A in a tree. Grey squirrels are an invasive species in the which have driven the domestic red variety into very small niches.

For information, I use and but there’s always something which may be a bit niftier and I’ve just found , which is a graphical , particularly to see which or are gobbling up your .


In this blog Heather Burns explores some of the reasons why demands for imposing criminal liability onto senior managers and directors, in the context of the Online Safety Bill, constitute a series of threats to your Right to Freedom of Expression.

After several mornings of negative or poor sightings of the , here it is in its on day 23 after the last . The problems get harder from now as the Moon rises quite close to and so there is only a limited window of opportunity to it, especially since the days are getting progressively longer too. You can also see that the sky does not appear black.

#Uzbekistan and Saudi Arabia sign agreement to build region's largest wind farm - vestnikkavkaza.net/material/14 that's good news #renewables

It was stormy yesterday with strong wind and rain. The rain has gone but it’s still quite windy out there. The was swinging to-and-fro but it didn’t prevent this intrepid from grabbing a bit of .

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