Competing chants: 'save our democracy / stop the coup' have merged into call and response.

I signed the petition ( although it won't change much. However I did ensure I'm registered to vote ( because sooner or later we will all have our say again and that can't be ignored.

If you are in the UK and have at least a a quarter of a brain, you need to sign this petition:
"Revoke Article 50 and remain in the EU."

It may seem like a waste of time, but it indicates to Westminster that the British public don't want what is happening.

Also, write to your MP and explain that you don't want this disaster.

I have solved the Irish Backstop problem!

* The UK is the member of the EU.
* England and Wales Leave.
* Scotland and N.Ireland Remain.
* Thus England and Wales must exit the UK.
* The border with Scotland? No GFA; much easier.
* Gibraltar, Falklands etc? Remain with the UK. Referendums can be held to see if they wish to exit with Wangland.
* All that remains the divorce bill and any on-going maintenance payments that may be needed.
* Everyone gets what they voted for, everyone happy.

Can the UK revoke Article 50? Here's an awesome blog from Jan 2018 that examines that question, the mechanisms and potential consequences.

Sadness is: Subway Tooter complaining that your personal instance is "destructed" and it's because it's in a box with the rest of your life but you are not sure which box.

@Gargron See, this is exactly why I stick with the server side of things. It's too scary out there.

As the Brexiteers try to distance themselves from the disaster they have wrought, one fearless Redditor holds them to account.
We must champion this brave soul who stands in the face of so much gammon.

@dick_turpin oh, you're back. I thought you were hanging out with your new pals on Steemit. transferred to <upstream>.
Wait, I am upstream.

@Gargron that site isn't being updated anymore. There are 100+ pending PRs. New place seems to be (

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