Tories lose two by-elections in a single night, one with the largest swing in history. But of course Johnson is secure from a leadership challenge for another year - looks like Tory MPs really did play their hand too early.

Question about : I tested positive about a week ago and for a few days felt quite ill indeed. I'm feeling much better now but still testing positive on an LFT.

Am I correct in thinking that if I'm positive I'm also by definition infectious? I could do with going to the shops to get some food, really, but don't want to pass the virus on to anyone else.

Well it looks like Eurovision will be hosted in the UK next year. I know it's not possible to hold it in Ukraine but I'm a bit disappointed it's not a different country because it's my big annual holiday and I'm going to be spending it over here.

I hope it will be a very Ukrainian production though with Ukrainian presenters and interval acts. It shouldn't be a UK Eurovision, it should be a Ukrainian Eurovision hosted in the UK.

And much as I hate giving money to big, evil, money-grabbing international startups, Uber Eat's grocery delivery service has been a lifesaver. Even if it's just for a fresh pint of milk & loaf of bread.

Our over-the-road neighbour offered to get some things for us from the shops but she's elderly and lost her husband only two months ago, so we don't want to put her to any trouble or risk exposing her to the virus

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day 3 update: definitely still got the 'rona but at least am able to get out of bed and move around a bit now. Have spent a very miserable time since Tuesday morning basically not doing anything other than dozing and coughing.

Ahh, bollocks. To be honest this was only a matter of time seeing as my other half tested positive on Friday, but it's still not what you want to see.

This will be my first time. Hope it's not too bad.

Ahh, bugger. After both of us successfully avoiding the damn virus for well over 2 years, Mrs LT has tested positive for . I've just done a lateral flow which has come up negative but it's surely only a matter of time now.

Delighted to see a prominent on Top of the Pops once more. Full marks to 2Unlimited!

That has surely got to be the least enthusiastic and least animated audience The Ramones have ever played to.

So far it's hard to escape the belief that 1980 was actually the last year of the 1970s.

Top of the Pops in 1980, also known in the visual effects studio as "we've got a Quantel and we're not afraid to use it"

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