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Fuck video “documentation” and write a goddamn user manual

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Video conferencing was invented by people who sit in racing chairs.

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This week Johnson passed a law making it compulsory for voters to produce ID when voting.
Nice one Boris....
‘If I am ever asked to produce my ID card as evidence that I am who I say I am I will take that card out of my wallet and physically eat it in the presence of whatever emanation of the state has demanded that I produce it.” Boris Johnson, 2004.

I had a wonderful postcard/photo arrive today from @tpheine who has clearly been time traveling :-) I will send one back if I ever go anywhere!

Will have to print this coupler tomorrow as it will take 8 hours and I don't like to run it unattended

I love my local postoffice (the hypermarket in the big smoke, they have pavements and everything, no streetlights but pavements) you can pop in to post a letter and buy a fully cooked lobster. Obviously I didn't today as I picked up a fresh pack of sausages with marmalade in them...

One disadvantage of working from home is that you get used as a free dogsitting service, I don't know how I cope...

So @dick_turpin can't remember if I mentioned the pub in the big smoke that is now closed. They have now announced they want to make it smaller and build some houses on the side (shock). This is inconsequential to the fact there are now sheep and alpacas grazing on the pub car park and garden. I thought you should be informed.

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@tpheine now back at the ferry for the trip back! (Apologies for the filthy windscreen!)

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Finest exotic cuisine served with a street food vibe ...

Dear @dick_turpin ... The new action film! Scone in 5 minutes! Hello from Crafordsburn Beach!

@tpheine this thread of toots comes to you from the Irish sea :-)

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@tpheine support car for the Ruby again, at the docks on the way to Belfast for my sister's wedding. Just to show how much he trusts me, my Dad will let me drive it on the way back ;-)

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