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The new 600mm kit has arrived, and now looks even more like a lethal weapon, if that's possible.
The pistol grip and shoulder stock look brand new, the leather strap looks unused.
The 600mm element is perfect, no flaws, fungus or dust.
Considering this antique is 50+ years old, it is in amazing condition.
It also came with the original user's manuals, and a Novoflex brochure.
More info:

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Gave into temptation and bought these.
Can probably sell them on for more than I paid when I have had a play with them.

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

The problem isn't printing, it is colour matching for dyesub printing She prints images then transfers them to dyesub blanks using a heat press.
Mugs, coasters, that sort of thing.

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So, after banging my head against an invisible wall for 2 days, I discover that Ubuntu now defaults to DeviceN colourspace for newly installed printers.
Which is largely undocumented and seems to be unsupported by the Gnome colour manager.
It also prevents you from installing new ICC profiles.

Rees -Moggs father wrote a book on how to profit from an economic downturn.
Rees-Mogg has helped engineer one with Brexit so he can reap the benefits.

So I just spent 2 days sorting 🤔 out a colour profile for my daughter's sublimation dye printers.
Thought I had left all that stuff behind when I retired.

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So the lockdown parties a re frivolous stuff, the "wine fridays" are frivolous.
The point is that the people making the rules felt that they were exempt
Which shows a real problem with this government.
If they lie about trivia, they have no compunction about bigger lies.
The Tory party has always been a hotbed of corruption.
The sad proles who vote for them still fail to see the truth.

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My company was advised 5 years ago not to buy employees alcoholic drinks during working hours.
This was a health and safety directive issued by the government.
Obviously, no 10 was not informed.

Maybe they should be breathalysing anyone leaving no 10?

Basically would it be easier to list the days when they weren't having parties in No 10?

Wordle 209 6/6 Only just!


Apparently the Cabinet are "rallying round" the PM.
I trust drinks and nibbles will be supplied.

So I booked a delivery for Friday.
It's coming this PM.
Just another unwanted PM visit 😆

I just had to boot into windows to conduct a printer diagnostic.
Makes me remember why I hate Microsoft so much

How that anyone has ever cast a single vote for this vapid cockwomble will remain a mystery to me until the end of my days.

Lost another family member today.
Actually not mourned much, but every one you lose brings home your own mortality to you.
The loss of people you have been intimate with hurts the most.
And there have been many of those in the last 50 years.

Hearing of the passing of previous lovers is painful for some reason.
Even if you haven't heard from them in years, the intimacy you shared is still precious.

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