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A lot of big photographers seem to be showcasing their work on Instagram nowadays. I just can't bring myself to go back there even if it's not just for the cat pictures

Such a shame all the best photo sharing sites are all so proprietary. A photo-centric masto frontend would be nice to have someday

loading up some database knowledge from my distant past, amazing to see what managed to stick.

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Wait, Facebook is literally pushing a VPN solution that claims to "protect" you?

A VPN that sends all your traffic through facebook's servers

How dumb do they thin... 33 million installs... Okay they might be right about how dumb people are

Mixed feelings over lovely Valentine's messages about me from the wife posted on proprietary social media platforms.

Passed a tech exam today with 95%, now I really, really, really need to know which 3 questions I got wrong!

Resumed my practice to a entire lesson consisting of the single word Entschuldigung (sorry). Not a word I'd easily forget, I think Duo is just making me apologise profusely for slacking on my German.

Almost everyone in the office has commented on my new now, I might have started a thing.

So I bit into my tongue over night and now it's too painful to talk. Fortunately I've been practicing not talking my entire life. I'm ready for this.

Interesting use of the word "successful", when you wanted to get in a Mars orbit but ended up in the asteroid belt. I imagine someone is secretly getting a rollocking.

I imagine the same people who would buy Crypto on credit would never think of buying casino chips the same way

/me checks BTC price
Me: $10,000.00, wow that's cheap!
BTC: "Hold my beer.".
2 mins later...
BTC: $9,850, hows that?

@xvilo btw, Tusky started working again recently so that's some good news 😉

Getting "503 Remote data could not be fetched" trying to follow users on GNU Social instances, many different ones, Mastodon follows work fine. Could this be a server problem or a Mastodon problem? @xvilo

Sometime's I think about how idealistic I was as a child and it seems to suggest I could never have been here before.

If my fitness tracker would play the "Sonic drowning" sound effect whenever it detects I've not moved for a while, I might be a bit more responsive to it.

Dropped Amiberry on my very old Raspberry Pi 1B 256MB edition. It's RAM limitations has made it a struggle to find a purpose for the thing but emulating 30 year old Amiga hardware might be it. Seems to boot very quick in ~10 seconds, now just need to load it up with some Kickstart ROMs and games. It'd be interesting to try using it with the composite video connection too but I don't really have a suitable monitor, yet.

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Good morning. Is there anyone out there in the (or compatible timezone) who might be interested in an online support group meeting once a week, using a mutually agreed upon video / audio app like Zoom ?