I can't remember the last times I had to fill out a piece of paper to set up a Direct Debt. Is this really the process @MonmouthshireCC@twitter.com? You can't set it up online or over the phone?

I did not expect to wake up today to find the had now entered the post- era. Regardless of the details of why we got to this point it was something that was going to happen eventually. As FLOSS ages and matures the question of succession becomes more prevalent and the long term health of any project can't rely on an individual however singular their original vision may have been.

Today I shall mostly be trying to hit all the floating point edge cases I can.

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With Docker, you can make constantly reinstalling your machine a core part of your development work.

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Seriously, again?

#NetCAT abuses another "feature" of recent #Intel server CPUs called DDIO to perform a side-channel attack on a remote CPU.


I've just made a health and safety pun in a patch series. Time to step away from the keyboard for the night.

Some of the old VMs I have to keep around to check support on "legacy" builds only have 24 which is playing havoc with my config. I'm slightly tempted to propose we up the minimum build OS requirements.

Mastodon obviously failed to realize @MonmouthshireCC@twitter.com was a twitter handle. I'll have look up how to pass those through properly.

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I wrote my first piece of code for the new house; screen scraping 🐘MonmouthshireCC@mastodon.org.uk website so I can have an .ical feed for the bins: github.com/stsquad/monmouthshi

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I wrote my first piece of code for the new house; screen scraping @MonmouthshireCC website so I can have an .ical feed for the bins: github.com/stsquad/monmouthshi

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Any devs know if there is an equivalent to perl/g-cpan? Or a minimal reference for packaging a pypi package?

I thought I was going to become a shopper but it turns out there is a very nice a short cycle into . They have obviously come a long way since my time in Stockport with a very nice beer selection. Apparently do more alcohol free versions of their beers!

I signed the petition (petition.parliament.uk/petitio) although it won't change much. However I did ensure I'm registered to vote (gov.uk/register-to-vote) because sooner or later we will all have our say again and that can't be ignored.

I finally finished the latest season of last night. I didn't binge it all when it was released because the experience of the previous season had left by better half somewhat drained. I took advantage of being on my own to finish it this week. This season while still dark (it is Black Mirror after all) was I thought a return to form - exploring our relationship with technology with a Dhal like dark twist.

The power line network is installed and working and matching our exceeding the best wireless link. 3/4 machines are up and running and connected to the internet. All that's left is a radio survey so I can optimise the three wifi networks across the house.

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I'm fairly sure Elon Musk is just spit balling random ideas as part of his thought process. I thought the main problem with establishing a self sustaining colony on Mars was the hard radiation as there is no Magnetosphere like on Earth to divert the worst effects of the sun from our little ball of rock.


New house and new ISP means new router. The is probably the best ISP supplied router I've seen so far. With advanced mode it gives you all sorts of details about your network as well as juicy tidbits about the DSL connection it's running over. Haven't quite worked out how to get it to forward all internet traffic to my Turris Omnia yet but I guess that can wait until I get the powerline hardware.

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Something I mentioned on GitHub, to clarify someone who was confused as to why their feature request was shot down (even with a patch attached).

The window management code of sway is basically closed to further enhancements. This has been an unspoken policy for a while now. We only merge bugfixes and otherwise we track i3 releases upstream.

Expanding sway into a giant kitchen sink is not my goal. We need to at some point become conservative with our changes, or else the runaway complexity will ruin the software. Eventually sway should be "done", in my opinion.

There is still room for improvement, but that is mainly limited to the domains in which i3 is not: the parts of sway (and wlroots) which replace the role of the Xorg server. To this end, we're building improvements around screen capture, VR support, and so on. We also continue to see lots of investment in wlroots, and I expect it will continue to mature for a long time.

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A Tumblr called "Accidentally Quadratic", dedicated to showcasing instances of software that did just that: accidentallyquadratic.tumblr.c

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