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Moving home, to an instance that better reflects what I'm looking for. Thanks for the hosting @xvilo, I know it's a thankless task.

See you on the other side!

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Britain's "skills shortage" is a myth.

When employers moan in the press that there aren't enough skilled workers to hire for their company, what they really mean is "we don't want to invest in training and there aren't enough people with the *exact skill set* we need to throw them into our business with no training or development whatsoever".

There is no shortage of skilled, educated, bright people in Britain. There is a shortage of bosses who will invest in staff development.

TFW you need a cable that you *know* you own, but haven't seen in at least three years.... Now WTF is it....?

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So someone built a Mastodon crawler, aggregating all the instances. A useful, fun geek project, right?

Uh, no.

Someone doesn't understand why people might want obscurity on a social network. Unsurprisingly, it's a straight white guy who doesn't interact with minorities. Imagine that.

On a related note, I learn a whole bunch from listening to PoC, trans, and women. Not to mention *real* minorities, like BSD folks.

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I guess this is the point where I ask for help. If anyone familiar with Rust would like to work with me on a library for the Mastodon API please reach out to me.

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I'm #hiring for a Senior Engineer to join an awesome team of Release Engineers here at #Wikimedia:

#remote friendly #job working on #opensource #floss making software better

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Must admit, I didn't expect GDPR to be the huge boon it has been. Not over privacy or anything, just the amount of sites I click onto from Hellbird that cover the article in permissions notices is huge.

All that ends up happening is instead of clicking allow, it's just enough friction for me to go 'you know what, I didn't want to read this anyway' and go back to what I was doing.

Gwmngilfen boosted is an email client that looks like a #chat app.

As they say, "Delta Chat is the messenger with the largest userbase in the world"

Only available on @fdroidorg

#hopeconf #autocrypt

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I'm particularly interested to hear from people who use Mastodon only occasionally, people who used to use Mastodon but don't any more, and people who considered Mastodon but then didn't join.

So any sharing you can do outside of Mastodon is really helpful!

Thank you. :)



Soliciting upvotes is against the rules of Reddit:

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I have been out. I have drunk much beer. As a parent of small children, this does not happen regularly. I think I had best leave it there....

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A small flower (~10mm) with a cute name:

Sneezewort - Cruaidh lus - Achillea ptarmica

Wort is old English for plant|weed|herb . Doesn't make me sneeze. The Gaelic name means "hard weed", and the stem is indeed stiff.

This plant is common in the #Highlands, but I've only ever seen it along roadside verges. Maybe it likes fumes or road salt.

#nature #flower #photo #photography

Behold! The mutant five-pointed strawberry of Scotland! A portent of doom! (or maybe just good desserts... :p)

Typical, you make one post about getting back to tooting regularly, and the universe lays you out for 48 hours... at least it wasn't serious, I guess.

Toots about data science and other such nonsense will resume shortly. Family day out now ;)

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Facebook put out a patent application for a face recognition system that will match your face in stores and correlate it with your social media profile to assign you a shopper trust level.

That's some seriously dystopian shit right there.

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Bug submitted by @fitheach seeking #Mozilla to have some kind official presence in the #Fediverse. If it resonates, consider voting on it to let them know just how many of you agree.

Sign in >> details >> votes 👍

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WTF I get so annoyed seeing men edit women in STEM out of their slidedecks, conversations about a sience trend, research project, or data leak.

Men - the default should be AMPLIFY WOMEN

If you don't, you are by your very behaviours - misogynistic.

* Sincerely your gay friend.

Today is a fine day... FOR SCIENCE!

Data science, actually. I've been quiet for ages because I've been super busy throwing myself into my studies/books/podcasts (is NSSDeviations on the fediverse?). Maybe I should talk note about that - I'm new to the field, but my mind is current whirling with possible fun applications for General Linear Models and suchlike.... It's a lot of fun to play with...

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