Chinese high speed rail about one seventeenth the cost per km of that in the UK. And we think we're going to be a major manufacturing centre.

I went from hitting a wall yesterday to finding errors in my teacher's expected output today I'm feeling great no one can stop me I'll pass the exam YES :nes_fire:

Amazing chart showing how the composition of the stockmarket has changed over the decades. Goes back to 1815!!

I am not here to inspire you.

The darker side to calling disabled people 'inspiring'. Why it's insulting, exploitative, and ultimately harmful. #disability

Huge dispersion in price of goods and services in last 20 years. Massive auto-correlation of rises.

Inflation probably understated. Makes buying bonds even more bonkers.

It's kind of hard to see why anyone buys any sovereign bonds other than Treasuries.

But what do I know? And maybe Central Banks are not focussed on profits.

The Conference Board's labor differential: "jobs hard to get" - "fewer jobs available". That's why it goes negative!

Rich countries have done an increasing amount of trade with poor (developing countries), with the exception of Japan. From this paper, but via Martin Sandbu's FT "Free Lunch" email.

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