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I’ve not posted for a while here or on Twitter. However let’s try this thing again shall we?

I’m Sam, and I live in Romsey, Hampshire, England. I’ll probably be posting about Kubernetes, cloud type things, Linux and tech in general. Although potentially also ADHD and general life things too.

My main claim to fame is creation of the @bigben bot.

Had another bad night with the kids on Sunday leaving me mostly enthusiasm free yesterday, and but mercifully:

1. They went to bed immediately last night
2. I was able to go out and have a guilt free session with my running club
3. My wife had cooked dinner when I got home and was not losing her mind

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@natecull Conversely this is one of the downsides of remote working. I have to be completely incapacitated to feel justified in taking a sick day.

If I can manage using a laptop on my sofa I feel like I should work. This is my own personal psychology but I’m sure other people do the same thing when they should really just rest.

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I suppose one upside of COVID is that a lot more people now take a sick day instead of coming into work sneezing and feeling half dead.

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Only GitHub; no standalone git. Who actually uses git by itself anyway?

Great success! I've been trying to figure out why I couldn't get more than about 160Mb/s over my 300Mb/s connection with OpenWRT on the MikroTik. Turns out I had to check a box 🤦‍♂️

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Managed to replace the ISP supplied BT SmartHub with the MikroTik running OpenWRT without even interrupting the kids TV watching. Usually there is a few hours of complaining while I work out kinks 😆 IPv6 is even behaving itself!

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Well that was a gigantic faff! After many false starts and factory resets I've managed to flash my Mikrotik hAP ac2 to run OpenWRT 🎉

Mikrotik's RouterOS is very powerful but it's also VERY complicated. OpenWRT seems more like my jam. Tomorrow we configure things!

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FOSS elitism 

I've seen some criticisms of proprietary software in Flathub/Snap/etc.

I get it- I prefer to use FOSS when possible, too. But if making popular tools available increases adoption, in my opinion, that only helps the community grow in the long run.

I can't tell you how many comments I've read saying "I'd use Linux if not for Adobe". If Adobe joined Flathub, it'd bring **some** folks in. They could discover FOSS alternatives after a bit. Linux would grow! That's good!

Now it will forever be stuck waiting for me to choose a language 😆

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It turns out I already put a 4GB Compact Flash card in my 4th Gen when I broke the ribbon cable to the headphone jack and hold switch.

Until the ribbon cable comes I can’t actually use it but I’m currently restoring my 2004 iPod from my 2020 M1 MacBook Air. You’ve got to respect Apple for their backwards compatibility!

In more fun news I spent some money on eBay to resurrect and flash mod the 4th Gen iPod from my teenage years.

I have no idea in what situation I’m practically going to use it but why the hell not.

I got inspired by DankPods. Highly recommend this channel if you like audio stuff or MP3 player nostalgia.

I’ve had one of those weeks where I’ve been unhealthily focused on work. I’ve got a downright ridiculous amount done but at the expense of actually doing anything else…

Maybe I can convince my brain to switch off over the weekend and get some stuff done around the house…I have quite the DIY backlog…

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I want to start trending “ducking" something instead of "googling" for searching the internet. If you don't already, I recommend using for your search engine. #privacy

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Had a good day today. Now on night two of the kids actually going to bed and giving me a stress free evening. The difference it makes is absolutely huge!

Got a ton done at work around our migration from Codeship to GitHub Actions. Ran an easy 11k and felt great this evening.

Long may it continue!

Good news everyone! The kids went to sleep instantly tonight, although it might have just been down to them both being exhausted.

I managed to get a half hearted workout in. Let’s hope this is the beginning of me not feeling tired again…

I will at some point have some energy to do tech tinkering in the evenings again. Next job OpenWRT on my MikroTik router…

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I want Linux on the desktop to grow, become easier, and welcome new users. I'm not into gatekeeping.

Feeling very tired and stressed this week. Mostly because of the kids being extremely difficult at bed time. Feeling optimistic that we’ve come up with the right carrot/stick combo to convince them sleep is a good idea tonight. 🤞

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