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Heisenberg and Schrödinger get pulled over.

Cop: "Do you know how fast you were going?"

Heisenberg: "No, but we know where we are!"

Cop: "108 mph!"

Heisenberg: "Great! Now we're Lost."

The cop looks into the trunk: "Here is a dead cat."

Schrödinger: "Well, it is NOW!"


I'm selling artisanal duck leather shoes, made to order. They are extremely customizable and I will be offering modular packages to add extended heels and hightops. Colours available are Gunmetal Grey, Heather Grey, Tasmanian Slate, and Powdered Iron.

Boost for exposure. I'm trying to make a living here.

I recently read something about how lichen is not just algae + fungi, but actually algae + fungi + something else. But I can't remember where I read this, or what the something else was. Is this familiar to any of you? #lichen

How much does the mushroom kingdom spend on the infrastructure necessary to maintain all the Mario Kart tracks

I've always wondered about the Beyond in Bed Bath & Beyond. It makes it sound like they're guarding the entrance to Narnia there or some shit.

No one does goat yoga any more. Fire truck yoga is where it’s at now.

Mastercard is selling anonymized data collected from users' purchases.

If you own a mastercard or maestro card you can opt out here: mastercard.us/en-us/about-mast

The wording is confusing, as it sounds like you are deactivating anonymization, but the page title is "Data Analytics Opt-Out". It must be Mastercard final attempt at preventing you from doing it.

My oldest child, at 7 years old, can sing along to Sweet Dreams.

And she's more familiar with the Eurythmics version than any remakes.

I'm a proud parent.

uk politics wow 

Last year the Conservative party received more money from estates of the deceased than from living members.

They are literally funded by the dead.

@feijoa So it turns out that you can't build an economic system based on unlimited growth in a world of finite resources. Who knew?

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New term: Energy Return on Investment . The only way capitalism as we know it has worked is because energy extraction was cheap, and that the costs of extracting resources (polluted rivers, unbreathable air, global heatwaves) have been ignored. That's about to end.

We "have moved into a new, unpredictable and unprecedented space in which the conventional economic toolbox has no answers."

So funny from sadserver on birdsite:

$ alias holdmybeer=sudo

$ holdmybeer rm -rf / tmp


The Meg has made more money in 2.5 weeks than Solo did on its entire run

Americans are asleep. Post pictures of Australian wildlife.

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