I do love it when a bisect points you to a patch series that fixes your problem with a cover letter spelling out exactly the issue!

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completely missed this neat Pi Pico USB trick-- the default USB implementation knocks it back to bootloader mode when you set the USB speed to 1200 baud. Handy!

/me switches to 4G (Giffgaff) after DOCSIS /Cable from Virgin gives up; their phone system claims it's a 'comple xfault' that could take until 12th to fix, while their online system claims there's no faults in the area.

One of my monitors is on the way out; it's a Prolite E2208HDS that I got 2nd hand in 2013 from one of HMVs bankruptcy sales. Before xmas it was taking 2-3 minutes to power on, it's now closer to 15 minutes. I guess I'll wait until it fails harder before popping the back to see if there's anything obvious.

HTH can M&S sell trousers with inside legs measured in inches, but 2-packs of the same trousers have them in short/regular/long.

I saw this helicopter hovering dead-still above the main road as I was walking by yesterday; and was surprised it wasn't the standard police one; it's a National Grid (G-RIDC) I guess surveying power lines.

Making shortbread with soft brown sugar doesn't work that well; the taste dominates more than I'd hoped and the resulting bake ends up too soft as well.

hmm 1st day back; about 500 inbox emails deleted, 10 sent. Not bad. Only about another 200 since before xmas.

room history helping me remember wth I was doing last year.

Heck that confused me; There's a character in 'Crossing Lines' called 'Michel Dorn'; almost hte actor that played Worf. It makes me wonder how long a chain there is of characters->actors->names of other characters....

'The version of the updated scan engine starts with 2112330001' yep, that's the fix I was thinking of - just have Exchange imagine we're still in last year.

12 monkeys: Spoilers 

It's a while since I last watched it, but rewatching timetravel films always makes me think about the paradoxes again. Did the shrink only give the talk because she had seen John 6 years earlier? Was that what really triggered the viroligist to plan the attack, was it the warning phone call that raised security that enabled him to do it? A good film.

I wonder if the UK will manage to run with no fossil fuels for electric at any point next year; even for a few minutes; I think we've got down to just under 2GW of gas a couple of days ago, and there's more wind turbines due to come online soon; it would be fun if we could hit that.

OK, Handbrake works pretty nicely for ripping a DVD and VLC for playing it; hmm I'm not sure what I'd have to do if I wanted to keep the DVD menus though.
(The default h264 encoding ended up with 12 monkeys taking just over 850MB with reasonable quality).
(This is all after one of my DVDs players died so I thought I'd get all modern)

Today really isn't happening; I went to bed early last night, erm this morning, and just didn't sleep.

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