I’m giving my son an for his birthday tomorrow. I just spent NINETY MINUTES trying to set the based off an I had of β€œhappy birthday”. I had to involve and . My Nokia phones in 2006 could do this directly in 10 seconds.

Who of you has a blog?

Retoot and reply with your blog, so we get a list of blogs. :)

Even making, a middle ground between the hackers and the general public is using very entrepreneur-ed language, leading people to think in terms of companies and growth hacking instead of communities and infrastructure. With the MakerFaires all over the world, how will they change the local cultures, which don't have tech independence traditions as strong as Germany? Will they have any other way to perceive modern technology than the startups, Blockchain and phone apps?


I spent a ton of time getting Foswiki running behind Amazon CloudFront so I don't have my EC2 instance talking to the internet directly. did some other silly things with it that weren't easy. But it's up. Yay

#Nextcloud Notes Client for #Mac version 1.0.0 - a replacement for the default Mac Notes app that syncs with Nextcloud Notes.


i opened an instance yesterday! liminalismo.com

it's meant to be a safe space from nazis and terfs, a home for punks that have stayed soft despite all the suffering

registrations are closed to avoid an influx of nazis, but if you want to join, fav this toot or DM me and i'll send you an invite :)

(boost this toot if u can so it can reach people who might be interested!)

I missed Halloween this year because of a work trip. That sucks. But I did carve a kitty cat pumpkin in the weekend.

Following a link from Hackernews, I stumbled upon this poll in CNBC website. I was really interested to see the results, but the site says I must vote before it shows the results to me. And I'm just stuck, having no idea what to do πŸ˜Άβ€‹

Spanish food was shit again tonight. When I asked for vegetarian patatas bravas (they had been serving them with a big hunk of meat in the bowl) I got totally plain potatoes. No sauce. No seasoning. The vegetarian β€œpaella” was basically oily rice with a few vegetables accidentally added. I like Spain. I like Spanish people. But the food at these company events has been non-stop disappointment.

Company says not to go into Madrid and expense dinner. They’re providing it at the hotel. Then they put out nothing but finger food. And as a vegetarian my choices were cheese, fried cheese, fried cheese with mushrooms, or dessert. Very frustrating.

Son's orthodontist's slogan is "we'll make you smile" which, depending on where you put the emphasis when you read it, can be kinda disturbing.

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