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I feel someone is about to implement a turing machine using just Gitlab labels as storage.

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Free to a good home, postage to be negotiated, three transputer books. These are of no real value except for nostalgia, and perhaps inspiration.

Let me know if you're interested, otherwise they go to recycling.

Please boost for reach, if someone wants them I'd be delighted to pass them on.

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Hmm my cable is going flaky again; it's very difficult to get them to fix it until it actually gets really really bad; flaky is hard to get any traction on:

So the meat industry is worried about a shortage of CO2, caused by a rise in gas (methane) prices stopping the fertiliser industry. And the meat industry is having to try and stop their cows burping so much methane; hmm.

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Ferranti’s Ghost Tours The Chip Factory That Made The ULA - Former Ferranti Electric engineer [Martin Mallinson] recently posted a 1980s docum... - #retrocomputing #documentary #ferranti #gemmills #ula

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When the missing piece of text just happens to be 8 bytes....

TToTD: Don't keep rarely used 'emergency' tech kit in modern plastic bags; my looooongg ether cable bag has completely disintegrated into a zillion bits.

I've spent most of the day looking for a single bit. I've not found it yet.

The UK covid data board has some cities that are 'City of' (e.g. Edinburgh), some that are 'Something City' (eg. Glasgow), some that are 'Something, city of' (like Bristol) and some where they don't bother with the word city, like Manchester

Right, I think that's my speaking ohmeter done 😃 ! It could do with some calibration, and could still with doing with being a bit louder.

Ahha! If I kill the PWM sound channel during my ADC readings things are much more sensible; I hate to think the mush the PWM through the amp is putting on the power supply, the ADC, and most of the RF spectrum.

I've made my speaking ohmeter say things like '4 K 7' or '10 Meg' rather than reading the raw integer out; much nicer. Now, if I could get it's readings to be stable/accurate I'd be getting somewhere.

I watched John Wick 2 earlier in the week; it was hmm OK, but nowhere near as much as the 1st one; seemed much more arbitrary. And then there's the Vic-20 which makes no sense.

'sox gain -n' - normalises the levels on audio; i.e. makes it full range - I suddenly had a brain wave that perhaps the reason my audio on Pico was quiet wasn't just my shit audio amp I built; it's 'mimic' isn't producing full volume speech; so my samples weren't that loud!.

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I am standing for election as a #Nominet non-executive director.

Here's an introductory blog post, which I'll update as I go through the process.

If you have questions for me, get in touch however you prefer.

Your about to type a command, now is it:

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