Never mind the subprime scandal looks like China is going to be the next big bubble to burst

Thoroughly enjoyed this.

It's Jono Bacon's birthday to today. I did consider releasing a remastered version of just like the Rolling Stones keep releasing old stuff.

@wyliecoyoteuk what? @dick_turpin scary? apart from some of his politics he is one of the most lovely chaps you will meet! Oh until you get the invoice, he has his reputation after all :)

The misses has bought some very tight black trousers and after parading around in an assortment of thin jumpers she has also bought she put her black tee shirt back on and I thought "Fook me it's Olivia Newton-John from that scene in Grease!"

Not far off 40 years experience of women has taught me to keep my mouth shut.

That moment when you moan at someone for not sending an email, vehemently state "It's not in my junk folder!" only to discover it is in your junk folder. 😳

Not sure what the ultimate value other than real estate is of dropping Data centres into the sea? That cylinder would have probably performed just the same on land.

The wife said she's going to put banners, balloons and confetti out when I go back to the office. 😟

I don't think Clintons needs to get excited just yet.

I didn't realise how much Ubuntu-nee-Canonical had fallen apart. I thought @popey was Community Manager?

Hmm? This is interesting but it's a translation by Google so I get the gist of it BUT I'm not sure if the inference is correct?

I think my Draytek Vigor G1080 is making the 2862 Router fall over every now and then? 😢

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