That was the entire point of paypal: not having to give your bank details to people you do business with.

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I think I might stop selling on . They require you to provide them a legit bank account and birthdate and ID. No more using paypal to RECEIVE money (as a seller), though buyers can still use paypal to pay for things they buy.

I’m digitising VHS home movies from a vacation I took in 1994. How’s that for an exciting Saturday night?

Fun story, I was actually introduced to phreaking by Richard Dean Anderson during an episode of MacGuyver where he uses a paperclip to make a call from a payphone.

Kids: A payphone is like a cell phone that doesn't go anywhere and eats quarters.

Also, a paperclip is a bendy bit of wire for holding paper together.

Paper is mulched up trees and glue for writing on.

Writing is like typing, but with a stick full of coal.

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I don't often post recipes, but this is a chilli chutney recipe that I have been making for a while. I really like it.

What electric car on the US market is architected more like a car with an electric engine? As opposed to an ipad with seats and wheels. Is it even practical/possible to retrofit existing cars to have electric engines? Where can I find out more?

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I have an question. I want an electric car, but absolutely not a or one like it. I'm not looking for Driving-as-a-Service, where my "car" is basically an iPad on wheels. I want to move away from petrol, because it's unsustainable, toward electric because I believe electricity can be produced sustainably at scale. But I want a mechanical car. I want to change the radio. I want to modify it and customise it. I don't want to get locked into an ecosystem. Next toot for the Q:

Taught my 15yo son to solder headers on to boards so we could reflash them with open source firmware. It’s an iFan03 for use w Home Assistant and Tasmota.

One of the ways I can tell the blog was useful is that I bought 3 more of these things, and I used my own blog to install them.

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Machine learning and guitar effects on a raspberry pi. So cool.

Someone created an account using my gmail account on a service that I don't use. In an effort to get that account deleted, the online service went completely clownshoes and disclosed someone ELSE's personal details to me.

I'm figuring out and i just got a iFan03 working with Home Assistant (). I blogged about it, including wiring diagrams. I found that to be the hardest part when I was just getting started.

One of the perks of working for Amazon, I guess. They had a vaccine event at a nearby fulfilment centre and I could get my son vaccinated there. Super easy and had appointments 7 days a week with pre-booked 2nd dose.

OMG. “Mice in a wheelchair”? I meant “life in a wheelchair”. I’ll just leave it cuz it’s funnier that way.

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I help run an online community for people with spinal cord injuries, brain injuries, and other mobility issues. It’s a super old community (since 2001), ad-free and non-commercial. Full of thousands of real people who try to help each other cope. If you know someone with an SCI or coping with mice in a wheelchair, introduce them to CareCure. It’s a great little community.

I'm thinking about doing this for my summer project. I've never quite done something involving so much AC/DC and hardware. Might take a long time.

Rewatching Conan the Barbarian. Common Sense Media is exactly right: “Raunchier and bloodier than you remember.”

Showing it to my 18-year old and 15-year old sons and I’m realising how much PG-13 crap they watch. No, boys, this is what adult movies are.

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