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New to this instance but not to . Used to be but that instance went offline since beginning of 2019 with no way of contacting the admin. Thanks @xvilo for the cordial invitation and here I am! I get another chance at , not sure what else to write, as all I really want to do is reconnect with people and resume the conversations.

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Coffee shop owner friend says if foreigners can come and order strange coffee types he's never heard of and start berating the barrister for not having it, next time he goes to a western country he'll order Kopi-O, iced espresso, or sua Chua cafe.

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Drivers at the ComfortDelGro #Driving Centre will soon be able to opt for #ElectricVehicles (EVs) for their Class 3A Licence Course.

Starting Jun 1, the centre will add five #ElectricCars to its training fleet, ComfortDelGro said on Tuesday (May 24).

It aims to have 100 electric #cars by 2030, accounting for more than half of its training fleet.


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Ansible - Roles 2/2 (Glances Role)

I am happy to announce a new #opensource #ansible #blog #article. I would love to get your feedback, suggestions and ideas about it.

plus some and bridge crossings...

5. pirate parrot mural at Fumiferro Cabanyal Grill
6. headless people in the Benimàmet neighbourhood
7. Puente De Las Flores (bridge of the flowers)
8. Pont del Mar (bridge of the sea)

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Didn't sightsee much in except when getting to/from in a cab or bus (and on walks to the bus station or from colleague's hotel etc.)

1. La Dama Ibérica sculpture (made of 22,000 miniature sculptures with the same motif in cobalt blue ceramics)

2. Marqués de Campo monument

3. looking down Av. del Mestre Rodrigo (there's a Tesla Centre somewhere along that road)

4. Mercat de Colón (Columbus Market, a work of Valencian Art Nouveau)

The sponsor showcase pavilions, while not brightened with natural light, were still very spacious, which was important for all the people visiting our booth for chats, demos, and swag!

(first pic was taken before the floodgates opened...)

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2022 was in a nice venue in ... I like how bright and airy some of the main traffic areas were, so it didn't feel overwhelming even though there were A LOT OF PEOPLE.

24 hours after the first toot in this thread, I'm finally home! Great weather today in Tampere, but I think I'll spend it catching up on sleep. (Averaged 5+ hours of sleep the past week, ranging from 3 to 7 hrs per night).

Oma koti kullan kallis ❤️

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Some of you may know I've been doing a book-a-week reading challenge. This week I'm a bit thrown off because I couldn't decide which book I wanted to finish this week. Also, I started reading this webcomic, Heartstopper, on Tapas.

Heartstopper (graphic novel) - Wikipedia

Annoyingly, the challenge doesn't count graphic novels, since the point is to read more. I vehemently disagree with the premise because there are plenty of meaty graphic novels out there. 😠

Well ok not really the end of the trip yet since there's no bus/train to Tampere in the wee hours of the morning (there used to be, pre-covid). So I have to stay one night at the airport hotel... Thanks to the upgrade I got some food else I'd be quite hungry now. Great views too.

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Received a message from to report to the customer service desk, and they upgraded me! (I was almost thinking is there another delay or problem with my ticket?!) Not sure why, since I don't even have FF status with . Nice ending to the trip despite the delays and plan changes (and missing an ice hockey game in Tampere).

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Doing expense reports at the airport during layover. Oh the glamorous life ...

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Managed a window seat at the back of the plane. Better than no seat! Hope to be in the air soon! (Already 15 min delayed but luckily I have a 6-hour layover at CDG this time...)

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I was able to get some caffeine and a sandwich at . They even got my name right. That's a good sign right?

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Let's try getting out of again... (flight delayed yesterday and rebooked etc.)

This is not a queue of people paying for their duty free shopping. It's a queue for passport/immigration check. Luckily I don't have to be in this queue.

I'm in ! No pics of the city yet as it was dark when I landed and the taxi (FreeNow) driver drove like a maniac while talking on the phone so I'm just glad to arrive at my hotel in one piece. Good night... Zzz

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Survived the CDG transfer, luckily within Schengen there's no additional security check (I must have always flown intercontinental through here previously). Thought I had 5 min to get a drink but the waiter ignored me and when I tried to get her attention and ask for a menu, she just rudely said they're closed without even an eye contact. French hospitality!

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Not visiting France but transiting in CDG... Wish me luck!

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