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Completed. Now I have to build the decking walkway around it.
Wife is talking fairy lights, paint and curtains.

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catching the last rays of the autumn sun.

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Breakfast. A cheese omelette cooking in a properly seasoned carbon steel pan. Who needs a Teflon pan anyway?

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

Doing a delivery run tomorrow one of my daughter's stockists has been "ransacked" on the first 3 days open, and is totally out of stock.

Realised today that the cattle next door that wife has been calling cows are actually young bullocks πŸ˜ƒ

Grandson just phoned, he has a new job.
Aced the interview, they gave him an example project in a language he had never coded in before, asked him to complete in 2-3 days. He stayed up all night, completed and returned it this morning.
They are arranging premises in New Zealand!

The concept of the diceman is simple. If you have a decision to make, make a list of 6 options and throw a dice,
Although this may seem to be leaving things to chance, You decide the list.
The book explores the darker side of chance.

Just remembering a novel that definitely changed my outlook on life. The Diceman by Luke Rhinehart.
Although I rarely used the dice to decide my fate, it made me think about how chance affects us all.

Finally gave in to lens envy and bought a 600mm catadioptric Sigma lens on a PK mount ( I already have an E to PK adapter). I toyed with the idea of a Novoflex Novoflexar follow focus gun, but I couldn't get one with more than a 400mm lens.

Spent a tiring couple of hours digging weeds and a surprising number of leatherjackets out of what is left of the front lawn.
Months of rain and scouring winds have decimated the turf.
It is starting to come back, so hopefully it will be OK. Might sow some fresh seed.

So terrestrial channels trying to force you to watch Prince Phillip tributes. Do they not realise that there are streaming services that are totally ignoring this?

FFS All 4 terrestrial channels are showing 3hour tributes to Prince Phillip.
Including for some wierd reason the same program on BBC1 AND BBC2! What is the point of that?

Of course fine dining is not really about the food, it is about ostentatious expenditure.

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British pol, Brexit 

How did the British people get so stupid?

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British pol, Brexit 

so the Brexit fruit is starting to ripen.
We are losing our largest trade partner.
Expats who voted for it are having to come home.
Fishermen who voted for it now find they have no market.
Northern Ireland is starting to slip back

Watching Masterchef.
I do enjoy this but I have some issues with "fine dining".
e.g. I fail to see what adding gold leaf to a desert adds anything to it.
It has no flavour, it is just a waste of precious metal, and if the dessert is not good enough to stand on its own without unnecessary bling, it is not good enough. for fine dining.

Slowly starting to get about. Trip out yesterday to the farm shop at Tremar, nice shop, well organised w/r Covid safety.
Today going to the post office at Doublebois.

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