An interesting effect I just noticed is that the Sun is static at the centre of each frame and the horizon is moving up to meet it, which is actually what happens.

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I took a set of of yesterday’s and decided to turn them into an . I wasn’t planning to do so and the was hand held and that’s why it looks like there was an earthquake going on rather than the serenity of the scene. Apologies if you get motion sick.

Strange as it seems, no amount of learning can cure stupidity, and higher education positively fortifies it.

– Stephen Vizinczey

It looks like the will pass 200,000 deaths from -19 today or tomorrow, while will pass them in terms of number of infections in the next week or two. Things are not getting better.

It seems that 's -19 infection rate is out of control. The rate of increase has been around 2% for weeks on end. The rate increase has also been nearly constant but with a small percentage.

It’s a strange time for the weather of the year. Mind you, a later afternoon was very pleasant today.


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