Impromptu day off work. Now embarking on a George Best style 24 hour bender.

Blimey, that was lucky. I broked it for a few minutes.

Right: castlecannon is back, kind of, this time it's Frendica and seems to be working although I enabled emoji's but I'm not seeing them?

I've followed a couple of people I'll do more but I have to do it manually. 😞

Same as before, it's a backup account will always be my home. 💕

Just told the boss to "Fook off" because I can.

Can you lot get out there and start buying , please! I need my investment levels back.

Day 1 after the Pfizer Vaccine.

No Headaches
No Nausea
No Pain

It's difficult to explain but the area around the injection, about the size of a 2p piece, is slightly raised. I'll use the term "Tender" but that's not true I'm not in agony if I touch it.

Did I mention how much I hate Microsofts Outlook Web App? Logged on this morning and four billion (Admin) emails are in my inbox rather than the respective folders created for the expected avalanche of emails when I send a campaign.

OMG! There's an ice-cream van doing the rounds!

It wasn't until a few months ago I found a use for the Home button on the keyboard. Why scroll up when you can press Home?

I just had the Pfizer vaccine, obviously! This is me; we're talking about no El Cheapo Oxford for Moi.

Not too bad an experience.

Oh Bum! well that was a stupid thing to do. I installed the @play0ad snap for Ubuntu and now I have two installs by the look of it. .deb and snap Bwahaha

While you wait for your maintainers to update the 0 A.D. package, A24 is now available on SnapCraft

(FlatHub and AppImage still unavailable)

It's also available on HomeBrew for macOS users.

A lot of people are gonna either be worried or pissed off if the UK government has its way and forces Social Media to ban anonymous accounts and force users to provide verified contact details so that the Rozzers can kick your door in.

If there's one thing I've learnt over the years of being in IT if you join a new company and you find a Laptop or PC shoved in a cupboard possibly covered in dust. You've not found gold you've found a bag of shit! That's why it's in there!

WOW! Never seen that before? Just had a message "Twitter is over capacity" delete or try again.

Fooking Government. Why couldn't Boris have let us all start travelling again on the 2nd of April? That's my little break torpedoed.

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