Riding on a wave of nostalgia, took out my 1s and (running various versions of 2.x), performed factory resets, and updated all of them to the latest . Took several hours, but they now feel like brand new devices. I miss the smaller screens!


I don't know if there's anything specific for sailfish, but there's shoal of fish or school of fish.

"The Shoaling Sailfish" - nice name for a band? :)

I like it that your nostalgic Jolla C is from the same year as my current phone. 😁

But I hear ya' about the smaller screen sizes. I'd kill for a decent 4" phone.


do you still get updates on your current phone? most provide 2-3 years, up to 4 if you're lucky. even then, sometimes only security patches towards the end, and no major OS upgrades. I think most phones can last much longer with updates, but of course phone companies wouldn't do that as they wouldn't be able to sell more phones.

No, I only had updates for 2 years. Security updates would be nice, but there's nothing new in Android that would be useful to me. I bet I could get by just fine with something still running Lollipop.

@SlowRain @cybette its why it's best to use Alternative OSes such as ones on pinephone or Librem 5 sailfish OS etc

@jameshjacksonjr @cybette
True. But I'm not sure what phones running Sailfish OS, for example, are available here in Taiwan. The Taiwanese, in general, aren't overly concerned about privacy or market dominance. There is almost no talk here about Facebook, Apple, & Google's ethics. In this environment, it's hard for alternative OSes to get a foothold.

@SlowRain @cybette same in USA it's all android and iOS here but I use Alternative OSes anyways I dont worry about what the rest use and just choose the OS that's best for me.

@SlowRain @cybette you can look online there are lots of ports for various de vices as well as official devices sony devices one can choose from.

@jameshjacksonjr @cybette
Yeah, I remember Sony doing something with Sailfish OS a while back, but haven't heard much about it since. Sailfish seems to have fallen out of favor the last year or two.

@jameshjacksonjr @SlowRain

while it's great to have options and alternative OSes, I wish that things are more usable and accessible for general users. let's not even talk about the hoops people have to jump through to get Sailfish OS on devices (whether official or unsupported).

@jameshjacksonjr @SlowRain

just hearing about how my parents will hand over their phones with their account info to some random person at the phone store to transfer their data to a new phone because the process is too complicated... makes me shudder (and feel totally unfilial for not being there to help them). my dad even has a masters in Information Systems, doesn't help. sure, our generation and younger will fare better, but I think usability in general still has much room for improvement.

@cybette @SlowRain I agree it's why lots choose iOS ecosystem it's the easiest to use and the device comes with the OS on it they will use

@cybette maybe i should do that with my jolla 1 too :)

I already said it some time ago, but I'd wish that sailfish os would be officially supported on pinephone. Would be a really nice fit IMO and kind of the same feeling as jolla 1 with replaceable battery and back covers with features.


I think that would be a great fit as well. I really like what pinephone is doing. If I were still in Jolla, I'd have pushed for that integration/support.(Then again, because I'm not at Jolla anymore, it's hard to say what their current priorities and challenges are.)


yeah Android sucks battery. the same devices running SailfishOS will be more efficient.

@cybette +1 to small screens, I so wish there was a vendor selling something in the form factor of the venerable Nokia N9, with unlocked bootlaoder and ideally able to run SailfishOS.


indeed. for me I'd like the form factor of the N950, and the checks all the boxes, except it's a tad too large

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