I suspect a plan to get me to lose weight by stealth !
"smaller dishes, the old fool wont notice "

Actually, I only chose porridge to use up some milk, Normally it is a winter breakfast for me.

Methinks I will revert to yoghurt and honey.
I cant do much damage with that.

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Good morning all,
Today is back to what we consider normal for an English Summer.
Mild and light rain. 50°

But at least it is Friday and almost the weekend.

Enjoy your day.

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Haha, Freundin ist gerade als Lehrerin in Ausbildung zu ner Grundschule gelaufen, weil die für 5 Mal die Woche für jeweils 2 Stunden eine Nachhilfelehrerin suchen.

Lohn für 6 Wochen: 160 €. Oh - und man muss noch 30 € für das Führungszeugnis ausgeben.

Der Rektor war mehr als beschämt, ihr das "Gehalt" mitzuteilen und hat ihr stark davon abgeraten, das zu machen. Der Staat gibt für sowas einfach nicht mehr her.

#bildung #nowords

The boss bought some small cereal bowls.
This morning I decided to have porridge ding for my breakfast.
For those who dont know, porridge ding is porridge done in a microwave.

Yup, it came over the top of the bowl!
Yup, it is on the sides, the roof and the door of the microwave.

Not easy eating porridge from a microwave.
Tomorrow I will ignore the cereal bowl and make porridge directly in the microwave.

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Today is my Grandsons Birthday.
The picture is from 2014.
Now he is taller than me but not as wide !

Today there will be CAKE for tea !

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It's officially in the am where I'm at, so good morning. Happy Tuesday, hope the day brings good things for everyone. 😊🎁
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How not to endear yourself to the locals:
Williams’ assessment of the crofters is more brutal. “A lot of the people who were cleared went abroad and their descendents are in Canada, Australia and New Zealand and doing very well,” he says. “You could argue that those who remained were the ones who didn’t have the energy to get up and go. They stayed behind and grumbled. And they have been grumbling ever since.”

"retired physics teacher John Williams, who moved to Melness from Kent six years ago"

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Switching Software is a beginner's guide to help people switch to privacy-friendly FOSS apps and federated services. You can follow at:

➡️ @switchingsoftware

The guide's website is at switching.software

Thes a git for the project at codeberg.org/swiso/website

#SwitchingSoftware #Privacy #FOSS #FLOSS #Libre #FreeSoftware #OpenSource #Computing #Alternatives #Federation #Federated #DeleteFacebook #DeleteGoogle #DeleteMicrosoft #DeleteAmazon

Fathers day breakfast.
A little unusuall, but I dont mind.
All for me ?
Think I better share with the Boss.

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What’s the best privacy protection❓

Not disclosing personal information in the first place❗

(That’s why Threema doesn’t require a phone number.)

Happy Fathers day all you Dads out there.
Still missing mine and think about things I should have said but couldnt.
I was brought up in a time when men didnt show emotions, didnt hug !
We just shook hands.
That was how things were.
The first time my son as a young man hugged me, I didnt know how to react.
I have to admit I like the way society has changed here and guys are able to hug their mates.
Homophobia was rife in my youth and any show of affection was viewed with suspicion.
Hug your dad !

Went to www.conisheadpriory.org
Built in 1160 and now a Buddist centre.
Set in a lovely location and a very tranquil place. Nice woodland walk down to the foreshore.

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For example, Paypal:
- Shut down online bookseller Smashwords over concerns about erotic fiction
- Refused to process payments for the whistleblower website Wikileaks
- Froze the account of News Media Canada over a payment to submit an article about Syrian refugees for an award

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We are looking for volunteers to help us testing new features. Prior experience with Briar is not needed: cloud.ura.design/apps/forms/JF

Good morning all,
It has been a great weekend and sunny here.
Nice meal out with the boss to commiserate 50yrs of marriage on Saturday,
Sunday at the Ilkley food and drink fair, lots of things to sample and a really enjoyable day out.
Monday starts with rain !
English summer's are always unpredictable.
Take care x

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