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I forgot half of these tracks were by Aretha; I normally run my music player on random.

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/me queues up all the Aretha in his library; hmm I must find something to de-dupe; I've got 4 copies of 'I say a little prayer'; anyone know of a good music deduper?

's ๐Ÿš€ flights just aren't getting the same coverage they used to; I guess they've got to the point where everyone expects them to just-work. Still the first real Heavy flight later in the year might get some more.

I've just watched 'Mark Kermode's Secrets of Cinema' episode on Sci Fi; it's pretty good, I also watched the Heist episode which was also excellent.

odd; looks like one of my 4 year old Diaspora posts/pictures ( ) has suddenly got 4 likes in the last week or so - although all who liked it appear to have no posts.

It's not surprising some department stores have problems surviving; walking in Manchester's Kendal's/house of Fraser, that's just barely survived administration, shows the 6 floors getting decreasingly busy as you go up; hanging onto huge old buildings where some floors are pretty empty, even on a Saturday is a recipe for failure

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The @kdecommunity Akademy delegates get a choice of lanyard. One lets other people know they don't want to be photographed. Not seen this at many events.

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Lots of around yesterday - I think I could see 10 or 11 at one point.

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Super excited to be heading to Vienna for Akademy, the annual KDE summit, next weekend. It's my first time attending and first time representing Canonical on the KDE Advisory Board. Come and say hello if you're going too! :)

The optics in an old handscanner make no sense at all; the one I've just taken apart looks like the same design as the Logitech scanman - the CCD is at the opposite end of the case from the window and has a really small circular lens - see someone elses pictures at:
(Mine was actually the same unit but with a board for an Acorn Archimedes rather than an ISA card)

Interesting article on ammonia fuel cells; Australia trying to figure out wth to do with all it's sunshine and wind:

I'm glad it's a bit cooler today; not sweating away ๐Ÿ’ฆ

hmm tried to use my Vulkano swapchain and hmm now I've got 337 lines of errors. hmm it might have a point, it's not convinced my GtkImage is usable from another thread, but there again I'm not really trying to. Hmm.

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Electric Hurdy Gurdy.

It seems Hey That's Cool for the first half and then quickly turns into WTF. ๐ŸŽต ๐Ÿ”ฅ

I just got rained on! Hasn't happened in a month or more!

Watch out for fd's opened with O_PATH - they'll give you an EBADFD when used in most situations; quite tricky to find since they look like perfectly fine fd's