One of the most tedious post topics on twitter was those who told you how many people followed or unfollowed them.

I dont want to seem ungrateful to them for feeling the need to share that info but I really couldnt give a sh*t.

I am starting to see an equally dull topic on here, Wordle !

My apologies for my lack of interest in your ability to solve a puzzle, but I am seeing so many of these that I may stop following some nice people because they are crawling up my nose !

It comes as a time check when you realise your grandson is 16 and dresses like the Grim Reaper.

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One of the most famous lion in Nairobi National Park, Sirikoi has rested. He was known to hunt giraffes and buffalos alone, he was unable to feed or hunt during his last days in the hands of vets as results of injuries sustained from fighting against another male lion.

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@frankie Related: My wife works for one of the major school boards in Canada and the teachers are still told that Internet Explorer is the preferred browser for entering and processing their report card data online.

I have an app that sends me a
" word for today ".
Today it is
I know how it feels !
Some words hit the right button dont they ?

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Bad address: https://www.аррӏе.com/

Good address:

See the difference?

Me neither. The first one is using Cyrillic charset, the 2nd one - regular Latin

So, how to avoid getting shagged by the Bad Guys?

Not sure about other browsers; in Firefox, you go to about:config, find the network.IDN_show_punycode option and set it to true. From now on, any URLs based on charsets other than Latin will be shown as hex codes.

You're welcome.

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Maasai facing forced eviction from legally owned land for tourism 

Yo WTF!? Has tourism no end to its destructive march?

There're other stories on this, though they often have body mutilation because there appears to already by significant conflict, so I've not shared those.

'maasai loliondo' gets the stories if yous wish to search

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Spofford in the Rain

Taken with a Kodak Duo Six-20 from the late 1930s.

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I was originally, ages ago, going to document what I smoked and post it here for absolutely no one to read so I could remember which ones I had etc. However I stopped smoking them for a bit. I have however got my first and just smoked some lovely Ashton "Guilty Pleasure". Mild and aromatic. Look at my tiny little corn cob pipe! In hindsight I should have gotten a bigger pipe due to the difficulties of using a smaller one but oh well.

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We had a street party to celebrate the Queens jubilee,
Pleasant afternoon sitting with friends and neighbours drinking Wainrights beer and the odd glass of Pimms for the fruit !
Silly hats and masques were optional.
Attached is a rare selfie of me in the party mood.

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Morning all,
Woke up too early, Lying in bed waiting for some sun.
Attached image taken en route home last Friday, near Perth Scotland.
Is it a Pidgeon , Dove ? or a chicken?
The perils of travelling on a Friday.

Took a trip up north to see family.
Back home and sorting pictures, May take a while.
No cats, sorry.
some sheep and rig things.

On the second flight of stairs in the office I came to a big black labrador dog.
It looked at me with very sad eyes,
So I said Hello dog.
It didnt reply.

I walked into the office and the dogs Human looked up and said, He doesnt say much.

The human tells me that when the dog was younger, he was sent to be trained as a guide dog, but he developed a really bad limp.
Sadly unsuitable for a guide dog.
The dog was sent home.

The following day.......
No more limp !

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