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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Interesting watching the government pushing out pro Brexit propaganda and simultaneously keeping ministers away from the media.
All the while secret preparations for a hard Brexit are ramped up.

Many years ago, at a party, I got into a conversation with a musician, Dave Mason.
We talked about earworms (although at the time the word didn't exist, we called them "tunes that get stuck in your head")
This was mainly because his song "You can all join in" was stuck in my head for ages.

Surprising how many people fail to understand the idea of representative democracy.
If you are elected as an MP, or representative, or senator, whatever the title.
You are elected to safeguard the interests of ALL your constituents, WHETHER THEY VOTED FOR YOU OR NOT.
You are elected as their representative, and are duty bound to vote in what you believe are their best interests.
Sadly toeing the party line is becoming the norm.


In the Blue Peter pub Polperro, odd, I have no phone signal, and they don't have WiFi.
Yet I am online.
BTwifi from one of the cottages I suppose.

Usually, I post cartoons that appear in the Guardian. But I suppose that some are a bit too close to the knuckle for them. I’m not sure, for example that this one will be published in a national newspaper but it’s already up on Bell’s own website.

Daughter just got a wholesale enquiry from Texas for tea towels!
Seems that a couple that used to live in Looe now have a Fish and Chip shop in Dallas, and they used some of her Cornish Mackerel tea towels as decoration, customers keep asking where they can buy them!

finally convinced my wife to try out a transportable mobility scooter.
Whereas she can manage walking on a flat surface, Her back injury means she has real problems walking up or down slopes or managing uneven terrain.
First outing yesterday was around a large car park to get her used to it, so far she seems to like it, and now we can go for walks together again.

The Trump impeachment highlights the hypocrisy of GOP.
They take an oath to be impartial jurors, after basically declaring that the outcome is already decided, and they vote not to hear any evidence that might prove it either way.
America should be in mourning for democracy. It's dead in the USA.

Skies are really clear in Cornwall and no wind the last few days, which means cold nights with quite bad frost.
It also means night electricity is up to 7.5P/kwh.
On the pro side, we are having beautiful sunny days with no wind.

All #swpats are fake #patents even if the #epo grants these because uncorrupted courts (outside the EPO) reject these, owing to the #epc


Frost this morning.
But now bright sunshine and a cloudless sky.

Trying to volunteer for charities.
So far tried 6, major ones, still waiting for a reply 6 weeks later.
Nice talking to refuge 4 pets, who enable pet fostering for people fleeing an abusive relationship, they are so busy after Christmas.
Pets and children are used as leverage by abusive partners to prevent their partner leaving. They are often abused or even killed.
Children have some level of protection, but the pets have none.

The way that the media reports statistics shows you who owns them.

apparently there are 3.5 million adults in the uk that have never had paid work.That sounds awful until you consider:
How many of those are: physically disabled, stay at home mothers, unpaid carers looking after a family member, mentally ill or mentally incapacitated (e.g. brain damaged at birth).
If you look at the figure that way, it is surprisingly small.

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