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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Finally figured out the labyrinthine tax rules governing my payments for loss of office and redundancy from 2 different companies, before and after takeover.
Now I understand why I got a large tax rebate from the second (I think). Seems the first paid too much tax on my net payment, and second included it in my tax free redundancy allowance.
Now the sums add up.
Not spending it just in case the tax man decides they made a mistake.

Decided to hold fire on moving house until April.

Just decided that Brexit is actually a 2 year long, complicated April fool's day joke, and the EU are in on it.

Just learned that "Garden store" means a Garage with no vehicular access LOL

Just gotta love estate agent speak.
"low maintenance garden" apparently means entirely covered in slabs, concrete, stone chippings or block paving.
"elevated position" means you need ropes and crampons to get up to the front door.

Dinner tonight posh mixed grill.
iberico pork medallions, venison steak, English lamb chop,free range fried egg and French fries with sourdough bread.
courtesy of Waitrose yellow sticker section.

30 years ago I fell in love with a derelict house. spent years making it a home.
now I am tempted by another.

house 5 too small lots of land abandoned project of a builder who died.
Sadly, although a bargain, just too much work.

day three house no4 excellent house, easily dividable into 2 apartments for our 2 families.
Unfortunately poor access, in a tiny hamlet, v narrow lanes.
garden almost vertical, near the top of our price range so not enough money left for needed work.

tomorrow will be interesting 2 X 2 bed properties on one piece of land, and a large 4 bed with 2 kitchens, 2 sitting rooms and 3 bathrooms.

day 2 house no 3 empty and cold.
every room in need of redecorating except the bathroom. extension with what looks like a leaky roof, awful garden.

first day house hunting.
house 1 was nice, but dark garden and flotex in the kitchen, which was also very dark.
second was almost too perfect, top of our price range, but very nice.

first day house hunting.
houses was nice, but dark garden and footed in the kitchen, which was also very dark.
second was almost too perfect, top of our price range, but very nice.

BBC News: Emirates Airline testing planes without windows. My wife's comment "Of course. Linux is better" 😀
BBC News - Emirates Airline tests virtual plane windows

Morning all, off to Cornwall this morning for a week of house hunting.

experimented today, made wholemeal wheat wraps using homemade live yoghurt instead of water.
result was nice soft wraps with a sort of sourdough taste.

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