The 's orbit makes it appear to move backwards, i.e. with respect to more distant objects. Hence today it is closer to the position of in the western sky. Their dance continues.

This is The Rock from the album by The Who. Check out the ending when two themes are played simultaneously with different and finish precisely together.

How much easier it is to be critical than to be correct.

– Benjamin Disraeli

I see that the , has also tested positive for -19. Will there be anyone left in the cabinet by the end of the day?


Evening star,
There you are.
Paired with a crescent moon
Like a well-loved recurring tune;
And with some orbit warning
I'll see you both in the morning.


Thank you for the inspiration,

It’s a clear and the is in the , soon to set, followed maybe half an hour later by , the .

now reports that the is now only second to in terms of number of -19 infections, having overtaken , and it will be number one by the evening. Not an enviable achievement.

Today’s ride was a 12 km trip to the and back, near the place it opens out into an . There are some nice gradients as one approaches the river which provide a bit of an extra challenge on the way up. It’s almost entirely -road but there is very little . The couldn’t better with still air and bright sunshine, though not hot. There were a few , and fellow about.


Here, we’re allowed one period of exercise outside (walking, running or cycling) solitary or with household members per day and so I did a 10 km round trip to work. I took the chance to take a of a whose year I’m documenting through the calendar year. It’s like a quiet Sunday out there with only occasional vehicles driving by and people seem generally to be following the directive on .

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