) 

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📢 Hey! Web has published an interview to me

It's a great honor that a small blog in spanish like mine appears in that web site. 👍

You can read it if you want to know a bit about me... :toot:

Happy ! Cheers to good health and good luck in these challenging times 🍀🍻 Take care and stay safe!

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Theory: the Internet is run by penguins. Observe…

HTTP: Hyper Text Transfer Penguin
FTP: File Transfer Penguin
ASP: Active Server Penguin
IMAP: Internet Message Access Penguin
POP: Post Office Penguin
TCP/IP: Transfer Control Penguin/Internet Penguin
LAMP: Linux, Apache, MySQL, and Penguins
PHP: Penguin Hypertext Processor
SQL: Spheniscidae* Query Language

* Fancy word that means Penguin

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I share a building with around 70 other small businesses and sole traders and the consensus is that we're all entirely fucked. Once this is all over if there's not a shift towards people using independents more everyone will be trapped in the hands of the megacorps. Most of us are already operating right on the wire without this. This is a plea to look after the little folks wherever possible. The big companies can take the kick in the teeth I'm sure, the rest of us are dropping like flies here

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