Today I'm wandering around Liverpool and Merseyside; it's only about 40 mins on the train from manc (of which about 5 mins was waiting for lime street to let us onto a platform), and I like their underground, it's very like the the, deep escalators and tunnels you could mistake for London if it wasn't for the bright yellow livery

hmm, OK, so attempts to repeair my Sony didn't go well. Just ordered a 2nd hand Canon SX720

Is it bad that I'm taking a teaspoon out with me *in case* I happen across a pot of icecream?

Hmm so the faults follow the lens module on my cameras; I can get rid of the e:62:20 error by sticking a resistor across the thermistor - but it still isn't happy; so it suggests there's more than one problem on hx60 lens.
(And I seem to have upset the backlight connector on my hx50 - but at least it's just a 2 pin connector).
The hx60 main board is different from the hx50 as well - so the very detailed hx50 service manual I found is less useful on the hx60.

I'm looking through the service manual for my camera and at it's schematics; I've got one I got off ebay as known dead that complains about what is thought to be lens temperature sensor and wont do anything more; and then mine which is giving another error code but might be a similar area. Hmm. I see the temperature sensor input to the main board - I might see what bodging it does. Also I see uart debug in/out - and it is Linux so perhaps I can hack it in software.
(Sony DSC HX50 and 60)

Hmph, 's microcurve theme seems to have disappeared on ubuntu 19.04's package set; it looks like fedora 30 still has the xfwm4-themes package from 4.10 which is why it's still got it. I do like microcurve, because well, it's micro and it's curvey.

I'm finding that the biggest problem with ZWave RF interference is me; there's nothing like 60kg of geek to absorb the signal. If I'm in the wrong place when the transmission occurs it's had it.

My actual intended job for today is now done; a chunk of painting i needed to do - and we actually had a warm day on it so it's already dry.

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Grr LED bulbs...First job of the weekend is changing the bulb in the bathroom which is a PITA to change; which is why I put a nice LED bulb in because it would last for ever....well less than 3 years. It's now blinking on and off.

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Single Instruction, Multiple Tenons.

Fearless concurrency.

boards.par_iter_mut(|b| b.saw()).collect()


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Found this interesting article linked in Mozilla's little tech newsletter thing...

Another nice use of machine learning to assist humans in classifying things manually -- in this case, triaging bug reports for Firefox!

This is the kind of "AI" that makes a lot of sense in FOSS/open content projects where there's a lot of work to do and only so many devs or volunteers able to do it. Multiply their ability to do stuff by speeding up the slow bits, don't try to replace the humans!

So after all the worry about GPS rollover the only failure noticed was a fleet of 787s - I'm not sure whether to be relieved or scared shitless.

L5 self drive not expected till 2035:
So the bet is whether we get useful or useful self drive cars first.

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stained glass, 12"x12"

light table view; direct lighting on work table

My first stained glass commission! Very pleased with it and happy to have had the business.


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Everyone's sharing the close-up image of the black hole itself, which is neat, but here is a zoomed-out view of the gigantic mass of space-stuff that it is busily consuming:

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