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New to this instance but not to . Used to be @cybette but that instance went offline since beginning of 2019 with no way of contacting the admin. Thanks @xvilo for the cordial invitation and here I am! I get another chance at , not sure what else to write, as all I really want to do is reconnect with people and resume the conversations.

The only thing I bought today was food. (I did take a look at some of the deals but there's nothing I really need.)

Minusta "älä osta mitään -päivä" meni hyvin.

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The original #Jolla smartphone from 2013 received an incredible number of 34 software updates during a lifetime of 7 years. The latest #SailfishOS update 3.4.0 will remain the last officially supported software release.

Jolla will continue to provide access to the official app store for it for the time being.

Blog post:

Has anyone used Turret, and what do you think of it? I've been looking for a better webcam when I came across this:

(Thought of using my DSLR/mirrorless but both are too old and not supported by either Elgato Camlink or EOS Webcam Utility.)

Had the t-shirt on for last month's summit EU/Virtual. Kinda boring with the same pics of me at conferences. Photo booths and filters can only do so much. Wonder if we'll make it to Dublin for next year's event... all the virtual events are starting to meld into one big blur.

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Had fun playing with painted in this DLC scenario: . Took the whole evening but we solved it (3 players, 1 new to )

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Yep, and for me, one at the Equator and one straddling the Arctic circle. I used to find 20°C cold and now that's almost too hot. It's all relative.

comic via:

issue 14 is now available! Check out the dates for Ansible PR review days next month, find out what are the upcoming changes to the project, plus Contributor survey results from @gwmngilfen.

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covid humor 

I’m told that many Germans are stockpiling cheese and sausages in anticipation of a COVID lockdown — planning, in other words, for a Wurst-Käse scenario

(not mine. copypasta from un-CWed toot)

Days are getting shorter. This was in the middle of my work day. Another virtual conference this week. Instead of being stuck inside a conference centre for 4 long days, I get to see the sunset from my window everyday. I guess that's something to be thankful for :)

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Had my 1 month after femtolasik checkup. Everything looks good, healing well etc. Enjoying my first glögi of the season before heading home.

Installed 17.1 on , process was easy and smooth via

First impression: pretty minimalistic and cool, but missing already 😆

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We have heard you and just started the list of upcoming #FOSS #events in #Europe and #online in 2021! We will update it continously in the next days:

If you know about an event not yet liste, please help to fix it.

#Floss #Free #Libre #Open #Source #Software

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Sometimes I think a sticker is probably the most durable product from IKEA. I burn this almost a hundred times in hot blue fire.

Riding on a wave of nostalgia, took out my 1s and (running various versions of 2.x), performed factory resets, and updated all of them to the latest . Took several hours, but they now feel like brand new devices. I miss the smaller screens!

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