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Oh, and mark my words -- as soon as the copyfraud lobby starts losing the debate around #Article11 and #Article13, they *will* take out the big guns: child pornography and terrorism.

When (not "if"!) that happens, remember: I called it!

In the wake of projects like @Blender coming over to Mastodon, I figured it was time I did the same for the community I look after.

So, welcome to Mastodon, @foreman!

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Let's take a breather from the Article13 mess, and focus on some good news:

#PeerTube has just passed the 50% mark on its crowdfunding with 15 days to go ๐ŸŽ‰

Lots of people are unhappy with #Google's #YouTube, it is treating its users like it owns them ๐Ÿค‘ ๐Ÿ‘Ž

The video world really needs the kind of ethical alternative that PeerTube offers ๐Ÿ˜Ž ๐Ÿ‘

Help the video world declare indepdendence by contributing and/or sharing the crowdfunding:

#DeleteYouTube #DeleteGoogle

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@craigmaloney @Jo @jjg it's not actually an RSS Reader, its rather a federated reddit/hackernews alternative :) but im pretty sure it can be tuned into one with help of bots

Current status: building an IoT lab on my laptop, out of Sonoff devices, PlatformIO, Mosquitto (running on the laptop) and OpenHAB (on a VM, connecting to Mosquitto)

This is for my Prewired coding club tomorrow. Some of them are bored with abstract coding, so I figured some hands-on Open Source IoT fun would go down well ;)

11:20. and it *just* went dark. I love living in the North :P

Hat tip to @gamingonlinux for the story, always my best Linux gaming news source :)

Yes! Finally! Total War: Warhammer II is coming to Linux. Gimme that sweet mega-campaign action... Feral Interactive are the best.

Oh. In September. Well until then I guess I have Cultist Simulator, Surviving Mars, Tides of Numenera, Shadowrun, Hitman, ... ... ... Oh, I drifted off there looking at the eternity of my to-play list ;)

Seriously, as a Linux gamer, I would never have expected to get this level of support for my chosen platform. It's great.

24" monitor in portrait mode is *awesome* when following along with tech docs ...

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@pixelfed woohoo, got access to the preregistered account, thanks so much. Will be handing that over to my wife, who's a huge Instagram fan and very keen to have a play. Keep up the good work!

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The EU is about to update #Article13 to force sites to use YouTube-style content filters on all uploads.

This is a terrible idea:

Some MEPS are already fighting back:

but they need as many allies as possible:

Please email/call your MEP as soon as you can (as in today!), tell them that these changes are dangerous to European freedom, business and culture.

List of MEPs & contacts:


Shameless Twitter link, but a positive one for once...

Proud to be a Red Hatter today - as an ex-computational-physicist who ran his PhD simulations on a Pentium III Coppermine cluster (64 nodes, Infiniband interconnect, if you care :p) the news that Red Hat not only helped to build a 200 *petaflop* supercomputer, but did it in characteristic openness & collaboration ... makes me happy :)

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Get this in your head, free software isn't free if people can't use it. Lower the bars to adoption, help your community to install, or acquire services, don't just shame them for being unable to use Free Software. Bare lists of software that exists aren't nearly enough.

We already know there are shackles, we already know that keys to those shackles are somewhere else.

Instead, help people to navigate the complexity and difficulty of freeing themselves.

Oof, I've been quiet too long.... Mental week but good.

Did my first volunteering as a mentor with an under-19 coding club this week, which was a blast. There are some *smart* kids out there. That required me to sign up as an STEM ambassador too, so maybe more cool stuff will come up from that.

Need to fix up my IoT Sonoff/MQTT/OpenHab lab setup before the next one. I feel the need to show off ;)

@pixelfed any chance of a registration window when I'm not in bed? I've been wanting to sign up for days ;)

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24 hours later:

540 users,
689 posts,
234k hits,
7k unique vistors

Thank you! โค๏ธ

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If you're enjoying #pixelfed today, think about supporting @dansup --

I say this using @Gargron's which you can support here --

I'm accessing #mastodon via @Tusky which you can support here--

Everybody needs to eat just like you. Share some love.

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Hey @Gargron I love and respect you man. I kinda like it here.

Just thought you could do with reading something good.