well after 10+ years of no claims on my car insurance my current provider has been hit with two in the space of a week. I foresee a rise in my premiums up ahead.

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We published a statement on our stance on neutrality of free software (and why we won't stay neutral in this case): f-droid.org/en/2019/07/16/stat

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The German chancellor, the president of the EU commission, the president of the German Conservative party (and as of now also German minister of defence). I don’t have to support them politically, but three women in powerful positions is a Damn Good Thing IMHO. Via Instagram.

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Awesome article about Margaret Hamilton, brilliant computer programmer who invented the term Software Engineering and probably has@more claim than most to having actually done it running Apollo software. twitter.com/info_activism/stat

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While upgrading today it has become apparent that some apps respect my abuse of XDG_CACHE_HOME and some don't.

The sports gods are having a laugh today.

Apparently not - this could be a while...

Today I am mostly learning about mobile and broadband coverage in Wales.

git bisect certainly feels like a super power. If someone actually gives you a nice test case for a regression it's easy to zero in on the fault with git bisect run. Usually it doesn't take long from identifying the bad commit to proposing a fix. *ding ding* another happy customer.....

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Additionally, if you’ve ever installed the Zoom client and then uninstalled it, you still have a localhost web server on your machine

This is why I put in a package anything needing more than user permissions at installation time, also why I do not want something like session startup other than ~/.profile and similar (and don’t even try to edit theses or it’s a permanent ban from my sandbox(1) config).

I used to donate to a number of projects/creators using flattr but I let those lapse as the site went through it's various iterations and changes. I've come to prefer the direct subscription model and after a modest prompt from @xvilo I've finally setup for a few projects I use heavily. I have to say I was expecting to aggregate the various donations and do one regular payment rather than setting a payment cadence (and provider!) for each donation.

Watching the centre court right now. Electrifying stuff, even the kids are into it

Tommy Robinson guilty of contempt of court for a 2018 broadcast. This is my surprised face 😲😗😀👍

BBC News - Tommy Robinson guilty over Facebook broadcast

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It eliminates cross-platform build issues by forcing you to focus so much on autotools that you have no time to fix cross-platform build issues

*sigh* yet again I can't actually use the @CapitaSIMS@twitter.com website to actually pay for my son's school trip. Truly the worst of the web-apps I've used.

I generally find are pretty good at dealing with returns but I did bridle a little at "return window has already expired...refund will be process automatically as an exception for being a loyal customer". I mean that's great but I have a automatic 2 year guarantee thanks to law which you have to honor (for now).

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