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AFP: Germany's Angela Merkel believes ban on Trump's Twitter account is "problematic" because freedom of opinion should not be determined by online platform bosses

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a new pleroma version is out?
guess its time to put on the traditional norwegian programming socks and update to latest stable :cirno_uwu:

Welsh Coffee.
Actually, the coffee is lavazza ,
Perculator belonged to my late "Aunt in law", if there is such a definition.
Spanish by birth, Lived in Angelsey and spoke so fast, I got one word in three.
Lovely lady who for some reason liked me.
Coffee made in this has a distinct taste and brings back memories of happy days.

Morning all,
Sunday lie in, Reading news feeds and users opinions on events.
Afghan and USA, Covid, Dying, Demonstrations and Riots.
What a depressing place the world is at the moment.
Time travel would be a great tool.
Turn back the computer clock and go back to ?
My choice, 1971.
Days of music festivals, Velvet trousers and flowery skirts.
Fat cigarettes and great friends.
Ah, Nostalgia isn't what it used to be.
Guess I better make some coffee.

Seen on my walk today.
Not sure what nests in this,
Anyone know?

Had a little excersise as the weather was nice, there are a few short loops I can walk around here.
One takes me down what are known as the fairy steps.

This is Yorkshire,
Beware of the Fairies !

Morning all,
Getting my anti covid injection later this afternoon.
I thought I was called in because I was considered vulnerable.

Wife said it was more likely that I was expendable.

Maybe they ran out of lab rats ?

I may be back......

At my daughters this morning,
looking after my grandaughter,
No one else home.

Toaster noisily popped up, Same time as I knock into a stool.

Suprised at the loud bang it made.

Two mins later, Grandaughter remembers the frozen tube drink she put in the 900 microwave for 2 minutes.

Oh yes, It was all over the door, sides and top.

Home economics lesson 1 .

All the christmas lights and stuff are down.
Place looks bleak.
January blues !
Trying some " Fat Freddy's Drop"
Music to cheer me up
I hope

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Dec 31—Rasht, N #Iran
Early this morning local time authorities executed 30-year-old Mohammad Hassan Rezaiee, for an alleged crime that took place when he was 16 years old & following a conviction based on “confessions” extracted under torture.

Interesting things that are considered to be covid "pre conditions "
Pleased I dont have any of those, phew.

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Banned for sale in Quebec because they are deemed "non-essential."

How does this make any sense?


Just heading for bed at 12:45 ,
Undressed, climbed into bed and my phone rang.

Daughter says her bloke is unwell,
He ate a kebab today !
She needs to take him to hospital.
Will I stay with the kids.

Drove down to her house, 5min journey.

Here I am on her couch, Might as well get some sleep, They will be a while.

Only real downside is her f**king dog snores !

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This instance wil go down for maintaince tomorrow or on saturday/sunday. Moving this VM to a new VM. I'll give another headsup before the start. In any case, you can always take a look at

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**Google to lift post-election political ad ban**

"YouTube will also begin removing content that alleges election fraud, as tech companies aim to police misinformation."

#news #bot

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Christmas tree, decorated, lit and pressies underneath.
Boss says, I think it would look better in the conservatory !
What !????.

We compromised.
Its in the conservatory .
Dont look any bloody different to me !
Festive stress ? No such thing.

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