So my Pinephone arrived today after spending weeks in Swiss quarantine. I still need to wipe an SD Card to try it out properly after my brief encounter at . I also can't wait to start tinkering and seeing what I can get out of the hardware too. @PINE64

What an eventful day. Got stopped by the police on my way to work this morning. Had to prove I was an "essential" worker.

Some new rules in work which don't really seem all that safe - non covid related.

Then on my way home I swung by the supermarket and bought myself some shrubs and seeds to plant in the garden this weekend. Hoping for a bountiful harvest.

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#Italy is now at 151 cases of #COVID19 per 1M population. That’s 3(!)x the China number (56 cases per 1M). Source:

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Very good visualisation of #covid19 with a focus on clear information and not on click bait. Comes with links to all data sources. Updated live.

Shameless plug time:

There was an issue with my `httplib2` so the auto upload failed overnight. Fixed it by downgrading and video upload is now working.

I think it came out pretty nice.

So that's me got one of my Pi's up and running as a time lapse hub. Scripts are running on Crontab well and I'm looking forward to my first proper video tomorrow morning. Looks a bit bish bash bosh at the moment but I'll get something more permanent soon.

After all this weather and the beatings the waves are giving the pier outside my house I've decided to invest in some components and set up a Pi as a weatherstation. Timelapse video of the sea and the sky would also be pretty cool.

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