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One of these neat washing-trolley washing systems rolled up outside a local supermarket the other day; very neat:
(Oddly it's only the very cheapest supermarket that's using it!)

This is a great article on weird import tarriff dodges; the one I like the most is the US imported Converse trainers have some fabric in the sole so they're classed as slippers.

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So I got my hands on a camera to start making reproduction shots of my oil paintings, but I'm still waiting on a few lighting bits to arrive before I can get started on that particular project.

In the meantime, I need to really get into figuring out the finer details of this camera.

Also, the local supermarket was selling lily plants for, like, $10, and the first flower just opened.

SO: time for a little fun with the macro lens :D :D

#photography #plants #flowers #garden

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Pretty amazing. Researchers have managed to launch a rocket that includes a Bose-Einstein condensate in it to perform experiments in a microgravity environment.

In contrast with such experiments, usually performed by dropping them down a tall tower, they managed to do over 100 experiments on the condensate.

#Physics #QuantumPhysics #BoseEinsteinCondensate #Science #Research #ZeroGravity #Rockets

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For mobile filter feeders in the deep sea, like these bright yellow crinoids commonly referred to as feather stars, a sponge rising up from the seafloor makes for a perfect stepstool up into the flow of debris we call marine snow. Current flow is slowed along the seafloor through friction with the rocks.

Just broke into my last Easter bunny; I bought 27 x 200g Lindt bunnies in the post Easter sale in may. Burp.

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libssh: Authentication bypass in server code.

– CVE-2018-10933
– affected are libssh 0.6 and above
– attackers can authenticate without proving any credentials
– update to libssh 0.8.4 / 0.7.6

#libssh #vulnerability #infosec #security #cybersecurity #authentication #ssh

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Interesting fact. Almost all Orchid flowers bloom upside down. The 'lip' at the bottom of orchids is actually the top flower petal. The whole flower flips 180 degrees during development.

#Flowers #Nature #Biology #Orchids

(I just realised that the RAI-washing machines would be connected with a socks tunnel)

right, new washer ordered for tomorrow. It's cost me 99p less than this one I bought just over 5 years ago. As far as I can tell the main difference is they removed the wifi remote I never used.

My Sammy washing machine is ill; '0e' code which probably means inlet valve, or waterlevel sensor. It's over 5 years old (5 year warranty); so hmm get it repaired or new one; difficult call. I bet it would cost £100 to have the inlet valuve replaced but then who knows how long before something else fails.

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With a bunch of libre hosters we are trying to create a syndicate/network/exchange-collaboration-platform…

A first meeting IRL is planned for November 9-11 in Amsterdam.
This message is an invitation to you and your libre hosting collective to join us in Amsterdam or online.

If you want to help define what ‘librehosters’ should be or what you or your affinity group would need from a pan-European collective. Please join!

#librehosters on freenode or on matrix

There's need for a combined Diaspodon app that puts both in one feed.

Most boring; nothing appears to have blown up dye to dnssec

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Morning Mastodons and Google Plus refugees. 👋

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In other news, I've set up my new ODROID C2! Running LibreELEC and it streams 4k/x265 content just beautifully.

Thanks for the recommendations, fellow tooters!

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