This is a useful way to see how the different protocols of the and interact and which software uses which.

@mkwadee great visualisation.
did you made the diagram?

@kyzh No, it's not mine, it was posted on *. I'll see if I can find the name of the poster.

@mkwadee Great Venn! Would be good to date it, seeing how fast these things change ha!

@douginamug @mkwadee @kyzh

Somewhat surprisingly Zap has recently had activitypub federation added.

It was started with strong intentions to be a purely zot federating social media implementation. Sticking to zot as it provides strong data access controls - and thus better privacy for users.

If I understand correctly its the addition of access controls to AP (I knew it was on the cards but have missed the implementation landing) that convinced @mike to add AP to Zap

@douginamug Thanks but I don't deserve the credit. I've indicated that the user from whom I lifted it.

@mkwadee Yes, I made that graph for a talk last year. I think it was outdated a month afterwards, e.g. Pleroma (at least in current development code) now only supports AP nowadays, and zap now also supports AP in addition to zot.
Zap should have overlap with ActivityPub.
@mkwadee The mystery is how I was able to follow a Diaspora account from a Pleroma instance today.

@tk Are you certain it was a Diaspora account and not something like Friendica?

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