Bumped all my dependencies on my toy project; not done it for a while, and there's always something that makes me have to stop and understand it.

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Watch this SpaceX launch:


T-14 minutes, they're going to deliberately destroy the launch vehicle

science museum has a problem with the very leaky roof in the old building it uses for it's air & space collection; they've moved from using buckets on the floor to these bag-like funnels suspended under the leaks.
The glass and metal roof probably needs complete replacement which I guess is a huge job.

Progress on a RFE I filed ~5 years ago bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=3 (For something most old screensavers used to do - i.e. have an easy way to blank)

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Seeing this fix for the CDE (!!!) exploit from Oracle Solaris (!!!) - sourceforge.net/p/cdesktopenv/

Makes me think that g_strdup_printf() and the rest of all glib's string functions are all right. Indeed writing C without Glib is really perilous.

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renameat is a Linux syscall, not a product for vegans.

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look at this very beautiful ginkgo tree which is around 1400 years old

My bed is a non-standard size at 3'3" x 6'6" - looking to buy a new mattress is a pain; a lot of places don't do custom sizes; and when they do they cost a lot more. But buying a replacement bed that's no shorter or narrower but not hugely wide is tricky as well - it's close to a US XL Twin; but we don't get those here. Heck knows where it originally came from.

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What a curious find at the #fleamarket : a 1888 copy of the A1 Commercial #telegraph code. You can see how complex messages were translated to simpler words, faster and easier to transmit. #ancientbooks #oldtech #books

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@cypnk I view that as validation. There's not much which *hasn't* been considered at some point.

The idea was valid, feasible, and worthwhile.

Eventually, you'll find yourself proving new ground, coming up with ideas or designs which don't seem known.

For myself, it's been coming up with ideas and discovering (often years, sometimes decades later) that they'd been previously conceived.

The more obscure, the better. I'm on the right track.

I saw the first episode of 'Instinct' the other night; it very much reminds me of 'Perception' (which I gave up on after a few episodes). Both are about eccentric psychiatric professors/writers who end up helping police solve crimes; both have cameos from a ST:TNG actor (Perception has LeVar Burton as the Principle, Instinct has Whoopi Goldberg as the editor). A one off character in Instinct's 1st episode was named Moretti which was the cops name in Perception. Odd.

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@dredmorbius @sir Manual mknod instead of udev stands out. Everything was either in the distro or on sunsite.unc.edu. Handcoding XFree86.conf. Pirating MetroX or commercial OSS when all else failed. A boot floppy image to work with your brand of cdrom drive, most likely attached to your soundcard. Using modprobe with arguments for interrupt and ioport of your pre-pnp ne2000 clone. The days in 2.0 when the DEC Tulip PCI fast-ethernet cards became he go-to NICs.

Anyone know anyone at Sainsbury's IT dept? Their self-service prints gift card statements that say 'Sainsbury???s card statement' I think I once saw a 'Sainsbury?s' but normally all 3. I guess working for a company with an ' in the name must be frustrating.

I seem to have mostly got rid of my new year cold which has made the last week even grimmer than the normal first full week of the year.

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RIP Gary Starkweather, inventor of the laser printer, who passed away on December 26, 2019. Learned about this via a Facebook post by the Computer History Museum.

Here is their page on Gary Starkweather and the laser printer he developed.


#Engineering #Technology #Printing #Printers #History #ComputerHistory

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Back in 2018, thanks to crowd-funding, we started working on a Linux kernel driver for the Allwinner VPU. We have now completed all goals set by the project as of Linux 5.5! Read our blog post at bootlin.com/blog/wrapping-up-t. If you're interested in additional features, contact us!

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