Someone is trying to steal IRC passwords by sending PM's from 'NickS*a*rv'

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Some moths, like butterflies, can feature some interesting patterns. Like this Grammodes geometrica moth spotted at Coney Island, Singapore, on 30 June 2020. Luck played a part: I happen to be looking down at a patch of plants when I saw it.

On iNaturalist [ ]

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According to ElectricityMap, the UK is currently importing electric from Belgium and the Netherlands and exporting to France; France is exporting to Belgium. Poor confused electrons.

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Intents are a way for Android apps to exchange data and delegate actions among themselves. There are known examples of apps opening another app (a barcode scanner) to scan a barcode, or opening a file manager to pick a file.

Openintents is a public registry meant for developers to share and standardize these intents among themselves.

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oh I love BBC live covid page '**DRAFT NOT READY*** Leicester data shows why people are calling for transparency'

mask pattern design continues; the result of some time in inkscape and I now have a cutting and sewing template; I guess I should try cutting some scrap fabric and learn how to use the sewing machine.

oh ffs, football is back on the TV; I thought there was something better about the last 3 months...

Just spent a few minutes trying to use Inkscape for the first time in ages; just about getting my head around it again (trying to draw a pattern for my mask). Unfortunately scaling doesn't seem to match reality on my monitor - at 165% it's a bit narrower but a bit taller than an actual piece of paper. did seg for me once, but only on exit and I couldn't reproduce it.

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It's not necessarily *my* FOSS projects that I want to be successful, but rather the FOSS ecosytem as a whole. I have stewardship over my little slice of it, but the FOSS ecosystem is a much broader (and singular) thing that I believe we all have a joint responsibility in caring for.

All free software is ours for the improving: projects will welcome our contributions and we should focus on broadening our impact.

To accomplish this, it helps to work on reducing the mental leap it takes for you to go from user to contributor, until the line between the two roles is difficult to distinguish. Contribute early, contribute often, and you'll be rewarded with a healthier free software ecosystem.

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The River Irk, just north of Manchester; not much of a river in this heat, but still in these times, it's nice to be able to see some natural flowing water.

I wonder if you can contacttrace using the in-vehicle basestations on trams/trains? As a ~1D problem it's got to be easier to do relative positioning of people; and I'd bet the base stations already have the logs?

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USB-C is the worst technology that humankind has yet invented.

You literally can't tell from the cable or from the port which standards it actually supports.

There's USB, Thunderbolt 3 (some ports are slower than others), DisplayPort (various versions), just charging (various wattages).

How did this ever get shipped?

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If you're wondering, AR mode for UniFi switches shows you what's hooked up to your switch

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Interesting video from someone owning just too many ancient scientific/industrial artefacts, and having a very funny accent.

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