Like his friend and colleague Linda Smith both were wonderful genuinely nice and funny people and snatched away far too early :(

Jeremy Hardy has passed away, the world is not as funny anymore :<

So have just finished the Bobiverse trilogy by Dennis E Taylor (via Audiable) and was awesome. Can't really say anything because spoilers.

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So yeah, basically expired certificate issue 😛

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@tig Sorry, you're right; I should have addressed your cracker-joke-quality pun first.

This is possibly more of a UK pun possibly?

I am being festive, so 5 LEDs are lit today, the 6th will turn on tomorrow and so on. There are 25 LEDs what have I made?

Now one owl per platform, pulls a JSON file from the NMS and sets the owl colour by max severity of status alerts :) I am hoping to build a stand for them at the makespace next week... and if you thought owlerting system was bad you haven't seen anything yet...

Added a new toy to my ESP8266 based wifi wonderland at work, take one Poundland Halloween owl, upgrade the LEDs to addressable ones, add in a D1 mini and connect to Nagios....

Yes I have made it part of my Owlerting System!

I really wish I had tweaked it to straighten it up before that pic.. also maybe not taken it against such a bright background... Oh it also speaks a Blackadder quote when it comes on :)

So I built a wifi controlled lightbulb that is behind my desk to come on when I have a good idea...

RIP D1 mini, I cocked up and dead shorted the 5v rail... Magic smoke emitted... Most of the LED tape string survived :-) (apologies for shitty camera work and soldering)

So first bit done, next the electrics :) Servos, leds, ESP8266 and magic :)

Right hooked up an D1 mini and a relay because it was on my desk... now what can I wifi control...

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