TRV: I just took a file to the metal shim I'd added to the valve converter and it's now down to 6.5mm; lets see if that's happier. All a bit too experimental and mechanical for my liking.

So 3trv's happily graphing away; still need to tweak my office one.
The bedroom one turns itself down between midday and 6pm.
I'm finding I need the bathroom and office ones to be set warmer for it to feel warm; not quite figured out why yet.

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@JordiGH The directory permissions might make more sense if you think of a directory as holding a list of files. You need read permission to read the list, write permission to modify the list and access permission to access the list of files.

See this website to see if this helps explains directory permissions [ ].

Nothing on TRV seems standard. The thread, the valve pin height, the travel of the pin; nothing. The thread seems to have settled out now at M30, but it's a surprise they work at all.
A valve 'head' has the temp control, it screws to the actual valve which has a 'pin' which is open (hot) up and closed (cold) down (only thing standard).
I have a thread adapter, that's machined metal with an extension pin - the length of which is wrong for the smart TRV I have. Frigged with a spacer; working?

I still find it funny when ST actors show up in random TV programs. Geordie^WLevar Burton is the 'principal' in 'Perception' (A so far pretty bad) US crime drama they've just started showing over here.

My dollie nicely loaded up with a pile of previously unmovable old computers.
From bottom to top; Sun 3/60 (x2) 68020 based, an HP 9000/735 using PA-RISC (actually upgraded from a 730), Sun Ultra 1 (SPARC), and an SGI Indy (MIPS) on top.

Hmph, the EUrotronic Spirit Zwave TRV doesn't like the screw converter I've got to make it fit on my office radiator - which is a shame because neither are cheap - I might have to play around with lengthening/shortening the pin.
This converter is basically a machined metal cylinder with the right threads, and then a free floating extension pin down the middle, with circlips that limit it's distances.

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An interesting spotting. At a quick glance, you might think it's just a piece of bird dung. But it's actually a spider: a Lesser Bird-dropping Spider (Cyrtarachne bufo).

Spotted on Coney Island, Singapore, on 9 Feb 2019.

#iNaturalist #Nature #Photography #Singapore #Spiders #Araneae #Orbweavers #Araneidae

On iNaturalist [ ]

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Just seen the first daffodils of the year; it must be !

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Why has no one told me had such a cute hero image!!

Sigh, the end of the weekend and my list of things-to-do is pretty much done; unfortunately the hackiest it got was fixing a shell script to cope with power outages
(which are hopefully now fixed).

For some reason I'd not noticed lets you & a whole loop - e.g.

while true do whatever done &

makes life pretty easy.

I spent a few years working on Itanium projects at Transitive (an emulation company) - it was a fun (if slow) chip to work on. I've got a disembodied Itanium2 (and it's heatsink) but not a full machine.

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@penguin42 not in the way modern x86 does it, from what I've read, though it's got some branch prediction and more explicit support for speculative loads.

I don't quite grok everything in this article from Raymond Chen's Itanium deep-dive yet, I might go back and re-read the earlier entries before trying again ;)

Related; but what do people use on android for copying sim data between sims?

Trying to transfer contacts between my parents dumbphones is frustrating; since the old and new phones are locked to different carriers they won't take each others sim at all; I'd expected them not to work on the network but hadn't banked on them refusing to startup at all.

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I'm happy to announce that I am working a short term contract for Purism to work on adapting Fractal, a Matrix client for GNOME, to work on the Librem 5! Here's a blog post with details:
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This goes out to all my former teachers who told me: "you won't have a calculator with you all the time". funny how that went, huh?

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