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The new 600mm kit has arrived, and now looks even more like a lethal weapon, if that's possible.
The pistol grip and shoulder stock look brand new, the leather strap looks unused.
The 600mm element is perfect, no flaws, fungus or dust.
Considering this antique is 50+ years old, it is in amazing condition.
It also came with the original user's manuals, and a Novoflex brochure.
More info:

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Gave into temptation and bought these.
Can probably sell them on for more than I paid when I have had a play with them.

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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Alcohol. poetry 

My last bottle of Mena Dhu (sob)
in my favourite glass.

When I was 15, an art teacher looked over my shoulder and said "How can you see that? How can you possibly see that?"
A long time later I reflected on it and realised that people said the same to Picasso and van Gogh . I have never forgiven her.

It is quite amusing watching the Tory party tearing itself apart over dogma and a total idiot of a figurehead.

Wordle 372 3/6


Aubergine flowers are quite pretty. But also surprisingly prickly!
Probably an anti mollusc measure.

Soooooo that is what happens in my head when I have to think about DPI."

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"<taps the wine glass for attention>: I have 100 chickens. I can make a 10x10 metre chickenland and put one chicken in every square metre, and that's that's very low res chickenland. I can make a high res chickenland. . If I put 25 chickens in each m-sq of a 2x2m chickenland then ta-da - high res chickenland. But smaller. Much smaller. But I cant make more chickens tha what I've got (and this is where the analogy breaks down because you have to forget they lay eggs).

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Lovely description of resolution from one of my daughter's friends:

Beth decided she needed to explain how her brain thinks of DPI ...
"I'm a bit concerned that people will be changing the DPI but then reducing the DPI again by increasing the physical size (which would happen, right?? I do get a bit confused at this point, I have to think of DPI as chickens in pens or I don't understand it!)"


Thinking about this passage again this morning. From How Democracies Die.


Never underestimate the possibility of people to distort the truth.

I just don't get why people are blaming the US court for this abortion mess; what the US needs is a proper law on abortion, something that the politicians had failed to deliver in 50 years since Roe v Wade. Relying on case law from courts interpreting a 250 year old constitution never stood a chance of holding.

Me: Netflix turn off autoplay
Netflix:you need to do that on a PC
Me on a PC: Netflix turn off autoplay.
Me: Netflix why haven't you turned off autoplay?
Netflix:you need to do that on a PC.
Me: Fuck you Netflix cancelling my subscription because I have turned off autoplay 3 times and it still autoplays.
Netflix:What did we do wrong?

Seems that removing snapd has stopped my Ubuntu desktop freezing.
Also the non-snap version of Firefox starts far more quickly.

The media are astonished that a 500g tub of Lurpak spreadable has "rocketed" to £5.
A 500g tub is quite large, and it isn't even butter, but a blend of butter and rape seed oil.
A 250g block of Lurpak butter is £2.15.
For some reason it reminds me of the time that Roy Hattersley was replaced with a tub of lard on HIGNFY.

So the Tories have lost 2 byelections.
Wakefield was to be expected, but Honiton was a rather rude awakening.
Tory chairman resigns.
Boris puts hands over ears "NANANANA NOT LISTENING".
Can't wait to see tomorrow's headlines. Of course the Tory rags will either pretend it didn't happen, or try and make it out as a triumph.

This is 3 day event. with free parking, live music, a cocktail bar, a restaurant and cafe for guests, all under cover in a fantastic setting,
Last year's footfall was nearly 9000.

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My daughter is involved in organising a Cornish Christmas fair.
They invited 400+ makers and artists.
So far they have had people objecting to there being a selection process at all (there are 70 stalls and so far 200+ applicants).
Complaining that that they have to resize their own images for the website, and that they have been invited when they can't afford it and that the dates clash with their holiday.
Is doing business so difficult that you can't understand it?

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