Extra bizarre: it comes down to the EDITOR environment variable not being set when spawned from

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I have the most weird bug/interaction between ssh-agent and that results in ssh-agent being flushed, but only when launched from via .

It's back yay! It was actually fairly easy to bridge my phone onto my home network to keep some sort of connectivity going but it's nothing like a modern plastic wrapped piece of copper.

I take it back, the OpenReach guy is now hunting through the ducts to find the ground fault that affecting 4 lines in our street. I've learnt we have some lead ducting and good old fashioned paper wrapped copper under ground.

Due to the internet being down the kids complaining about being limited to only streaming from the in house media server. It has 420Gb of media in the Childrens/Family section alone. The horror!

I'm not worried about AI replacing me yet.

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This is a very thoughtful and pragmatic take on GitHub CoPilot and the promise of AI as a “pair programmer.” Really well done, @jeremyphoward@twitter.com! bit.ly/3y9strS

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/me sighs in waiting for OpenReach to fix what they broke at lunchtime.

I sometimes wonder if proprietary graphics developers ever read reverse engineering docs and think the FLOSS folks understand it better: collabora.com/news-and-blog/ne

£28 million for a 10 minute joy ride. If what you want is zero-g you could have achieved plenty of that in a vomit comet for much less.

I see bullseye has frozen - time to move my daily driver up and shake out the remaining bugs.

I went out to the pub and chatted with a friend for a few hours while enjoying a few ales. That is all.

I get that people are questioning government policy and that's fine. However can we stop pretending that one graph somehow the can encapsulate the totally of a multi-factor policy decision. And as for cherry picking data to make a point 😦

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This thread is pure gold. Having done a Chemistry degree I approve at least the top of thread.

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What's the simplest, most fundamental theme of your chosen area of study?

Chemistry: Electrons Control Almost Everything, and We Can Control Them.

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Tom Cruise has got contacts for all the finals tickets.

I now have 3 different sizes of watch batteries in my battery draw and I don't even own a watch.

Have been experimenting with various settings for to visualize the last year of development. Apologies for the bury video but I was trying to keep the size down.

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