In another first (afaik), today I walked through a fava bean crop

It’s Oak Apple Day on Wednesday! Here are some oak apples we saw near High Wood. Suffice to say, they’re not actually fruit: 🍃🐝🐛

Have come to High Wood, the highest point in Essex which, at 147 metres above sea level, isn’t saying much. It’s local prominence is a mere 15m. You wouldn’t know it from a casual stroll, but because we came on purpose, it feels like a thing. Scafell here we come.

Join our team 🙌 #WeAreFairphone and we are looking for a hands-on CFO with broad experience in scaling up and running a (social) enterprise, a combined strategic and hands-on mentality and the ability to empower a team to meet these challenges.

Bearing in mind this book is some 20 years old now:
“Not only do dozens of Nike employees have a swoosh tattooed on their calves, but tattoo parlors all over North America report that the swoosh has become their most popular item. Human branding? Check.”

“like some sort of atonal mouth-music trio from the Hebrides”
Fool’s Gold (1 star)

Early to bed for a leisurely leaf through No Logo by Naomi Klein, which I haven’t picked up in years

Fundamental wheelie bin design flaw: the bin should open on the same size as the handles. Otherwise, when I park it against a wall, I have to choose between ease of opening and ease of retrieval

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18a, on the other hand, just makes me angry:
Ludicrously citing Nando's as stereotypical middle-class fare? (3,3,6)

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