Today I've mostly been doing battle with my car. The thermostat was stuck open causing it to never get up to temperature on cold days. Now it gets up to temperature and stays there. 😄

I've been off social media for about 18 months (unless you count Reddit...). I've been playing with @bigben this evening and realised I quite missed Mastodon. 🙂

I would quite like to stop being ill now. You know it's bad when I've actually called the doctor...

Enjoying a modest crop of Strawberries from my hanging baskets this morning. Hopefully my Tomatoes will start producing soon. :)

Playing with openSUSE Tumbleweed. I haven't done any Linux tinkering in ages!

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1) Please vote tomorrow. Not voting does not get perceived as protest, but as apathy
2) Don't let Theresa May stay in power, please

I've got an impending sense of doom today. My faith in the British public to do the right thing is not what it used to be...

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This worm attack shows how critical the tedious, boring janitorial sysadmin tasks really are.

Asset management: how many systems are infected that the admins didn't realize they had?

Patch management: this is not a zero-day. The patch is two months old.

Network segmentation: this worm spreads across flat networks. Segmented networks reduce harm.

Proper verified backups: if you backup and -V-E-R-I-F-Y- them, then the harm is greatly lessened.

Made some serious progress with the raised veggie bed today. Just got to finish the side panels, do some reinforcement and paint it with wood preserver.

Working from home today because someone is coming to fix a problem with our heating. I hate almost everything about it, it's just too quiet and communicating with people is a pain! The home office dog is quite nice though...

I am so tired this morning. I should probably spend more time sleeping in the evening and less time trying working on tech projects and worrying about finances...

The courts won't actually use these insane sentences though right? If I were a more paranoid man, I'd say government was in the pocket of big business.

10 years in jail for Internet Pirates now a reality in the UK:

Started building a raised bed for growing some fruit and veg yesterday, out of old pallets and stuff I had lying around. Also got myself a free compost bin.

Accidentally found an excellent independently made metal album:

Gedankenkarussell by Krimh

Oh wow...those sleepless nights on Sunday and Monday have really caught up with me. Can I just stay in bed today please?

On the upside Oscar hasn't had any seizures for 36 hours.

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