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Gave into temptation and bought these.
Can probably sell them on for more than I paid when I have had a play with them.

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catching the last rays of the autumn sun.

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Breakfast. A cheese omelette cooking in a properly seasoned carbon steel pan. Who needs a Teflon pan anyway?

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

For some reason this last week, my daughter has been selling loads of Lobster design coasters, including some to America!
Is there some strange lobster thing happening somewhere?

It is dated march 21 1938.
The cartoon entitled " The first day of spring, official" references the impending war, showing cannon as trees, gas masks and bombs as flowers, and knives as blades of grass.

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incidentally, I still have an empty packet of wild woodbine cigarettes that I Ifound under the floor in my last house.

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Apparently this was a custom last century, a sort of time capsule thing.

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Trying to look at white bowls . photographed on a white background. Well done culinary website


because we have a huge glut of parsley in the garden, last night I made Tabouleh, Hummus and flatbreads with Lamb Kofta and Falafel.
Tried some ready-made Baba Ganuche, Lamb Kibbeh and a Shaksucha egg from Waitrose.
The Baba Ganuche was bland, the Kibbeh were tasty but quite dry, with little texture. The Shaksucha egg was a poached egg rolled in Bulgur wheat and spiced pimento. Quite nice, and I was impressed that the yolk was runny even after reheating.
I think I'll cook my own in future.

Review requests are becoming a real pain these days.
I had one the other day that set a minimum 250 character limit!
I don't in general mind giving feedback, but being asked for a review every time I get a delivery or make a purchase is ridiculous.

Start the day as you mean to go on.
Breakfast with bloody Mary ketchup. yum

The 20th century wars were a melting pot.
My father's side, Irish and Scots protestant, my mother's side, Welsh Methodist and Belgian Walloon Catholic.
My wife is half Welsh and Half Scots.
I never got on with any religion myself.

I am surprised that after the great Brexit purge, there are still 10 Tory MPs with principles and a conscience.
And there were 6 who actually voted against removing the universal credit £20 uplift.
The days of politicians who valued the interests of the country and their constituents above that of their party are long gone, even though some still linger.

Update on my wife's rediscovery of her lost daughter.
They still only talk via messenger, but they are surprisingly comfortable with the conversation.
50 years apart.

Busy6 day today.Stock drops for my daughter at Marazion and Zennor, AbilityNet home visit in St Ives, mainly to reconnect a Buffalo NAS and install Teamviewer on a Mac. 130 mile round trip.

It seems that the standard tactic of the GOP in the USA is now to claim voter fraud if they lose.
The latest tactic is to claim evidence of voter fraud before the election has even started.
As California Democrat voters outnumber Republicans 4 to 1 in California, why would they even need to cheat?
NBC News: As Newsom leads California recall polls, Larry Elder pushes baseless fraud claims.

It had quite a distinctive engine sound, and wing shape. I don't suppose there are many still flying.

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Just seen a spitfire fly over.
Must be a show somewhere this weekend.

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