So apparently the USAF has official precautions for when they have to work with their Canadian counterparts.... @MunkyBone

I might have fixed the bed adhesion issues I had on my 3d printer!
Still got a bit of stringing to sort but 1000% improvement so far :)

So I built a stand for my owls and included a very bad git joke...

I want to know if @dick_turpin went to the National Alpaca show at weekend and if he did then we want to see pictures but if he didn't I want to hear a seriously impressive explanation why not as it was only 30mins from him and £2 donation to charity to go in AND it was full of alpacas.

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@dick_turpin this is still on tomorrow! only down the road! £2 charitable donation to go in apparently!

@dick_turpin this is still on tomorrow! only down the road! £2 charitable donation to go in apparently!

As we are dealing with graphic filth I should also mention NetData for Linux boxes : by default it gives you a real time window into what is going on. (Don't use on public facing boxes without reading how to secure it) but then you can snapshot and back end the data into Influx then graph historical data with Grafana or Chronograf....

So @dick_turpin I expect to see gratuitous graph porn of Frankenpi by the end of the week :)

Influx 2.0 is in Alpha 5 now : (not for production use!) if you want to measure metrics on anything this is what you want. Using the 1.x split stack is really simple but the 2.0 stack could be done by your average alpaca fan.

If you want to log stuff and make sexy graphs and dashboards then you want this :) You don't have to use their dashboard tool either as it works perfectly and is supported by Grafana :

Sunday was a tad breezy, we didn't put up the marquee at the local farmers market :( which was probably a good idea as it would have landed in Worcester or possibly Norwich. The brewery and scotch egg team engineered a solution that weathered the storm, other stalls stayed outside or went inside the pub :) The other pic is what the market should look like after setup and before everyone turns up.... can you see why we didn't put the marquee up? :P

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A friend of mine just just tried debugging why he couldn't compile various pieces of software (for example cmake) and stumbled upon something rather hilarious:

As it turns out the compiler checks during the configure stage fail because they do a string match on the word "warning". If it finds that word in the output it rejects the compiler, as it assumes it to be not working correctly.

My friend's username? Oh, nothing special, it's simply "m_warning".


Posted something to @dick_turpin and forgot to put anything rude on the box... might have to send a follow up postcard.

Like his friend and colleague Linda Smith both were wonderful genuinely nice and funny people and snatched away far too early :(

Jeremy Hardy has passed away, the world is not as funny anymore :<

So have just finished the Bobiverse trilogy by Dennis E Taylor (via Audiable) and was awesome. Can't really say anything because spoilers.

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So yeah, basically expired certificate issue 😛

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@tig Sorry, you're right; I should have addressed your cracker-joke-quality pun first.

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