*sighs* at . I'm sure I'd turned off the extraneous news notifications before but yet again I can see the notification bell filling up with stuff I don't care about.

I obviously didn't move my .cache to a new device soon enough. Time to rebuild my mail database 😕

The kids have finished school and are now exploring Disney+ - I managed to convince the daughter there were better things than Sofia the First to explore so she has gone for Phineas and Ferb.

With all this home learning it's not going to take too long for the kids to realise adults spelling skills are augmented by autocorrect and spell checkers. Somehow I think the explanation that learning spelling is important so you can spot the correct one in the drop down is going to fall on deaf ears.

Find yourself with time on your hands and a desire to learn about the joys of code instrumentation and generation? Google's program has extended it's application deadline to the end of the month. See the wiki for project ideas: wiki.qemu.org/Google_Summer_of

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A thought. Is this all a big lesson in being careful what you wish for: Marxists get crisis of capitalism, liberals get return of experts, conservatives get strong borders and police, communitarians get extreme localism, environmentalists get less pollution. Yet no one is happy.

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Abergavenny officers are continuing to monitor road closures to the Sugar Loaf, pleased to report no issues at this time.

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Touch typing may not be on the national curriculum but I'm putting it on mine. 10 minutes a day thanks to the toybox.tools.bbc.co.uk/activit (headphones recommended if you have > 1 child)

Preparing for my first stint as the formal educator of the day. I like to think my kids have learnt stuff from me before but....

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A local @MonmouthshireCC@twitter.com message . If you are intent (against advice) to walk up Sugar Loaf Mountain, then walk up it. There was carnage all day yesterday on the single track access road to the @nationaltrust@twitter.com car park including anger / fights. If this continues I will close road

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have turned around their video pretty quickly. TIL about the immune response: youtu.be/BtN-goy9VOY

I wish I couldn't hear the persistent cough going on in the CMO/CSO briefing: youtube.com/watch?v=o9jJz00szg

During I'm thinking of introducing my 8 year old to . Can any fans recommend some nice clean code editors? I can show them but it might just be a bit too much for their first editor.

On the bright side I won't have to iron any more school clothes for some time.

I know some people have been critical of the delay shutting down schools in the but I appreciate it takes time to organise cover for children of key workers and support for vulnerable kid and plans for maintaining education at home. Personally we've been using the time to prepare our kids and ourselves for long weeks and months to come. The family isolation starts on Friday.

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re: covid (info on virus longevity in environment) 

My children are getting primers on Microsoft Teams for the upcoming school closures. *long sigh*

Things that happened that I never expected today: offering me a refund for my flights.

A useful thread from Andy Burnham who was the Health Secretary when H1N1 swept the world. I think his main takeaway is right - let the CSO and CMO take the lead on communicating the driving the strategy. I think that is what is happening FWIW.

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