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I don't think I ever did a proper . I'm a 34yo British bloke, married to a wonderful woman and we have a 14 day old baby boy, a 9yo pupper and a 5yo cat. I'm a Network engineer scratching my way further into network security. I've been been on the Fediverse since identi.ca ran on Laconica (a long time ago). I'm a licenced op and I dabble in hobby electronics and photography. I am also slowly learning German and getting into gardening to keep these bones moving.

My long-dying Moto X phone has started to power-off at 60% battery now so I rage-purchased the Xiaomi Mi A2. I'm not normally like that but it's been annoying me for at least 2 years and the new phone was too cheap that even my sense of frugality couldn't stop me.

This morning I've been mostly running some exterior cat5e cable at my grandparent's house using a ladder that seems to predate the transistor. Still more solid than my modern aluminum ladder

To prove my address, I need to send two bits of mail showing the address via post. Why can't they just send me a letter with a super-secret code in it and I'll read that to them by the phone? Seriously this process seems like it's from the 1800's, and probably is.

We need a British Standard for bin colour use, I can't deal with every council having their own.

So my solicitor has been unable to reach my share and asked me to email them copies of my identification and a whole host of senstitive information in their 30 page client questionnaire because of reasons. It if wasn't the 2nd time this has happened this year I could laugh it off as an isolated incident but this is apparently normal attitudes to in the legal industry. I refused.

Woke up to what sounds like an air raid siren, bit I'm pretty sure it's just a drill

At some point I started watching TV with subtitles on even though I've perfect hearing. I guess it takes the load off my ears. Now I'm finding alt-text really useful for explaining what's going on in s picture even though my eyes have nothing much to complain about. Perhaps in just getting cognitively lazy

Thought I'd learn a little scripting, first lesson.

% puts "Hellow world!";
Hellow world!

Not a good start.

Maybe it's a political leaning thing but I don't understand the aversion many have to brands being present on the fediverse. Like sure you don't want some $B company using up the resources of free instances but if they set up their own and people deliberately follow them then there's surely value in that? Publicly shaming a company's poor service is 80% of the reason my :twitter: account still exists, I'd find it quite convenient if I didn't need to do that within the walled garden.

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Dear Fediverse,

Soon, some venture capitalist will put $5 million into a startup that offers free fediverse accounts with unlimited storage, etc.

Unless every other instance instantly blocks such a service from Day 1, you can kiss your fediverse goodbye and say hello to a new Gmail. Once network effects kick in, they will make the rules.

It _can_ happen here but you have an opportunity to kill it before it does.

#centralisation #fediverse

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RT @incunabula@twitter.com: Reports from Rio are of the total destruction of the museum and the loss of upwards of 20 million items. This is the Brazilian equivalent of the British Museum or the Louvre. There are simply no words for a tragedy like this.

🐦🔗: twitter.com/incunabula/status/

OTOH public profile endorsements bring back bad memories of Myspace's top friends feature and the ensuing drama that generated /shudders

The new relay feature sounds interesting, perhaps this might help solve the problem of users all joining major instances to access their local timelines for content of interest. It's not the solution I had in mind but perhaps it is a better way about it if relays develop that are more topical and less random noise that the federated timelines often are.

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What features would you like to see in pixelfed?

After federation support is released we can focus on other features 😉

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hit the gym for the first time since an injury last year, and then becoming a dad/gaining my dad-bod. Good to know I can still manage a 5k albeit slowly, I'm sure going to feel it tomorrow though.

Garden fox has appeared for the first time since I acquired a telephoto lens which I now keep by the back door to the garden. So naturally he was right outside the glass panelled door and I couldn't get to it without spooking him! Next time Fox, next time.

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Let's do #woollyweek again!

From the 27th august to 2nd september, we will use Mastodon exclusively. :)


(And keep away from Twitter :p)

Found an injured pigeon in the garden, was still there after a few hours and was being attacked by local Magpies so I've given it a bit of a rest in a cat box (sans cat) with some tasty bird seed and water so hopefully it'll feel well enough later to take off.

@M0YNG hey, I attempted signup on your instance but the signup mails get rejected by my server for "sender verification failed". I think it might be because your sender domain mg.mastodon.radio doesn't resolve.