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It's nice that "working from home" can mean "working from almost anywhere"

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Just had a wobble, the buyers lender cancelled the survey.
After a few phonecalls, seems she is so eager to buy the property, she booked the survey too soon! Phew
Then spent a lovely 45 minutes unblocking the kitchen drain with the Karcher and a drain snake.

The Isaac MRI fund has now passed £1200, more than enough for a private high Res brain MRI.
All financed via eBay and car boots by selling unwanted stuff out of the attic and cupboards. by various people.

Fingers crossed it will help his MS diagnosis.

Just finally got the EICR for the property clean bill of health, but the inspector had a problem with his hosting, so took a week.
Sigh of relief.

Our local Scope charity shop loves us.
Our downsizing has apparently earned them a couple of hundred pounds over the last 12 months. # giftaid

Jeez, dealing with the company that took mine over is a pain.
Every time I email somebody they have left, half the time the generic payroll address gets no reply.
Trying to get my P11D is like pulling teeth.🤬
I hope our old customers fare better.

The wife is now obsessed with the idea that we are moving into a shoebox.
Just tried to show her with a tape measure how much larger the rooms are than our existing ones.
The bedrooms are larger (yes there are only 2, but we don't use 2 of our current ones ), the living room is much larger, the kitchen is about the same size. "But I'm losing a dining room"
"That's where the conservatory comes in"

Having the same email address for 25 years is a pain when you have to change it, there are so many logins to so many sites, so many accounts that need it these days.
On the other hand spam lists will be losing it.

Downsizing is proving quite profitable. Surprising what junk from the attic and cupboards is worth.

Found a 70s tarot deck in the cupboard, apparently a replica of a 15th century one, and worth about £50!

Well just sold the 3D printer, he's coming from Yorkshire to collect it!

Watching gentleman jack on catch-up.
Superb series.

I remember 50 years ago, walking outside the factory where I was working nights at 5 am and watching the sun rise while sharing a joint with my cousin David

Stupid, now I'm worrying that the new owner will have issues

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