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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

It is only when you try to argue against people with facts that you realise how much they believe their falsehoods.
If it isn't happening on my safe little bubble, it doesn't exist.

A truly stunning age divide: 57% of 18-24-year-olds voted Labour, only 18% of over-65s did.

Someone is having a laugh.
"Ok Google, play some Christmas music"
"Ok, here's a playlist called 'music to spy to' "

"Ok Google, play some festive music"
"Ok, here's a playlist called 'The throwdown' "

I bought a house 34 years ago. in that time it increased in value by a factor of 10.
In the same period, my earnings increased by a factor of 5.

I wonder how long Boris will keep his job now he's got the Tories a majority, will they keep him as a figurehead until they need a scapegoat for the disaster of Brexit?

Cornwall voted to leave the EU, despite having £800 million in EU aid over the last 20 years.

So now we have abumbling duffer for a Prime Minister, Murdoch and his pals must rubbing their hands in glee.

Think about it do we really want a prime minister who runs away from journalists?


wants to destroy the I love. I cannot vote 'Conservative | | Opinion | The Guardian

What sort of time are we living in when an arch-Tory like Oborne can’t bring himself to vote for hiis own party? He’s not even centre-right.

Just voted.
Shameful tactics by brexiteers as usual, standing as the liberal party to try and dent the lib dem vote

latest polls suggest a trend towards another hung parliament.

BBC News - General election 2019: The misinformation war over the boy in the hospital

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