I wonder if keyboard-first users are more frustrated with slow software.
When you're moving a mouse pointer around, looking for things to click, you kind of "naturally" have to wait for the computer to catch up and show you the next click target, and it takes some time to move the mouse pointer anyway.
I don't do anything to be "fast" and I'm not fast, but slowness becomes so apparent when you're just hitting keys in a sequence and it doesn't work because you didn't wait.

I’m having a lot of fun playing . It’s a very ambitious game that has some amazing, sweeping choices. So many story lines. So many things they have anticipated and then had actual voice acting and writing for.

I’m on my first play ever. My friend who has played start to finish 3 times is seeing me hit scenarios and dialogue options he’s never seen. It’s surprisingly adaptable.

is the that I love to hate. Sense an angry young man half a galaxy away? No problem. Most powerful Sith Lord in recorded history, sitting in the office down the hall? Nope.

I’m at a beach house in Nags Head for thanksgiving. It’s a fun way to do it. But the house has issues. Notably the oven doesn’t work, which is really gonna mess with cooking thanksgiving dinner. Here’s hoping they get some maintenance out to fix it.

is a more fun twist on golf, but still too targeted at rich people. $50/hour per bay, $5 fee per person as a stupid membership fee.

American sentiment towards the UK in my generation:
2013: 'Britain is cool, they have Harry Potter and Doctor Who and Sherlock and quaint old buildings!'
2021: 'lmao brexit and transphobia island have you got a stabbing license m8'

So is a Thanksgiving story. Estranged family members get together to shout at each other and no one listens to anyone. The dad believes a conspiracy theory that unleashing ultimate evil will actually bring the dead back to life. The main characters try to explain basic facts to him, like “she’s dead”. He just shouts “fake news!” at them slaughters innocents with his army. He only figures out he was wrong as his soul is sucked from his body. Ben Kingsley steals the show.

I use the app on my because all smart TVs are surveillance-powered garbage. But the PlayStation Disney app is garbage. It crashes every 30 minutes or so. Complete crap.

Just starting on 2077. I suck at sneaking. I get 3/4 through a mission and then I get spotted and have to shoot it out. Keep getting told off for not being subtle.

Today I will try something strange that blends my American and British heritage. Butter and marmite in hominy grits.

My son learned a lot of lessons about bash by doing ln -s ../.. … and then doing paths with … in them. Brain: melted. Much fun watching him learn

This was funny (from 2015). Milk for coffee where the lid says "Best before: see base" and the base says "For Best Before, see Tab"

You know what else psychology research has shown us? That psychology researchers don’t know statistics and data nearly as well as they should. It’s a field that’s a house of cards with a huge reproducibility problem.

buying an NFT representing any digital artifact is just "clicking like" but on the blockchain.

It is incontrovertible proof that you like a computer file.

That is all

Anybody have a good tool/framework for making your favourite environment portable? I.e., packaging up your .bash_profile, .ssh, .config, and other things, and then rehydrating them in a new environment quickly and easily?

Sigh. Such a shame. I come back to the fediverse hoping to increase following interesting people. Would love to spend more time here than on birdsite. But alas, the global feed is full of nut jobs with their ivermectin bullshit and white nationalist bullshit and conspiracy garbage.

Headphone testing is done at a special spot by dangling them over a metal plate. If it’s magnetised and your headphones move a certain way, then they have 2-way transmitters and are not allowed. I go back to my backpack to get my headphones and casino maintenance has removed the entire system I was meant to use. Now I’ve started the exam but haven’t finished it and I don’t know where the machine went. And I woke up. 2/2

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