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I don't think I ever did a proper . I'm a 34yo British bloke, married to a wonderful woman and we have a 14 day old baby boy, a 9yo pupper and a 5yo cat. I'm a Network engineer scratching my way further into network security. I've been been on the Fediverse since ran on Laconica (a long time ago). I'm a licenced op and I dabble in hobby electronics and photography. I am also slowly learning German and getting into gardening to keep these bones moving.

I use daily and I came across mention of a feature called "auto-open" ( where you can have one database open another. Very handy when you use two databases at the same time like I do. I thought surely it was documented somewhere!? But I cannot find any mention of it! It didn't even make the change log in 2.3.0 when it was introduced. Makes me wonder what other great features are hidden inside??

The little man is teething again so again I've slept only a few hours tonight. Should be illegal to be made to work when you're this tired.

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Call for XMPP/Jabber content!

We have now started to work on the next XMPP newsletter.

We still accept news and articles this week: end of submission on Fri 29th Nov.

It is that time of the month to write and publish...

Please relay this call!

that got it to the end of the 14.04 base, upgraded overnight to 18.04 which went ok but completely trashed the Nvidia drivers (nothing new there then)

After 10 minutes of discover looking like it had crashed eating one of the cpu cores, it came back reporting 1055 packages to update, only 1GB. Not bad really

Booted my desktop pc for first time since August 17th 2018. Will be interesting to see how handles that update!

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Did a talk about how small decisions to share stuff as FLOSS lead to amazing outcomes 30y on, like this video:

It was a part of an European Space Agency workshop. 🚀 🇪🇺

I was worried that it's not going to fit in among talks about spacesuit design or architecture of habitats planned in lava flow caves on the Moon(!).

I thought there might not be space for the kind of abstract musings about human condition that I had to offer. Luckily, willingness to share is universal.

Printer wanted blue ink, bought blue ink, installed blue ink, now it wants yellow ink. I can see where this is going and it involves bankruptcy somewhere along the line

Cooking without a sense of taste or smell is really quite a challenge. OTOH the results don't really matter that much to me either

My cold has reached the stage where I can't taste anything, and now I realise that's one of my favourite senses.

A day before he turns 20 months my son has made his ever first purchase, an extraordinarily expensive rental of Strictly Come Dancing on Prime Video. In other news I've realised it's time to put pin numbers on everything linked to my bank card.

Reading Absolute OpenBSD's section on hard disk partitioning and it really is as terrifying as I assumed it would be. How are we in 2019 and still letting an OS worry about drive geometry? It's not even based on physical properties anymore (if it ever was), it's a layer cake of bullshit that should've been obsoleted a generation ago.

@xvilo hi Sem, I've noticed the server time seems to be lagging behind about 36 minutes. The time is now 10:34 but this post's timestamp will disagree.

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If you ever wondered what it was like to boot the earliest UNIXen on their original hardware, here's a video from the Living Computer Museum:

Noticed the "artist pick" feature, today for the first time, which seems to be a playlist put together by an artist of their own tracks.

Nice idea, except the artist I was listening to has been dead for 16 years, maybe it's a thing?

thought it was a nice quiet day, then someone asked about an email I hadn't seen, *clicks send/receive*, You've got a day's worth of email! FML Outlook you bastard

so 50 MP's claim they aren't running in this election, could be a good thing but I daren't think about what horrors might emerge from the Tory cess-pool to replace them

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Our large pumpkin from ALDI turned out to be rotten inside. It's very on-brand for the event but I'm still a bit annoyed I don't get some delicous pumpkin seeds.

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