Worse condition - found at the side of the road gently rusting; a terminal of sometype, the only identification I can see is a PAL with a label that says 'Qantel'; there's a whole 68008 system in there!

A 'peacock' - it's been lovely and sunny most of the last week up here in , a rarity, and since we're still allowed out for walks at the moment it's nice to see a few of these - this one actually sat still for a minute.

Why did China build a hospital from scratch? We're just converting exhibition centres

I've just received a 2.5kg bag of 80% cocoa solid callets (via Amazon); pro cooking chocolate - should get me through. It's fun when the chocolate vendor has a troubleshooting page:


slums it on tethered phone as Virgin cable implodes.

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"So we took a big tube. We filled it with air. And then we actuated the robot not by pumping air in and out, but by having these little robots that essentially drive along the tube changing its shape." youtube.com/watch?v=XqgbLb8m77

They finally got to it and it looks like were showing up a little in growth % to me; I do hope so.

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Curious. UK hasn't published Covid numbers for today yet.

Just received 5l bottles of handsoap from a catering supplier; nisbets.co.uk/
(and washing up liquid and random bits)

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Morrisons website started working! The advantage of it being dead all day is they actually had a spot for tomorrow
I've ordered handcleaner and washing up liquid from the Restaurant supplier Nisbett's - in ~5l bottles! - lets see if that turns up!

There's a problem with stuff based in call centres at the moment; I think the problem is the 'centre'.

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Calling all teachers! LibreOffice is a great choice for schools and education – it's free and open source, compatible with Microsoft Office, and you don't have to worry about license fees, subscriptions or software audits. Learn more: blog.documentfoundation.org/bl

Ocado site is really suffering; they put a virtual queue in front of it; but then it's hitting 502 Bad Gateway's even on the queue.

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'Corner shops' are apparently exempt from our lockdown. I wonder how they defined them.

Just ordered a 2.5kg bag of 80% couverture from Amazon. That might be enough to survive the apocalypse.
(I've got one Asda slot booked for the 31st, nowhere else has slots; Sainsburys might but it's decided to only serve old/vulnerable, and it hasn't put me in that pot - but I am isolating because of my 70+ year old parents, there's a number to call but it's unreachable...sigh)

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covid-19 adj 

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I'd really hoped -- expected, really, as the linked article (parent) begins, that we would have seen a low-side departure from projection by now. We've not.

There's some faint hope: the US has accellerated testing tremendously, meaning "confirmed cases" growth doubtless reflects this. And deaths HAVE lagged projection, now by 5 days.

But informed government sources conceed actual inections are large multiples of confirmed, and that growth exceeds testing capacity.

It looks bad.

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