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Curiosidad: Estos troncos de árbol se parecen a cabezas de dragón....😮

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Watching a programme
on BB King,
Sky arts.
Worth looking for...

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Out this afternoon to learn how to 'one-pedal drive'.

Very odd feeling braking without pressing the brakes. Especially that you can control braking by pressing the accelerator less or more.

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**Willie Garson, visage familier de « Sex and the City », est mort à l’âge de 57 ans**

"L’acteur américain avait notamment incarné Stanford Blatch, le meilleur ami de Carrie Bradshaw, dans la série à succès."

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I have just watched a Christmas advert, What made it even worse was I dont know what it was for !
Bloody C word in September.

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One of the reasons I like working in this room.
Lots of Sparrows stop by to say hello.

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Quiet night in with Netflix.
"all at sea " Silly but easy watching.

"Hard Times". nice story about an Irish village on Viagra.

Time for a night time dram...or two.

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There are mistakes and then there are absolute clangers. This is definitely the latter. What was he thinking? 😳

Morning folks,
Hope you all have a great Saturday.
My son, who is probably older than many of you, is in a team of four, Running, Cycling and Kayaking in the English lake district for charity.
Not saying which one, but I gave him some money anyway !
Then I looked up some charity CEO salaries.....
Lets just say, I donated because he is my son, Not because of the charity.
Digging a little deeper, I found prestige offices in city centres,
Sorry charities, no more from me !

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"This is what the NSA had long wanted – to ‘sit on the wire’, to watch all internet traffic and pick out whatever they chose. Now they finally had the crisis they needed to make it happen." - Cindy Cohn of EFF

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Well, here I am doing one of those fund/awareness-raiser things for the Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia (PCFA). Disclaimer: I'm a Prostate Cancer Specialist Nurse. The PCFA have persuaded the Au Gov to fund nurses like me to support survivors of prostate cancer, they also do heaps of other incredible stuff -

I always struggle with motivation to run/ride or exercise when I have actually (stupidly) committed to something. I would much rather be riding my bike or running around for fun. So, now I have found myself 25km into a 100km run. I should be able to knock out 75km in the next couple of weeks surely?! I might have to crack out the bicycle to do this...

If you are one of the huge proportion of family members and friends who know a survivor of Prostate Cancer and you live in Australia please feel free to donate or share. I actually think the PCFA do a pretty good job to improve the lives of men who have to go through this stuff.
Will you help me conquer The Long Run?
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Friday..... For some, the weekend starts here.

For others, like me, It never ended !
Woohoo or should that be Woohan ?
Take care you lovely people.

No, it was the first band.
No public fisting at all.

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Had such a good time at our festival in the park that I didnt take any pictures.

After the first band started The Boss and me hit the bottle..s.
Fist band on the trailer was
" Flamin Nora "

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Facebook pays contractors to read your ‘encrypted’ WhatsApp messages, shares info with prosecutors – reports

better get on Signal soon as possible if you want to keep your privacy.

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