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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Going through all of my internet accounts, preparing for my email change changing emails and deleting unwanted ones.
Surprised how easy it was to delete my Instagram account

On the way back from Cornwall we stopped at Aldi. got 2 turkey crowns and a huge beef rib joint for £15.
thats 4 Sunday dinners for 4 in the freezer.

Back from Cornwall, think we have decided on a house.
Just waiting for an offer on ours now.

Last 2 houses yesterday.
A 6 bed building site down a narrow alley, with solid fuel central heating.
Now a 5bed made from 2 cottages with a stables at the back. floors uneven and very poor room layout. So far the Bungalow in Pelynt is winning.

@catalina I had to unsubscribe in the end. The one or two good games every month weren't worth the huge level of admin I was having to go through to deal with all these extra keys for games I didn't want or need!

Today's house a 5 bed bungalow, hidden down a country lane with a huge garden.
Lovely house but the layout just wouldn't work for 2 families.

2 houses today, a lovely bungalow with large rooms, and nicely priced. Ticked lots of boxes.
Then a 4 bedroom house with a 1 bed annexe.
artex on all the walls, a dangerous staircase and a wierd triangular living room.

second house viewing today.
Yesterday was a bungalow with great views but tiny rooms. Not in the best condition either.
Today was a converted chapel, which was enormous, easily dividable into 2 apartments, and nicely decorated, need to do the sums on that one.
Only drawback is it sits close to a busy road.

We're looking at the south mainly, Camborne to Looe.
My daughter lives in Polperro

Hello from Cornwall.
Tomorrow the house hunting begins

I can confirm that a small tot of penderyn whisky with two cubes of ice is really good for a recovering flu victim

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At least the supply of trick or treat tat and sweeties is guaranteed for this year.

I've had the same email address for 30 years and the same mobile number for 20.
I suddenly had to change mobile number in December, and I suddenly realised how many places it was used.
That'll be nothing to losing my email address when I move though.
In the old days you just had to get your post forwarded.
On the bright side, I should get less spam.

Here's one the conspiracy theorists ignore.
From an early age we are trained to eat highly processed carbohydrates, (Check out the contents of the cereals and confectionery aisles) and anyone who advocates not doing so is criticised, ostracised, and in extreme cases prosecuted (Tim Noakes SA).
Then when the almost inevitable obesity and subsequent T2 diabetes occurs, we are prescribed drugs and told to keep eating the diet that causes the need for them.

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