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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

Milestone. 2 months after moving in, I can actually get the car in the garage!

Go appointment today, I was expecting this. PSA test came back 7.4.
Referral to urology.

One good thing about being young is that you don't have guilty memories from forty years ago.

Why does google always play me Goatye somebody that I used to know and Van Morrison brown eyed girl?
Is it trying to make me feel guilty?

Have you ever listened to a somng and enjoyed it for its sounds, then been horrified when you actually listened to the words?
Examples :Golden honeysuckle rose by Kirsty Mcgee sounds like a nice folk ballad but is actually about domestic abuse.
Goatye somebody that i used to know sounds lovely, but is about being cut dead by your ex

Beautiful sunny Sunday, planted daffodils in the lawn, then Millendreath for a coffee looking at the sea, back home via a Pint of Mena Dhu at the Jubilee, followed by grazing on fine cheeses and charcuterie with red wine while listening to good music.

Watching the rememberance day ceremonies, (mainly because my nephew is second French horn in the royal marines band).
Was impressed how Bojo managed to stay awake

Actually heard this performed many years ago by Peter Blegvad, the original writer and cartoonist, ironically supporting Loudon Wainwright III, who said "I wish I had written that song"

More Brexit party insanity.
Was he from a planet with vampire Nazis?
Calls for Brexit Party candidate to be dropped for 'dressing up like a Nazi' for music band

Current weather conditions tenx towards stews. Tonight's was Seafood Gumbo, lots of scallops, squid, white fish and prawns in a thick spicy sauce with okra.

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