When you look at the world through rose-tinted spectacle every red flag looks white.

The scariest and spookiest thing all month long is that you voluntarily use Chrome and have Amazon's spy devices in your home.

(Good on you if you don't!)

SPX down 2%. Millennials ask "is this what it was like in the Great Depression?"

Marathon bars are back, temporarily. I am not going to rush to buy.

It’s good jobs, stupid


Neoclassical policies which just maximize the size of the cake seem incapable of redistributing the benefits so that nobody is worse off, let alone so that everyone is better off.


Mint Press is blocked by mainstream sites. It seems to have connections to Russia, so I would be cautious about taking its reports at face value. However, Whitney Webb seems to be a hard working journalist who is genuinely investigating what is a pretty worrying story, centred around Jeffrey Epstein.

I don't want to promote conspiracy theories, but I think people should be able to read this stuff and make up their own minds.

What is your social media platform of choice?

I finally got my Twitter account reactivated. The suspension achieved its objective. I'm never going to say anything out of turn on Twitter again.

It's weird that everyone knows that Epstein did not commit suicide.


Chinese high speed rail about one seventeenth the cost per km of that in the UK. And we think we're going to be a major manufacturing centre.

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