I started doing a few weeks ago using 's program. It is very addictive and I have graduate steadily from “very easy” to “unlimited” which requires branching of guesses at certain points. You have to progress until either the puzzle is done or you get to a point which violates the rules and thus have to go back to the branch point and choose the alternative solution: proof by contradiction.

Tonight’s , taken with shutter speed of 1/1000 s. The sky wasn’t black but the short exposure makes it look so.

Education isn't something you can finish -- Isaac Asimov

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I captured a 778 megapixel shot of the moon last night. This was done by using a telescope paired with a camera capable of recording uncompressed video- and is a product of over 50k 16-bit images stacked. My computer crashed trying to finish this. #astrophotography #space #opteam

What I mean is that if you write something like

y={1}over{2} int_{-2}^{10} x^2 dx

and then highlight it and use the drop down menu for “Insert Equation”, then Libreoffice will render it without any tedious use of the mouse.

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I usually use for writing stuff, particularly with a lot of in it. However, sometimes I am compelled to use something like to communicate with colleagues so that they can edit drafts etc. I was using the and it has a LaTeX style syntax. Furthermore, I’ve discovered that you can write an equation, “TeX style”.

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