Prediction: Disney will lead the charge in mainstream entertainment abandoning the cinema. Cinema will go the way of vinyl: fewer of them, but focused more on independent productions.

Recent interestingness: 61 kinds of cognitive bias, using sting rays to map the ocean floor, and what different cultures can teach about boredom…

The orange menace 

This may be the darkest thing I’ve read on what I’ll laughably call “the Trump administration” to date. Fucking. Hell.

“When the young [Ralph] Vaughan Williams asked his mother about Darwin's [then] controversial book On the Origin of Species, she answered, "The Bible says that God made the world in six days. Great Uncle Charles thinks it took longer: but we need not worry about it, for it is equally wonderful either way".

Fuck casual “I don’t like” Gdoc comments. I have a reason I wrote it that way. Have a reason to change it. I’ve been doing this a while. Hugely appreciative of thoughtful, constructive and reasoned critical feedback. But spare me your fucking wafty reckons.

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I'm now a Contributing Editor at Damn Interesting. My first short-form curio is 'The Trouble With Triples'

I feel sick for George Russell. Excellent driving; terrible luck. Burgled.

Recent loveliness: beavers of Exmoor, handwritten notes by Darwin, and a touching piece on Michael J Fox:

Text-only browsers or extensions – desktop and mobile, anyone? Firefox lets you disable images. It’s a start.

One of my favourite bits of internet, every Wednesday evening. Coldcut’s Matt Black jamming on Twitch for a couple of hours:

Online shops should have to say up front what couriers they use so you can make informed choices about whether to shop with them. Hermes have dumped a delivery somewhere around a mile from my house.

F1 accident 

Romain Grosjean is a very very lucky boy.

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