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Alright, my self made air quality sensors for Luftdaten.info measured the pressure waves from the vulcano eruption in Tonga as well.


#Tonga #vulcano

My Dresden postcard collection has doubled :-) Thanks @tpheine ! It arrived the day after mine arrived at yours!

I have been out with the posse (my Dad) tearing up the streets of Staffordshire at speeds of of upto 40mph! (downhill, straight road) I was driving the Ruby (1936, the Tourer is 1933/34 iirc or as @dick_turpin would call it, "one of these rubbish modern cars not like the ones were in my day...")

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Didn't have the best day today, but @tig made me smile and saved it! Thank you very much, highly appreciated! /Me tips my hat to you


btw when you are hours into a trip from Scotland to Staffordshire, limited to A and B roads with an average speed of about 30 mph there is nothing more depressing than seeing a sign saying "THE SOUTH Leeds X miles York X miles" I was overjoyed when this changed to signs for the southern coastal resort of Doncaster, it meant we were actually making progress...

@m well well well, look what the stoat dragged in...

I have finally made it home... I am knackered.

I was going to live stream from here but there was no signal...

A Cornish local reading a postcard from @tpheine a couple of days ago...

Waiting in the Sainsbury's car park in Taunton for everyone else to get back so we can get back on the road and into a nice long queue in the motorway again... So here is a photo of some Goth ducks instead

On holiday, last proper day today, was a bit rainy yesterday, looking better this morning.

If anyone is after some Friday tunes then this channel is gold :) Fantastic mashups and a lot of fun, Slayer and Katrina and the Waves anyone? : youtube.com/watch?v=7MrMfoHeji

For those of you that remember The Crystal Maze and with apologies to Richard O'Brien... :)

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Freedom day on the 19th is for the Johnson variant. That is what is being let free of restrictions.

Basically at this point all I can suggest is that other countries enforce their borders to prevent contamination from the viral cesspool that the UK is about to become. I fully expect that we will see the first vaccine resistant strain evolve here as it is perfect conditions. Sorry world but we have selfish fuckwits in charge and our system has utterly failed.

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