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I don't think I ever did a proper . I'm a 34yo British bloke, married to a wonderful woman and we have a 14 day old baby boy, a 9yo pupper and a 5yo cat. I'm a Network engineer scratching my way further into network security. I've been been on the Fediverse since ran on Laconica (a long time ago). I'm a licenced op and I dabble in hobby electronics and photography. I am also slowly learning German and getting into gardening to keep these bones moving.

Totally oblivious to the clap for NHS at 8pm, just thought there was a hell of a lot of horses walking past the house all of a sudden. Not really that unusual around here.


I wonder which politician had their Internet go down before they decided my industry are now keyworkers

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It's bandcamp day, so get out there and support an artist. I've slashed my expenses but Imma pick one artist today and give a little support.

Really should've checked the news before venturing out to my local 24h supermarket at 4am, only to find it and every other one now close overnight

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I see lots of good informational posts on covid nowadays. But many of them I cannot boost.

Lots of folks are controlling their information intake on covid. My instance, and many others, requires CWs for anything related to covid or coronavirus.

Please consider CWing your informational posts.

Thank you.

We already had one email from a concerned customer about whether our firewalls are patched against coronavirus. That's quite a species leap.

Heavy common cold wasted my weekend, also my stash of paracetamol. Bad timing all round

Checked if we had spare toilet rolls in case we struggle to find any in the shops. Turns out we have been stockpiling them for some time

Shall I see you all down the Winchester then?

It's 2020, so why do I still see forwarded messages insisting that everyone who sees it must forward it on substituting their own personal data. Has no one learned anything from these past 10 years? 🤦‍♂️

4 more trees gone from the garden today, that's 8 in total now. Looking forward to planting a magnolia tomorrow and a lot more later this year so I can start to restore the balance.

About 10 years ago I suffered a major PEBCAK error and lost all my digital photos. I managed to recover from various ad-hoc backups everything except for 2004. I've just found a few more early backups from 2005 and I've decided that photos from 2004 just didn't exist, which given it was a pretty awful year in my life is not really a bad thing. At least that event forced me to learn proper backup methods for next time

Slept right through phase one finishing, I'm a very light sleeper and even the Chinese New year fireworks were enough to wake me. Which is pretty niche in my area. I can only presume nobody bothered to be up celebrating.

I guess that's it then, back to business as usual tomorrow. 🇪🇺

Ordered my 4th Victorinox SAK. I think I might have a problem.

Enjoying the TV series of "What we do in the shadows" except that they introduced the concept of an energy vampire as a real being and now I'm seeing them everywhere 😟

Got a new memory foam cushion for my office chair at work, going to file this one under "Why didn't I do this earlier!?"

Clearing out my old toots, over 1K since I started here, thats too much incriminating evidence to be left around

Hotel's free wifi is throttled to 1Mbps, I'm surprised it's that high, it feels like 56k as I watch Netflix thumbnail images load one by one over the course of a few minutes. The web has really become a resource hog

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