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Reminder that if I follow request without asking, please don't block me! I might've forgotten to

I did not even know .coffee and .green existed, what?

πŸ¦‹ capitalists are not afraid of climate change because

the old will be dead before its effects will reach them the young can see it as an opportunity for a whole new profit sector in geoengineering, setting a house on fire and charging its residents for water

-, sui, lol 

trade offer

you receive:
- computer
- music
- language
- attractive

u also receive:
- cant really think some days
- want to kill self
- good at comedy
- dysphoric

Why did we suddenly add custom content warnings?

No reason, not like it was influenced by an official mobile app or anything πŸ˜‰ 🫣 #pixelfed

Classical music while reading a Fantastic Four issue calms me down so much

I just bought two Fantastic Four issues for 2/3rds off its price holy fuck!! I love them it's my newest special interest

I am requesting help from any CSS experts in the community on how to fix a recurring Firefox/Android bug on the site. It sadly seems to be just above my expertise.

Someone needs to change JK Rowling's Wikipedia page to Just Kidding ROFLing (because she's a joke)

Hello everyone I hope life is going good for all of you :) I have another amazing science fact today!!!! I love that one of my passions is science. You are all amazing and beautiful please never ever forget that!!! Find your dream and your passions and never let them go!!! :)

Bismuth Atomic number: 83. The cool thing about this element It makes extremely beautiful geometric crystals if you melt it down, then cool it really slowly. The most striking thing about this element though, is that it is diamagnetic. Basically, this means that bismuth is repelled by magnetic fields, and in turn creates a repulsive force, pushing magnetic objects away from it. In practice, this means that if you place a magnetic metal between two pieces of bismuth, it will levitate.

i like celestial events. they make me feel really grounded. i think of how people saw these things a long time ago and i feel connected with them, with people now and with myself, and with the planet. we are experiencing the same thing. the earth just keeps moving

Hey everyone I have been on mastodon for one week now and I really love it!!! :) everyone is very kind and I love the vibes!!! I also love sharing my science facts and getting to know everyone. Also for anyone that needs to hear this your all amazing please never forget that!!!πŸ₯°βœ¨πŸ¦‹πŸ’–

Good morning everyone :) I hope you are all doing well. I have another science fact for you today!!! :) Curium is a hard, dense radioactive silvery-white metal. It tarnishes slowly in dry air at room temperature.

Curium is highly radioactive and it glows red in the dark.

remember when you could browse to the previous internet browser page by pressing backspace?

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