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I don't think I ever did a proper . I'm a 34yo British bloke, married to a wonderful woman and we have a 14 day old baby boy, a 9yo pupper and a 5yo cat. I'm a Network engineer scratching my way further into network security. I've been been on the Fediverse since ran on Laconica (a long time ago). I'm a licenced op and I dabble in hobby electronics and photography. I am also slowly learning German and getting into gardening to keep these bones moving.

Set up two new devices with new temp+humidity+pressure sensors. None of my 3 sensors are in agreement so need to choose one to be the source of truth and apply correction factors to the others. Wonder if either my or one of the bme280's is inherently more accurate to make the choice easier.

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@andyc I have issues reaching which seem to be linked to IPv6. I've raised it with the local admin but they're on-going since last year, I'm not going to push the matter as I'm not a paying customer so I only really have one other choice. Besides that I'm perfectly happy with this instance.
OTOH I've been here since my very early experiences on Mastodon so perhaps there's something to be gained from a bit of instance tourism cc: @basil

I've been falling down a rabbit hole lately. Started on , dropped to plaintext files, Markdown then through and landed on a shelf down at the level. Not sure if it goes much further than this, I hope not anyway as my head's spinning

Needed to fish out an old bash script I wrote a while back for comparing lists. Gave it a cursory look over and 🙄 at my younger self's earnest attempt to re-implement grep badly. Replaced 40 lines of nonsense with 3 lines of a bash while loop and it burned through the job. Seems one benefit of going through the pain of learning Bash is the more you know, the less you need to use it.

Had a few coconut shells of suet out for the birds in the last few weeks which have vanished without a trace. I figured there is a clever corvid like a Jackdaw or something that has worked out how to unhook it from the feeding station and is flying off with the whole thing. Then I put out a 5x5in suet cake in a metal mesh holder yesterday and less than 12 hours later the container is empty! Either I have some VERY hungry birds or someone is walking into my garden and robbing my bird food.

Feeling the urge to get another Raspberry Pi. I think I'll wait a couple of weeks and see if it passes

Who'd have thought Dominic Cummings would be the one to unite the left and the right. Hell hath frozen over

This government's covid19 response has been abysmal, but I would never had thought it get so bad as to brew up a mass civil disobedience movement followed by high death toll second wave simply through sheer arrogance.

Resorted to factory resetting my phone to try resolve some Android 10 upgrade bugs. Feels like saying goodbye to an old friend before smothering them with a pillow. At least it seems to have stopped losing all the ringtones now. Time will tell if other annoyances like silently losing the SIM card while I'm on-call are also done with.

Let's just say, I'm not too enthused to find out what May has in store for us

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After shutting down the beige box and firing up the MBP to start work, that loud resonant hum disappeared, replaced by virtual silence.
That noise used to annoy me but I switched to a laptop as my home computer a few years ago now and it never felt the same, I think I miss having a desktop home PC now.

This experience caused me to burn the first CD (or any physical media for that matter) since god-knows-when. In fact so old my CD-R stack has discs that only support 10x write speeds. Writing 2020 on a CD-R feels so strange. If only the 20-year-old me could see this.

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Out of curiosity I spun up my last remaining beige box after ~10 years in lofts/garages. Forgot what hardware was in there, so found a 2002 Athlon XP 2000+ on an Asus A7V-133C (great mobo in it's day), 768MB pre-DDR SDRAM. A rusting Seagate 80GB PATA HDD, that died from the shock of re-animation. Dropped in my favourite Plextor 24x CD writer which gladly still works. So much nostalgia, tempted to restore it into a period-accurate PC, but maybe I've been watching too much YouTube.

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Because it worked so well last time, #Bandcamp is waiving their cut on the first Friday of May (1st), June (5th), and July (3rd).

Those are good days to get your #music on.

Maybe with Virgin Media's major internet outage more of the public will recognise that telecoms engineers really are key workers too and will start to celebrate their continued efforts and put them on their murals alongside the NHS and the Police?

LOL, we know what'll really happen is they'll get screamed at for interrupting their Netflix binge and attempting to install better mobile infrastructure they've been otherwise happily using for the last 20+ years. Thankless jobs 'r' us.

I'm not a big fan of the Parliamentary system, but for all its faults I'm glad we don't put so much power in the hands of one person that a PM could say the things Trump does and not be bungled into the back of a padded van immediately afterwards.

Everyone keeps going on about how great is, and how it's so much simpler than IPSEC blah, blah, blah, it can't really be that easy! let's have a-aaaand we're done. 😳

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Recycling in 2019: I’m not an alcoholic, haha, I just had a party.

Recycling in 2020: Please, I swear I didn’t have a party, I’m just an alcoholic.

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