RSPCA advice: it’s totally valid to call 999 if you see a dog shut in a car in hot weather

Time and again, places scupper their aircon efforts by propping open doors and windows. Which is like trying to make your fridge colder by leaving the door open

Today: get in shower, get out of shower, sit in front of fan, repeat

UK politics 

I was going to share this link and photo with just the word “synchronicity” but, consulting Chambers, I see synchronicity requires there be no relation between occurrences. Timeliness?

Our local parish map calls this, simply, Fish Ponds. In theory, if you zoom, you may see a few pale grey pixels on the far water margin that denote the presence of a large heron

Not far away, a whole field of cultivated borage which we suspect, like a local fava field, is being grown as a cover crop and will be returned to the ground

👫👨‍👧 • 🌍🌳 • 🐕🐕 • 📷✍️
🦡🦔 • 🕹📖 • 🧚‍♂️🐉 • ☯️🙏

Birds: marsh harriers, little terns, oystercatchers among others. Also, pictured, clouds

Boat names at Tollesbury Marina today: Lucy, Bewitched, Barquest, Catriona, Veler, Dixie, Nayland, Psyche, Chimera, Time Out, Evelyn London, Merlin, Laxey, Floozy, Sea Fever, Talisman, Toodle Pip, Mimosa, Tumdra Wolf

Tonight, treat of treats, Jaws at the cinema. Splendid evening.

“Voluntary retreat brings good fortune” – eremitism and the I Ching

Stan attacked by a badger. Stitches. Cone. Antibiotics. Pain killers. 🐶💔

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