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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Seems Cummings may regret travelling to his second home (he is part owner of the property) after all.
Apparently the "spare cottage" was converted without planning permission and is not registered for council tax.
The main building also seems to have unregistered extensions.
of course we know the laws only apply to plebs.
The council are now investigating.

Living in the UK, I am astounded by the mass stupidity of the masses.
Then I remember it could be worse. At least we don't live in the USA.

And I know I should have posted pics but we were ravenous after a day in Derriford outpatients.

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Just had a great meal. Kibbeh, labneh, fresh salad and coleslaw from the garden, charcuterie, etc.
The highlight was buffalo mozzarella with heritage tomatoes, olive oil and 3 types of basil from the greenhouse.
Italian basil, Greek basil and Purple Basil.

Decking delivered today.
I have decided to redesign the structure in view of the location (one side will be against the earth hedge, and one side will be against a 2M tall fence, making my original design awkward to assemble.
Rather than building the benches, I might go for a larger platform and buy some flatpack wooden benches that I can bolt down to the deck.
As well as simpifying the structure it will make it easier to change in the future if want to.

Following the protests in the US, there will probably be a spike in virus deaths, and that will be used to blame Black citizens for the government failures.

publishers sue the Internet Archive 

Mother and 3 fledgling pheasants, the other side of the hedge, 2noghts running. Too far for phone camera, will try and get a shot with the DSLR telephoto tomorrow evening if they come back.

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This will allow us to sit comfortably while taking in the view from over the Cornish "hedge" at the bottom of the garden.

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Trying to design a decking/viewing platform in TinkerCad is not going well

Lettuce seems to be the one plant that loves my soil

As my carrot/onion/leek bed has been a total failure, planting random parsley, lettuce and courgette ssedlings in in.

Decking supplies should be here this week, need to dig some holes.

So it looks like we have to stay indoors until all the assholes who don't believe in the virus are ill and recovered or dead right?

I had to work to-day, until 1400. So, I went for a walk by the canal, which is on my way home. I didn't want to waste a second of a gorgeous day by going home to get changed.

It was great to feel the wind in my hair, and the sun on my face. Oh, and I got to play with my new lens. 😃

Wild Hyacinth - Fuath-mhuc - Hyacinthoides non-scripta

It is towards the end of the season for Hyacinths, but they still provide a splash of colour.

#nature #WildFlowers #florespondence #Highlands #Scotland

UK pol, racism, death mention 

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