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Khurram Wadee ✅

Forcing forcibly? Oh dear, I see it’s time to go to bed.

Luckily, the helmet took the blow and I was unharmed. So today’s lesson for me is that it’s not just there to protect me if I happen to fall off.

I know there’s a perpetual debate about and I would never dream of forcing anyone else to where one forcibly. However, today I was cycling home and I was passing a couple of pedestrians on a shared path on a bit where some of it had been blocked off. As I got into the narrowed lane, I noticed too late that there was a very heavy low hanging branch on which I banged my helmeted head quite hard (I mean loudly).

: Three ‘simple’ for to stay in - BBC News

I propose they ask the following:

1. What is your name?
2. What is your favourite colour?
3. What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?

Giving a go on my . Seems OK so far but at least I have the option of going back to if it’s not quite right for my needs.

Sunny day for the today. Hope you have a nice one whether it’s summer or winter where you are.

So #Article13, imposing automated censorship of the Internet, kicked many times out of EU Parliament before (#ACTA, etc.) is now coming back, pushed by guess who...? A German conservative (A.Voss) and a French copyright taliban, robo-slave of the entertainment industry, who built his career thanks to them (JM.Cavada)! Surprise!!!

If this thing is adopted, one can know what to think of EU and its institutions...


A few minutes later, there was a commotion, the type where birds are either fighting or are alarmed by something, and then I saw a flash of brown and blue. A was hunting birds. I couldn’t tell whether it was after blackbirds or sparrows but it rested in a tree in a neighbour’s garden and then continued its pursuit. It’s easy to forget that these animals are in a life-or-death struggle out there.

When I was having breakfast this morning, I was sitting in the conservatory looking out at the back garden. There has been light rain and many were searching for food. At one point, I noticed on the path and the bird feeder, on the grass, in the apple tree and on the fence.

Bought a new laptop today to replace the old one which has been with me for about seven years – it is falling to pieces. The new one had on it, yuk! The number of things it was asking to have access to really made my skin crawl. I didn’t connect to a network while in this .

Deleted that completely and have freshly installed – a painless process. I’ll probably spend much of tomorrow configuring the and installing and files that I need.