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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Just listened to Phyllis Diiller.j ust smile. amzin

Well, I suppose it’s a good a place to look as any other at this stage.

Attacked the the bramble patch today.
estimate another couple of days before the view becomes available.
Of course it depends on when the builders move the organic soil mound

So I openly admit I was full of hope when Boris took over, I brushed aside all the detractors and put their comments down to sour grapes, fear and political ignorance. Unless Boris has something up his sleeve it saddens me to admit "He's made a complete pigs ear of everything."

So, a fortnight in cornwall, lots of deliveries, sogned up for amazon prime for a month, which has basically been a waste of money, as almost everything is cheaper or delivered faster from other suppliers, or both.
I have actually only ordered 2 items from amazon
Are amazon losing their mojo?

Leave voters are calling remain campaigners "remoaners".If they had lost the vote would they have shut up,? I don't think so.
would they have been christened "Releavers"?

John Peel described this heard live as "he tore strips out if the sky for us to walk on"

"I Can Take You To The Sun - The Misunderstood" on YouTube
,# nowplaying

It is funny how both sides in the political debate accuse the BBC of bias.
Apparently Bias = not agreeing with me.

Honestly,who keeps their phone in the hall these days?

It is 2019. I have a state of the art air source heat pump.
This is the user interface.

Weekend. furniture arriving.
I now have a degree in flatpack, with a minor in destroying cardboard boxes

‘Boris knows how to win’ is apparently what Trump said about Johnson. Well, he has lost three votes in Parliament so far and has yet to win any. Obviously some form of winning that I’m unaware of.

While definitely not a Tory supporter, I have always had respect for Ken Clarke, who was a sound voice of reason and an advocate of compromise.

Notwithstanding anything else, personally I'd like to delay Brexit just long enough until the tax evasion laws kick-in in January. Just to see how it effects Mr Banks, Old Nige, and Moggy McMoggface.

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