Installed 17.1 on , process was easy and smooth via

First impression: pretty minimalistic and cool, but missing already 😆


yeah I quite like it. nothing fancy, but that's part of the charm :)

@Carol Chen Ordered the model currently on IndieGogo - can't wait! Even though it wont be probably until March or so - if even then 😅


fingers crossed your wait won't be too long! 🤞🤞

@cybette I'd still really one of those phones. I've decided to stick with cheap, used and able to run lineage OS for now.


hopefully they'll continue making similar devices, or that others will follow suit.

@cybette That actually looks like a really nice spec device (not cheap, but actually good spec)

@penguin42 yeah, it is a decently specced device. not a top end flagship, but in the higher end of mid-range devices.

the current IGG campaign + more detailed specs if you're interested:

@cybette does LineageOS get VoLTE on the device? that's my carrier and situation here in the states sailfishOS dosent yet do VoLTE.

@cybette thanks so glad to see I could use lineage and be good with my VoLTE requirements until someday sailfishOS gets VoLTE

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