Recent interestingness: the mother of triplets who designed a COVID vaccine, philosophy and solitude, and why the Chrysler Building is missing from PlayStation 5’s big-ticket launch title:

Delighted to learn that there is a Journal of Recreational Linguistics.

"Focus mode" means putting my hood up when I'm working.

What’s the opposite of doom-scrolling? Whatever it is, I’m doing it with a Domino’s menu.

Lovely UX touch in iA Writer: Cmd K auto formats hyperlink Markdown on selected text, complete with URL if you have one in your clipboard.

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This stunning photo was taken by film director, actor and photographer, Fan Ho, in 1954.

Ho was famous for taking candid photos of street life and the city architecture of Hong Kong, in the 1950s and 60s. His striking use of light and shadow, exemplified in "Approaching Shadow", led to him being linked to the Bauhaus art movement.

#photo #photography

Related: this morning's listening is Boards of Canada's excellent Societas x Tape mix from Warp Records' NTS Radio takeover of 2019:

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Replaced a work sticker with something a little more me. It’s the little things.

In fact, no, bollocks, I'm going to restrict my writing to Pinboard notes. Outright blogging gives me a sense of unease these days:

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Tenth consecutive attempt to stay awake long enough to find out what William Hartston donated to the Museum of Curiosity.

Let's give a proper spin, then. For starters, some first thoughts on making Slack a saner experience:

Dark modes: appealing in theory; ugly in practice.

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Essentially, make Slack as plain text as possible. Wonder if there are browser plugins that would help.

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Cheering my laptop up with a Boards of Canada sticker and desktop wallpaper. Wondering how I can de-Slack Slack a bit, too. Fluid app for different workspaces, maybe. Strip out as many images and emoji as possible.

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Been a tough couple of months. I again return to the inherent psychological violence of the workplace – at least in tech. Just using my laptop gives me a sense of unease.

Failure: undoing a recent promotion which really isn't working out.

Success: a literary agent is open to a proposal from me. Sure, you can send proposals blind, but they invited email queries for non-fic projects and they haven't turned me away.

Squash: like tennis, but you always have to play doubles. Versus a wall. Which always wins.

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