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Completed. Now I have to build the decking walkway around it.
Wife is talking fairy lights, paint and curtains.

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catching the last rays of the autumn sun.

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Breakfast. A cheese omelette cooking in a properly seasoned carbon steel pan. Who needs a Teflon pan anyway?

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

Food, marmite 

Listening to the kitchen cabinet on radio4.
snack suggestion: cold toast with cold butter on one side, Marmite on the other, dipped into hot sweet tea.
I can't unhear that.

Spent a thrilling few hours sorting through my battery store, testing alkaline and rechargeables and discarding faulty ones.
Oh, the joys of lockdown.

I find it quite amusing that you denied a fact, then you pointed me at a page which confirms the same fact.
You should be in politics.

UK pol. brexit. 

So 3 weeks into Brexit, the downside is starting to be realised.
Haulage firms refusing cross border contracts because of the extra costs and paperwork.
Problems exporting our produce to the EU, extra expense, delays.
Financial institutions moving to the EU.
UK residents limited to the length of time they can spend in the EU.
VAT and extra charges on any goods purchased from or sold to the EU.
It's ironic that a lot of the worst hit actually voted for this.

I tried watching the masked singer, but then I realised that I had no idea who they were even after they took off the mask

I wonder what the Qanon wierdos will do when today passes and there is no martial law declaration or coup by Trumpo.
I expect that as with most cults, they will find an explanation and wait for the next doomsday.

Finally found a supplier in Bodmin that does click and collect. so tomorrow click and collect at Aldi ,Screwfix and Travis Perkins, all in Bodmin. Result.

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Currently building a new storage cupboard in the guest bedroom. Couldn't buy a wardrobe/cupboard to fit the alcove, so bought some sliding wardrobe doors and built a frame and shelving.
Ran out of Planed timber batten for the shelving.
Sourcing it in a pandemic is not simple.

The moment when you realise that walls and ceilings aren't necessarily square and level.
Those battens are level and exactly 2230mm high.

Ex-FBI director James Comey:
“I don't know Boris Johnson well enough to know. I gather he’s … at least he’s portrayed in the States as a little less crazy, a little less mean Donald Trump but I don't know whether that’s true or not.”

Not looking good, they woke her from the induced coma, she relapsed after a couple hours into a deep coma. Back on a ventilator.

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Just shows that the fools saying I'm young, I'm safe. are wrong. 5 people, 2 in their late 60s, 2 in their 40s the only one with bad symptoms is the 23 year old.

One way or another, we have been very lucky. A friend of ours in Birmingham has been in ICU since boxing day, currently she is in an induced coma.

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Well, our grandson has tested positive for CovID. He stayed with us over Christmas, but developed symptoms on the 7th, 2 days after I took him home.
Wife and daughter have both had cold-like symptoms, I was a little hoarse for a few days, all clear now, so if we had it, it seems to have passed without any severe consequences.
Struggling to understand how it got in, considering we all keep social distancing when out, and we all isolated for 2 weeks before Christmas.

The problem with fake news is that if you tell lies about an individual or a company, they can sue. But lying in a grand scale about government, health workers, vaccination, or any other faction is difficult to prosecute.
Free speech is a fragile concept, frequently used to defend dishonesty, as we have recently viewed on the US elections.

Not surprising that "The Repair Shop" is so popular.
People with superb skills fixing things that have very little intrinsic worth, but huge personal value to their owners.
For me, it highlights how many skills are being lost, and so much stuff these days is just discarded.

They start by winning popular support, then they take over the judiciary, the military, and most other organs of government.
Trump just ran out of time, luckily the resistance in the US was too strong so far. 🤞

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