“Linda was laid off not once but twice by Atari during the making of Paperboy. She was absolutely instrumental to the success of the game”

My games colleague at Shotgun knows everyone. “That guy you were talking to basically invented MMOs.”

Oh right, Ted.

I learnt so much today. I have no idea what yet but I feel like all of that information gushing over my head must have been worth it

the queue for whatever it is Google is announcing is a couple of blocks long

At GDC. I see there’s a session on loot boxes and their legal pitfalls and loopholes – sleaziest session of the conference hands down. I might go

"The product name [Jira] is a truncation of Gojira, the Japanese word for Godzilla, which is a reference to a competitor, Bugzilla."

I had no idea.

Ah, the ritual of locking down social media accounts when applying for an ESTA.

The arguments for zoos disappear in a puff of smoke when things like this are allowed to happen bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-wilt

‪“The lack of bugs on car windscreens after a drive in the country, compared with a few decades ago, is real.”‬

‪And I’d just assumed SUVs were carving clean tunnels through the insect-infested air for all the smaller cars to drive through.‬


> Since the dawn of civilisation, humanity has caused the loss of 83% of all wild mammals. In the last 50 years alone, the populations of all mammals, birds, reptiles and fish have fallen by an average of 60%


> Plummeting insect numbers 'threaten collapse of nature'
> Exclusive: Insects could vanish within a century at current rate of decline, says global review

Round ball in the public bar. Oval in the saloon bar.

Is there such a thing as a mechanical keyboard with a UK Apple Mac layout?

“Sighing and rolling your eyes during answers, interrupting to take phone calls in the middle of the conversation, even turning your back on the interviewee, all come recommended.” theguardian.com/commentisfree/

It’s like Y2K but 19 years, 3 months too late. But real. And like totally just British

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