why has it taken us so long to ban Russian gold imports?

mummified mammoth 

It's almost cute, even for being dead 30k years; toot toot!


I worry about Biologists; The Piezo1 gene (which is a force/itch sensor) has as it's Aganoist chemicals Yoda1 and Jedi2; en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PIEZO1

I just don't get why people are blaming the US court for this abortion mess; what the US needs is a proper law on abortion, something that the politicians had failed to deliver in 50 years since Roe v Wade. Relying on case law from courts interpreting a 250 year old constitution never stood a chance of holding.

Here, have a munching a flower. This was tame as anything, just a tiny little thing.

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Some progress in my toy rust project; my first weechat remote 'event' decoded; a line of text to be displayed in a buffer - now if I can just route the event and figure out the buffer to say which buffer it's displayed in, we're getting somewhere.
(Still very hacky as I'm learning Rust; gitlab.com/penguin42/reechat )

Yeh, found a missing \n that was confusing the heck out of stuff; a lucky spot that could have taken ages to find.

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Found in a mini library inside a bus shelter today when I was out for a walk.

Went in to city centre today for the first time in about a year, wondering around outside and was great by this nice tall crane with a really odd squat cab.
(I'm still not going into any shop or anything, so strictly outside)

Apparently this isn't an Orchid; it's a sweetpea! Still lovely.

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I'm surprised there's not been more discussion of the MMIO microarchitectural bug in Intel CPUs; IMHO this is a lot more fun than the timing cases, this seems to be at least one actual bug:

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Quick summary: instead of just using

Host hostname.domain

you can use

Match user username host "hostname.domain"

If you have multiple user logins on the same box (say, you're using gitea), this will use the right key for the right login. With "Host", ssh will always just use the first key that matches the hostname, regardless of the User directive. Makes sense when you think about it, but non-obvious if you don't realize Match exists.

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I've come to the end of my previous bag of cocoa; what a difference! The really dark one I've just finished is Van Houten 'Intense Deep Black' - which IMHO tastes burnt, the new lighter one is deZaan 'True gold'.
(The Van Houten is about 11% fat, the deZaan is 20%ish). Not tasted the new one yet, it claims to be 'light and fruity' - it certainly smells less odd. (Both are marked 'for professional use'!)

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This is just an awesome way of interacting with culture. These wrathful statues of guardians at Buddhist temples in Japan.. this artist wondered what they would look like at their 'day off':

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