I keep breaking wireless keyboards somehow? I've had two die on me so far. I'm now back to using USB ☹️

One for @tig

𝗖𝗬𝗕: "Can you order two M365 and then put them on those ten machines."

𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗴𝘂𝗲: "you're not supposed to do that!"

𝗖𝗬𝗕: "Everyone else does!"

𝗖𝗼𝗹𝗹𝗲𝗮𝗴𝘂𝗲: "By everyone else, do you by chance mean all the ones you've told that they can put it on five of their own devices?"

𝗖𝗬𝗕: "Well, it's up to them."

Words fail me. 🤦‍♂️

Another MP stabbed to death. I wonder if there will be the same outpourings Jo Cox?

Today is "Let's get six or seven people involved" day. One of our engineers spoke to me last night about a printer for a customer, this morning a second engineer (Who originally sent the first engineer to site) asked me to quote the printer, then a 3rd engineer offered me a printer in our stock room which sadly is no good and then finally, god knows why? My director emailed about the printer! FFS! That's FIVE people for a poxy printer! 6 if you count the supplier who is quoting me.

And another one rears its ugly head! A customer has Joomla 2.5 installed, and the latest version is 4.0.3. I told them I wanted £850 to upgrade it or £1800 to create a WordPress site for them. I even told them, "Ideally, I want to do a Pontious Pilot with it." how much more can I do to NOT win the business? I await the decision.

I went to Currys Electrical to buy a Hoover, and I was transported back to the 1920s, where the assistant chucked a small pile of dirt and hair on the floor and promptly hoovered it up.

𝗠𝗲: "I should hope it bloody well does hoover up at £400!"

I had a few drinks in here in the late 70s before they cleaned it up.

Dirty Dick's, Bishopsgate, 1969. Once London's filthiest pub, named after Nathaniel 'Dirty Dick' Bentley, who never washed nor cleaned after the death of his fiancee. Established around 1780, it rejoiced in soot, cobwebs and many artefacts, including a dead cat. Once known for its cheese, it was scoured clean in the health n safety pogroms of the 80s, now owned by Youngs.

Czech PM Andrej Babiš wants to open the treaties and erase the European Parliament, which he describes as a completely useless institution and headquarters of Green fanatics and Pirate fanatics. I wonder if this is how Renew Europe wants to renew Europe. peertube.european-pirates.eu/v

Watching my engineer have a meltdown over ringtones. 🤣

Boss told me about a guy who used to come to our office a few years ago. He was a bit of a PITA but, by all accounts, pretty wealthy. He got into a spat with the FCA, and I think, the Taxman. He hired a London barrister blah, blah, blah anyway apparently, they found him in one of those assisted accommodation places with no money and no cards, and he'd been dead for a week. It took them months to trace any relatives. Pretty sad, really, all that money just frittered away to end up a pool of soup.

Amazing. People returning to the office after eighteen months away and their behaviour and attitude has not changed one little bit. 🤦‍♂️

Check this out! Runic keyboard! You can code your way to Valhalla now! 😂

Our receptionist has returned. She now has 18 months of paperwork to wade through. 🤣

It would appear I am to be a grandfather.
I've actually known for a while but the NDA was lifted today.

Did I or did I not say businesses would start going to the wall once we all came back from Furlough?

The wifes' job has gone (is going) down the tubes. It looks like I'll have to sell the house, move in with the mother-in-law and sell the dog.


Clearly no still no love for me on the Friendica forum. Maybe I'll wait for the next update and see if that fixes it. 🥺

My nostrils are full of sticky yellow mucus!! Never mind petrol, we're running out of blogroll fast in the office.

Brother phoned me to remind me it was four years ago today since our mum passed away. "Yeah, cheers, Jason. As if it wasn't bad enough that my birthday always reminds me how mum put me off seeing her that weekend and then went and kicked the bucket after the weekend so that when I dashed to her house, there was my card on the mantlepiece; waiting for me to visit and collect it!"

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