Abandoning House in season 2 when (spoiler alert) Dr Foreman stabs Dr Cameron with a syringe exposing her to his lethal desease to compel her to find a cure … and then there being precisely zero consequences. It’s in-character for Cameron to forgive him. Everyone else: hello?

I recant my atheism. The God of Shuffle just served up Jurassic 5’s Lesson 6

“So no one need worry about “Fanny Adams” being implicitly sweary, or about its being tweely euphemistic. It is neither of those things. It began, though, as the trivialisation of a barbarity” theguardian.com/crosswords/cro

Nearly at the end of House season 2 and lycanthropy still hasn’t come up

Tip of the hat to Canada, if you please 🎩⬆️

The church’s albatross metaphor is a curious one. Yes, it means a burden, but it traditionally symbolises guilt … bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-468

A certain irony that the beeb, with its Orwellian approach to fee collection, is running this story having established the bullying approach bbc.co.uk/news/uk-46765681

I think Geoff Shreeves’ tapeworm is asking Pep these questions

Breakfast for Thursday, 3 January 2019:

2 minutes, until the cure in
2. Wash young beets separately till
2 qts. veal or game may
3 well-beaten eggs. Chop up some

Digestion, then the essence, and knead them into a square tin pans, the bottom of a proper degree of heat to the moluccas and other trimmings, which put from two kinds of wood ashes in a bowl two quarts And skim as long and one onion; one teaspoonful of batter on it, one teaspoonful of powdered loaf sugar and cinnamon. Mushroom.

It feels like every time I try whitelisting a website I care about from my content blocker, I get some kind of malicious popup or other behavior. This time it’s Polygon.

Bonus points: even tapping Cancel brought me there. 😔

Movies set in 2019:
- Blade Runner
- The Running Man
- Akira

As well as the undeservedly less well known Italian movie, “2019 - Dopo la caduta di New York”.

Next job: gluing the Lego Friends advent calendar pieces together to make permanent decorations for Christmases hence. Is that heresy?

Regardless! Have a special year you fantastic beasts!

Jan 1’s a bit weird, though. I always feel ready to kick on December 27 latest

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