I wish 'lock' wasn't part of 'block' and 'clock.

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That moment when workmen are removing rotten wood and suddenly your internet goes down.

Power saving: Something needs to talk between the screen power management and audio; it shouldn't put the monitor in powersave when you're actively listening to audio via it's HDMI/DP; it makes falling asleep in front of your music difficult.

Blech, OK, SATA drives moved back to old machine, which gets me access to critical stuff; still not got anything to read my NVMe drives on; I guess I could stuff them in a laptop but hmm don't want to screw said laptops up. Time to order some bits.

hmm this desktop is unstable; only 9 month old 😠 Damn; solid lockups; did see a PCIe fall to bits on one case (dmesg -w showed all devices erroring); damn; might have to get a spare CPU/RAM/etc to debug

Hmm this ~9month old PC died a couple of hours ago and it's taken until now to get it back; I've moved DIMMs to the other 2 slots (that aren't supposed to be used by themselves) hmm. Hmm; I dunno.

'Over 40s will have their second jabs accelerated, he says.' OK..come on, where when ( 3 weeks left until my 2nd; none of the popup walk-in vaccination centres seem to have the hand crafted Swiss moderna I got to let me get it early)

Right; got to a function in a codebase I'm trying to understand that has a comment from 2012 'TODO: Provide documentation' and one of the parameters has a ???? in it's function comment.

A damselfly, I think a 'Banded Demoiselle' - when I took the picture I didn't realise! I just saw this odd apparently black fly, and took this at full zoom.

My scaleway backup VM isn't exactly reliable; it needs a reboot every few months after apparently just dieing. Hmm.

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Adding a ginger biscuit in the mix for the crumbs of a cheesecake makes a nice extra tang.

Upgraded desktop switch to Gigabit! (It's amazon's fault, I was under £20 on a toilet roll order...) - still, it only uses 1.5W vs 4W the old one used; it should pay itself back in about 17 years, which is about how long I've been using this 100Mbps switch.

Apparently the UK recorded no COVID deaths yesterday; well of course not, it's a bank-holiday - you're not allowed to die on a bank holiday!

We've finally got rid of pacer trains!
(Sigh, I'll be glad when I can ride a train again)
For those outside the UK; 'pacers' were a UK produced train that were the result of asking basically a bus manufacturer to make trains; they still felt like buses on rails.


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“Then you realize that the pointers are not fixed, but can slide on the frame… and then you note that they are somehow interconnected -- moving any of the small ones will move the larger one this way or that. Strange. But when you see the diagram of the inner mechanism you realize what this is, and it can take your breath away…”

Weird Google visual similarity search result -> Flower picture->Dracula - wtf? Bing got it as a Euphoriba characias 'Black Pearl'.

The underside of a 'painted lady' (I think). I got lucky this was just in a normal suburban road and I happened to look down.

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