@janellecshane Just heard you on Marketplace! Wow. Nice work. Somehow missed that you have written a book. Gonna go acquire it. I love your work and have spent many minutes laughing at your results (the ones that are supposed to be funny ๐Ÿ˜œ) Congratulations on the book and the good coverage.

I ordered glasses from a local optician. $330. Nearly 4 weeks later they haven't arrived. It's a comedy of errors. In the meantime I discovered an online shop that does really great service and has a huge variety of frames from $10 on up. Finally I just cancelled my order. They offered to make me a free pair of sunglasses as compensation. But with a $330 refund I could buy glasses AND sunglasses online with money leftover. Last time I try to buy from a brick-and-mortar optician, sadly.

Just got an email from a colleague in the Netherlands. His email signs off with "Brgds / Met vriendelijke groet". It amuses me that he abbreviates "Best Regards" but he's happy to write out "Met vriendelijke groet"

Google Buys Fitbit for $2.1B


I regret buying a Fitbit device. Not only does it kinda suck but now the data it collected on me is going to change hands as well.

Something funny just happened. I was cleaning my DSLR sensor. I took a few reference photos (defocused pictures of the sky) to look for blobs or shadows from dust. Coincidentally a bug flew in front of my lens. So in one of the reference photos I nearly had a heart attack. It looked like a big black spot of dust. :)

[Endless money losing is] a variant of Greshamโ€™s Law, which says that "bad money drives out good.โ€ If you can counterfeit something for cheap, the counterfeit will eventually take over the entire market and drive out the real commodity. That is what is happening in our economy writ large, a kind of counterfeit capitalism as โ€˜leadersโ€™ like Neumann are celebrated and actual leaders who can make things and manage are treated like dogshit.

- #MattStoller



One thing I'm noticing in America is that I'm having trouble finding:
โ€ข Beer flavoured beer
โ€ข Coffee flavoured coffee
โ€ข Jeans that look like jeans
โ€ข Cheese flavoured cheese. Well, cheese generally


I was at an Amazon recruiting event last night and I came up with an interesting bit of advice for talking to Amazonians about your past work: if you can find a way to work a number into a sentence, it's probably to your advantage. "I worked 6 months on a web site supporting 75 internal users who filed an average of 20 support tickets a day" speaks volumes. As opposed to "I supported a busy internal IT support system". Data driven people want to hear data about your work.

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