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catching the last rays of the autumn sun.

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Breakfast. A cheese omelette cooking in a properly seasoned carbon steel pan. Who needs a Teflon pan anyway?

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

Ian Duncan Smith has apparently just got around to reading the withdrawal agreement that he voted for, and boy oh boy, is he mad about what's in it.

And today I am delivering a large box of goodies to Marazion.

Actually did some car maintenance with my daughter's chap Saturday, replacing the front subframe on their MGF.
It was outside, but staying apart wasn't easy.

The pandemic has revealed how pointless and unproductive a lot of human activity is.
Foreign holidays, Cruises, tattooists, nail bars, eyebrow threading, etc., etc.
They all have questionable value and huge environmental impact.

This virus is going to be here for a long time.
Better get used to it.

Dug up the rest today, about 15 kilos.
Not bad for 2 m square plot.

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Not a bad yield, considering the seed potatoes were the size of walnuts. These are not high yield maincrops, but carefully stored will keep up to 6 months. The taste amazing.
I don't see the point in growing stuff I can buy in the shops.

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Just dug up the first 2 potato plants.
Pink fir apples, an old French variety.

Everyone before: Man I wonder what historic events we’ll experience in our lifetime

Everyone now: god damn it i meant space travel or something

UK pol 

Saw this and thought of you.
Boris Johnson seeks spokesperson to front White House-style briefings

Thanks to , 's system is in chaos | Allyson Pollock | Opinion | The Guardian

This is what happens when you try to get private companies to do what should do.

To be honest, I am appalled by the "Karen" thing.
Choosing a single christian name to represent a particular slice of society is totally misogynist and wrong.

Just spent nearly an hour trying to swap the door opening on a new freezer from left to right.
3 different screwdrivers, (torx 25 and 20, pH 2) 2 sizes of spanner, and knife to clear plastic from screwholes.

Ordered a 3.6M beam, got a 4.8M delivered for the same price as they had no 3.6M in stock.
1.2M Bonus!

Just spent ages working out the steps for the deck, then as I was marking out the stringer, I measured the wood I had bought, and it is 220mm, not 225mm grr.

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