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Birds: marsh harriers, little terns, oystercatchers among others. Also, pictured, clouds

Boat names at Tollesbury Marina today: Lucy, Bewitched, Barquest, Catriona, Veler, Dixie, Nayland, Psyche, Chimera, Time Out, Evelyn London, Merlin, Laxey, Floozy, Sea Fever, Talisman, Toodle Pip, Mimosa, Tumdra Wolf

Tonight, treat of treats, Jaws at the cinema. Splendid evening.

“Voluntary retreat brings good fortune” – eremitism and the I Ching hermitary.com/lore/i_ching.htm

Hey, Mastadon! I love it when you share your unique thoughts and photos and what you’ve been up to and cooking and making and growing and things and also when you cross-post your political views from Twitter though I must admit not so much that last thing okay love you bye

Stan attacked by a badger. Stitches. Cone. Antibiotics. Pain killers. 🐶💔

“Far off, a little to the northward, lay the mass of a town; and stretching out into the Mediterranean with a gesture of command and of desire were the new arms of the harbour.”

Belloc could turn a phrase: hermitary.com/lore/belloc.html

“in the general current of social and gregarious life, there are numerous eddies and backwaters, which draw insensibly towards solitude and seclusion“ hermitary.com/lore/dickensjr.h

The sports gods are having a laugh today.

Some more non-newsy reading material I might work my way through: hermitary.com/articles/

I’ve come to the conclusion that the psychological violence of the workplace is basically pandemic

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