Cool. I didn't know you had a drone. Now you have to show us some of the buildings made with that limestone.


got it just a few days before the trip. i guess i'll have to find out what the limestone has been used for! :D


thanks, yeah, now looking up drone safety videos 😅

@cybette Parainen is lovely, we biked there from Turku last summer. Visited the quarry overlooking spot too. Are you going on the Rengastie? Heard it's super crowded currently.


yeah many people are travelling domestically now and Rengastie is definitely one of the more popular options. We know several people who were just there or planning to do the same soon. This time we only covered a short route (Naantali, Merimasku, Nauvo, Parainen) as we also visited Åland, Hanko and Inkoo areas.

Did you do the whole trail last summer?

@cybette Oh no, we just biked to Parainen and back. My MIL has a cabin around there so we visited her. We've been thinking of biking the long route, but this summer kind of messed up our plans. Going to Lappeenranta next weekend for some #kotimaanmatkailu. :)


yeah this summer is weird. I want to get out more but still a bit paranoid. I'm now thinking if Åland was a bad idea, since people can easily get there from Sweden, and ferries were crowded.

enjoy your trip to Lappeenranta, stay safe!


Oh it's beautiful. Last summer I went to a Longwood Gardens(longwoodgardens.org) in Pennsylvania and it was exponentially cooler than I would have imagined. Wish I would have brought a camera 😔

Regardless, gardens are pretty awesome and I like them more than I would have expected 😅


yeah me too! we almost skipped it because there was a high chance of rain, and we were supposed to reserve tickets in advance but luckily there were still tickets available at the entrance (probably because of the weather forecast). so glad we gave it a chance, very cool indeed!

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