Email advertising how to avoid the junk folder is found in the junk folder. I think they need to up their game somewhat.

Lockdown dentist
No need to wait
Now I am missing
Upper left eight

Had a CD arrive in the post today. Just like 1995 all over again 😉

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Something wot I wrote :- @NewsBiscuit: UK NHS staff to get pay rise index linked to GDP
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First found this 25 years ago. Just read it again. One of my favourites and still has much to tell us.

Great project and a great video:- Tell Time Like It’s 1960 With This All-Transistor Digital Clock | Hackaday

Thinking about all those teenagers going on a 2 metre gap year..... 😀

Took me nearly an hour to figure this out - turns out network default to IPv6 only is a really bad idea. Colleague now working from home again (supposed to have already been doing it but obviously not 😠)

So a week on since I did these, based on very sketchy data but proving amazingly resilient. Unless something changes soon..... (UK only)

Advice of the day:-
Wash your hands like you just committed a gruesome murder, you need to wash all the blood off, the police are on the way.
Told to me by an expert.
Makes you think.... 😀

This is what it looks like when somebody let's the magic smoke out of a 15kw soft start unit and the motor doesn't work any more

Full House this morning:- double yellows, across drive, just popped into shop (10 mins).

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