Apparently you can donate a boat (or car, or pretty much any other vehicle) to the :

<sigh> A year since I've been on public transport (a tram); I was already wondering if it was a good idea, but a friend was up that weekend.

Tim Hunkin is starting a 'secret life of components' series; for those who don't know him, he's a nicely crazy artist/mech hacker who does weird automaton/games, and has presented a series on 'the life of machines' (mostly home white goods) many years ago. Recommended.

We should be shipping vaccine factories around the world, not vaccines.

Hmm, my Sammy ML1640 printer is getting touchy - it seems to be USB resetting and dieing after the 1st page; someone seems to have made Splix patches for my new M2026 that I'd bought ~3 years ago and been leaving on the side after finding splix didn't work for it; seems worth a go, especially since the fixer references my G+ moan about it not working ago!

So the reason I kicked off this poll was that for a long time I'd been using bc; had considered using python from time to time, but I'd started using gdb in the last few days - it's nice short command name, does FP by default, but you do have to 'p ' for each expression.

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You need to add some numbers, what do you use:

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People have asked me about the difference between plugs for solid and stranded cable (normally plugs only go on stranded). I've updated my blog post with pictures.

This obit was an interesting read; a crazy explosives expert with a bizarre career path; Doctorate with no degree, studied fatty acids in the brain, interpreter for a Japanese emperor visit, and disarming bombs; not a bad life I guess!

sigh, while the UK averages are going down nicely; hear in north it's cooking away; about 3x the national average.

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Nice article about the field of valvometry, which we are developing with the Biosphere clams!

Number validation & limits: ' NHS error mistakenly listed him as just 6.2cm in height Liam Thorp was told he qualified for the jab because his measurements gave him a body mass index of 28,000.'

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"The million-year-old genome is here. Mammoth teeth preserved in eastern Siberian permafrost have produced the oldest ancient DNA on record, pushing the technology close to — but perhaps not past — its limits."

More detailed write-up of the paper at [ ]

#Fossils #Mastodon #DNA #Nature #Biology #Evolution

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Happy 30th birthday to Lemmings! Dundee based DMA Design's classic puzzle game was released for the Commodore Amiga on February 14th 1991.

But did you know that there's a Lemmings statue in Dundee?


I hate cpio options; everyone is nonobvious.

15M vaccinations in the UK; OK, good - still only about 1/9th the way there, for 2 doses for everyone, and that's before we have to deal with SA variants. Says he impatiently waiting for his.

Hmm, so I wonder how this relates to oddball cabinets like mine and @mansr where they're shit cabinets compared to the rest of the echange:

I did like 'brctl', still the magic on iproute2 seems to be:
ip link set ethXXX nomaster
ip link set ethXXX master brBBBB

to remove and add a device to a bridge.

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