Apologies for my absence, there was a lot of politics that I couldn't process at the time. Then health and work issues got in the way :(

I hope everyone is healthy and staying safe and socially distancing and wearing a mask in public. If you want to wear masks at home that is your own kink :) Just don't get the two confused :)

taps mic, does this thing still work?

The problem when you are friends with a locksmith... 😃

Chapel Carn Brea this morning. Speaking of ancient ruins, @dick_turpin how's things?

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Horrible pun 

I quit my job at the can crushing company. It was soda pressing.

some of the descriptions are really missing the point

@dick_turpin oh and yes this is also the Handmade Scotch Egg Company HQ :P

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So tomorrow I am helping the lovely people at The Nest, Ledbury with the setup for their annual fun day on Sat where there will be lots of lovely food, drink, archery, random odd animals, orchards and space to mess around with, live music and just a relaxing afternoon :) Free entry and not even a parking charge in sight. @dick_turpin in an attempt to shamelessly get it in the Friday roundup :) Disclaimer : the people who run the nest are friends of mine and they are lovely :) x

(there may also be meerkats, birds of prey, chickens (not at the same time) doggos, heavy horses , feral morris dancers (there is no other kind) , live music and other silliness.

Also me in a goth hi-vis jacket calmly helping out with everything :)

Hell is having to pick up a part built ikea build when everything is open and it is half assembled... but did they do it correctly?

Happy belated birthday @MunkyBone I hope the moose stay out of your garden and you go on many more fancy holidays! :)

So back home after a fantastic Upton Blues Festival. We ran a fantastic bar and radio station and I am going into work tomorrow for some peace and quiet.

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