As approaches, there are interesting layers of clouds of various thickness moving , some , some and so you can see intermingling and along with bits of .

Finally, here are the same I photographed a few days ago except that this time they are in direct rather than under grey skies.

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feed off the ground and are often seen at the base of the bird feeder. However, this one was walking along the garden .

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At lunchtime, there was plenty of and were visiting the in steady waves.

and other smaller birds use the , sometimes occupying several of the perches simultaneously. But this one was solitary.

Fun with charts.


What a wonderfully misleading diagram in the Times today 📈

373 4/6


RT @konstructivizm
What the Andromeda galaxy would look like from earth if it was a bit brighter.

372 3/6


There is a great disturbance in the Force.

No, I’ll start again. The is quite at present and that means and sharp now and then. It does make for rather dramatic formations.

Looking at a reasonably steep angle, you can see some building up.

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