For those going to @froscon -

"The final schedule our Sailfish OS sub-conference at 2019 is published, now also presenting the running !
Visit us on Saturday, August 10th, starting at 2 p.m. in room C120. "


@zhenech I wish I was. Didn't know about it until this week.
Will be following toots and tweets about the event!

Mark your calendar for next year then ;)
I'll try to spam a bit on Sunday.

All the spamming happened over at birdsite because I am a lazy bum and was more in a hurry than expected. But I hope people still enjoyed it :)

@zhenech that happens to me at events too... I should make an effort to toot more

anyway I was trying to follow the tweets but it seems most of the content were in German?

If there would be an usable client for both networks...
And yeah, most visitors were German, so I guess they also default to posting in German. I do too.

@zhenech @cybette iirc Twidere can post to both. It was kinda dead, but I think someone just picked it up and started work on it again ...

@gwmngilfen @cybette Yeah, Twidere can do that. But Twitter DMs are (were?) broken there, so I ditched it as a client. Using Talon for Twitter and Fedilab for Mastodon at the moment.

@zhenech @cybette let's science!

I have Twidere installed, send me a DM?

@gwmngilfen @cybette
no, you send me, because I can't send you (you don't follow me on T, I think?)

@zhenech @cybette seems broken, yeah, I don't see that exchange in Twidere. Ah well, I only use it for #rstats stuff anyway, and I'll be at my desk for that :)

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