Marvin's voice has died 😞
I guess he'll get some relief from the diodes in his left leg.

Bleh C++ std::pair's of std::pair's of, 2 unsigned int's that happen to be assigned somewhere to....oh ffs.

Hmm so I get a Vulkan validation error; 'Type mismatch on descriptor slot 0.1' and think I'll check the source for what the 0.1 is (probably slot/binding???) - but the error message uses:
"Type mismatch on descriptor slot %u.%u (expected `%s`) but descriptor of type %s", use.first.first, use.first.second,
possibly the worst field naming I can think of.

Anyone worked withh designs? I'm curious how they brake the motor/plunger - it's quite a lot of effort to push the plungers down and keep them there; so I'd assumed that they would have to have a braking mechanism; but the two teardowns I've seen (there aren't many) seem to show simple 2-wire motors. I wonder if they're just shorting the motors.

That from last week's flowered and turns out to be a big frilly thing.

Some neat s; I'm guessing this must be some form of 'ink cap' given the black gloop coming off them.

Another report on the UK power outage a couple of months back; this time from the 'Energy Emergencies executive' (Who knew we had one?) - it doesn't add much to the previous, more technical reports from the grid; one mention that some of the low-frequency cut offs didn't trigger, that the cut in embedded generation meant it didnt' help as much as expected, oh & also that Scotland has a different frequency setting for low frequency trips (why?) some of which were wrong.

I like the absolute time setting tusky has now; I think it'll work out easier when catching up

I caught part of the 1st episode of Space 1999 last night (on Horror channel) - the one where they were actually blasted out of earth orbit. Some of the later ones were pretty corny, this one was good.

The BBC first v said the pm & Irish equivalent were meeting in Cheshire, then Merseyside, then on the Wirral, and in some places it's said the north west. I suspect this all might be the view of anything north of Watford as seen from London.

Hmm the TRV on my bathroom radiator doesn't want to turn off; difficult to know why. Hmm. The physical valve feels very stiff with not much travel; but is that the problem? It worked before. Taken the zwave TRV off and recal'd and it's not helping. hmm.

poppys in the rain

(The unopened one has come out much better, the opening one unfortunately focused on the twig)

I stumbled upon the end of the Cycling Tour of Britain the other week in city centre; down one side street were the vans with spares, people cleaning off bikes etc.
(I don't follow myself, but still fun to see)

Summary of current sea energy generation attempts; I hope they'll provide a bit of alternative to wind generation when there's not much wind

potentiometers don't measure and rheostats don't keep anything constant; odd naming.

Hmm just had a few minute power outage; we had not had any outrages in decades but about 3 months ago we had a set and they replaced a cable down the road; that took a couple of weeks until they had found the bad cable

Down the rabbit hole; downloading firefox source....

Anyone else seeing regular tab crashes when playing youtube? They're not getting reported in about:crashes, they happen on both fedora's and upstream mozilla's builds; with and without my own ffmpeg build, with and without hwaccel; gdb shows the thread getting a sigkill but not sure where from; not seeing audit entries or dmesg OOMs.

Fun with seccomp; a program that wouldn't work when statically linked - it called time() - which when dynamic linked ended up going through the vDSO, but statically linked always did the syscall.

Bus WiFi is very random; in a bus station you'll have a few in range and are never quite sure if y you're signing into the bus you're on or the one behind. And then you find the bus on loan from another area and find you sign in to 'Harrogate free WiFi' when you're about 60 miles away.

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