You know your staying in a quality location when they have a dolly on the bog roll.

Every time I update the firmware on my Qnap, I get a bazillion emails telling me the virtual network has failed. #ShakesFist

Showing a bit of support for the Olympics seeing as they're being slagged off left-right-and-centre. Bought this flag two years ago!

Listening to:
Beelzebelle: Clovenhoof, Book 5

And Clovenhoof said: "Where's that place with inbred fisherman, and they all eat pasties?" "Cornwall", came the response. I immediately thought of @wyliecoyoteuk

Ahaha. Many years ago in Salou, the guests couldn't get in the pool at a hotel we were staying at. Apparently, all the locals turned up at hotels with pools and just took them over. I wonder if that still goes on?

So I've been hanging around TikTok for the last week or so and I have to say, it's pretty crap which amazes me that it's so popular? It's full of wannabes talking directly to the camera with way too loud shit background music and trying way too hard to get noticed.

If I've got to work in the office I'm wearing what I bleedin(g) like!

If you're in the #Houston area, the Houston Computer Museum is liquidating its entire collection, mostly pre-2000 machines: Selected images of available items attached. #retrocomputing

Sometimes, when people follow me on social media, I think, why?

Does anyone know anything about theUnitySoft

They seem dodgy to me. For example, ebuyer want £229.98 for Office 2019 Home & Business yet they reckon they can do it for £45!

The customer is being a smart arse about it. Let em buy it from there I say.

I have NEVER done this in the 40 odd years I've worked in offices, but I am currently barefooted in mine. It's fecking hot today!

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