Was discussing with my kids how media player profiles help provide suggestions on what to watch next. They now have shiny new profiles.

Want to read a thread about bug-hunting then this is for you. h/t @cawhitworth@twitter.com

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We released patch 1.2 of today, and it includes a fix for the dreaded "the game thinks my companions are dead" bug, which I believe I spent more time investigating than I have for any other individual bug in my career (1/18)

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Strapping in for the exit poll. It feels wierd not having a Dimbleby presenting.

Reading up on my current MP and his utterances in parliament to see if he really is a climate change denier.

I love finding bugs on a Friday afternoon.... no wait.. the other thing...

The recent announcement adds a bit more context to their hiring spree (as noticed by people name badges changing company at conferences). More chips for the cloud!

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🇬🇧 UK politics related 🗳️

Vote for Policies have launched their website so you can pick the policies that sound good to you and see who you really side with.


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The More or Less team have started releasing their election specials. I almost spat out my tea when they used a clip from Airplane to define what a hospital was: bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/m000bx15

I was planning on doing a write-up of both main parties manifestos but there is not much in the Tory one. However since my last post the IFS have posted their analysis of the manifestos (ifs.org.uk/election/2019/manif).

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Ladies and gentlemen, *this* is the ultimate tool in your #Emacs, in winter or summer! github.com/johanvts/emacs-fire :-) (thanks to @natharari)

We finally got the VHE extensions working in 's emulation last night. A successful inaugural code sprint. This opens the way to testing virtualisation as well.

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Amazing, wonderful. 👍 sending over to @design_RG

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An aerial view of a sheepdog as it demonstrates fluid mechanics, and it also shows a sheep is a particle, while a flock is a wave.

I've just realised that every time I add beer to my shopping list I'm quoting Withnail and I.. "a few ales".

So I have a dilemma with how to spend my free evening tonight. Do I engage in political process and watch the or spend some spare time in the West in ?

Two -compile questions on in the same week! Hopefully that means it is being a useful extension for people 😄

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