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baked a bread; I've still got a pile of flower and yeast left from my panettone experiments last year.

I've cleaned up my gtk-rs mandelbulb to the point where it's almost tidy; if anyone has good suggestions on how to write better or I'd appreciate it.

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It was fun describing my wallet to lost property offices though.
"It looks like an old Atari 2600 video games console".
"Neat! No, we don't have it".

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Yikes. Base opensuse-tumbleweed image in Docker: 50 MB. Image when librsvg's build dependencies are added: 1.2 GB.

I'm trying to make an image with all the dependencies so's CI for librsvg will be faster. Currently it spends most of its time updating the base image and installing gcc, etc.

hmm my Find7 was flat as a pancake this morning - not even enough power to tell me that it was flat; very odd. I thought it was a gonner, it didn't even get to the bootloader; it seems to be charging though. Hope it's OK.

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@penguin42 woah, I never ran into that bug. Obscure indeed :)

I don't remember if in those days I was actually running stuff on the Alpha, but displaying it on a Sun's X server. I mostly sat at the only Sun box with a 24-bit display, a beautiful flat Sun CRT. Caught a few endianness bugs that way :)

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LineageOS contact glitch. Do you happen to know anyone in Vienna? No? Good. 1 - Open the phone app on your LineageOS phone, 2 - In the Search box, type in, say, Meier, or any other common Austrian surname. Show more

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I mean they could have built a big-ass Russell' s Teapot in beautiful sheet metal and high gloss auto paint, but no. A fucking car.

heck, that pair of synchronised landings.

My gtk-rs () + OpenCL mandelbulb is getting there; zoom buttons, rendering stats and working rotates are doing nicely.

Ahha, dumb bug fixed; 25ms for the ray trace, 595ms for the voxel calculation; more like it!

hmm; 0.144ms to calculate the mandelbulb voxle array and 598ms to do a simple ray trace to render the voxels to an image - I hadn't expected that huge difference! Looks like I need to work on the ray tracing.

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May I draw your attention to this hilarious example of fooling an image recognition algorithm with a small patch of carefully engineered noise?

How did I ever put up with the fan noise of this Alpha? It was my main machine for about 3 years.
cpu : Alpha
cpu model : EV56
cpu variation : 7
cpu revision : 0
cpu serial number :
system type : EB164
system variation : LX164
cycle frequency [Hz] : 533179136 est.
timer frequency [Hz] : 1024.00
page size [bytes] : 8192
phys. address bits : 40
max. addr. space # : 127
BogoMIPS : 1059.80
platform string : Digital AlphaPC 164LX 533 MHz
cpus detected : 1

Looks like my Alpha's hard drive died; July 1999 IBM Deskstar - 34.2GB DPTA-373420, lets see if this ~70GB one will work.

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Amazingly the Acorn Electron works on my living room plasma screen. Although I had to mute the white noise blaring the speakers!

Admit it: How many of you have googled Ossifrage?

Taking a picture of wiring when you dismantle something to fix it doesn't help if the reason it failed was because one of the wires already came off and fell inside. It's worse when you don't realise that was the reason when you reassemble 🔥

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