@dick_turpin this may appeal to you or anyone else doing IT. From a Pcpro article recently about shopping for gear.

From @KJLambcartoons : From Private Eye ⁦@PrivateEyeNews⁩ - my own personal favourite Brexit cartoon I have done! Original available at chrisbeetles.com/artists/lamb- twitter.com/KJLambcartoons/sta

You know you're middle aged when you have a favourite terminal driver. (Stanley 3mm x 150mm)

My daughter found a spider in the bath. She can't go near it. She did her best but ran out of resources:-

The power of magnetism - this is 4000A which is rotating the bolt and undoing it. Not sure if this link will work!

Best mosaic you're going to see today. Unique and made by a very talented artist we had the privilege to meet.

You know it's a tech publication when the issue numbers are resistor colour coded

Bought this to take on hols. but read it in a week and learned a lot. Recommended - not just for IT geeks. We can do better than previous generations. Thanks Marie Hicks mastodon.org.uk/media/qsNC74qX

Weather update from Yorkshire this morning:- it's snowing, 4 gritters crashed on black ice, getting big coat out

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