I was reminiscing the other day about when I had a commute where I had to change trains in Walsall. In an odd way I look back on it with slight nostalgic fondness and I remember extrageographic.org/walsall-hi as the place to meet people before the era of mobile phones. I am just wondering if there are any more concrete sculptures of animals in the area which continues on bringing joy to everyone
@dick_turpin <3

One for @dick_turpin ... Meanwhile on Twitter someone dared to question RAF Luton and some familiar names came up...

I finally used (in anger) my FLEDERMAUSDETEKTOR yesterday and was great fun. I am sure @tpheine will have approved of the German kit and the efficiency, it is the first time I have been told to use the clipped of bits of components for structural connections :) youtube.com/watch?v=9mTrAXt6ol This was from tonight, I forgot to get any footage last night when there were loads more fuzzy flyers around :(

So ordered (not designed) by first PCBs this week, had some of the Awesome BigCliveDotCom's gallium2.zip boards from bigclive.com/freebies.htm ordered by JLCPCB :) This is possibly the start of a very bad thing... I never really thought about getting pcbs made before

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OH: "GNU Emacs, which is a sort of hybrid between Windows Notepad, a monolithic-kernel operating system, and the International Space Station."

Literally tooting my own trumpet :)

I did a thing :)


The colours are crap on the vid as it kept swamping it out :(

Apologies for my absence, there was a lot of politics that I couldn't process at the time. Then health and work issues got in the way :(

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe and socially distancing and wearing a mask in public. If you want to wear masks at home that is your own kink :) Just don't get the two confused :)

taps mic, does this thing still work?

The problem when you are friends with a locksmith... 😃

Chapel Carn Brea this morning. Speaking of ancient ruins, @dick_turpin how's things?

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Horrible pun 

I quit my job at the can crushing company. It was soda pressing.

some of the descriptions are really missing the point

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