4 keyboards, no consistent Fn/Ctrl/Super/Alt keys layout. Yeah I know you can remap them, but is it too much to ask if I want to switch keyboards around without worrying about which layout they have and whether this particular one had been configured on that particular device? 🙄

Solution: buy YAK (yet another keyboard)? 😆


So my solution was buying not one, but two ... !! ⌨️⌨️🤪

First one is VA88M Charcoal with Cherry reds, plus Violet Rubber Doubleshot


Second one is Dreams TKL with Cherry browns, as I dream of flying around the world again hopefully soon.

Even though I was already working from home before the pandemic, I was also traveling 40-50% of the time, and had the freedom to work from cafes whenever I wanted. So my home office was quite sparse. Quite a change over the past year...

Pic from July 2018 just after I built a new work desk.


thanks! since I have to spend so much time at my desk I might as well make the best of it :)

@cybette true, mine is a mess even though I worked home already pre-corona
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